Rafael Molina Sánchez

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This name uses Spanish naming customs: the first or paternal family name is Molina and the second or maternal family name is Sánchez.

Rafael Molina Sánchez (November 27, 1841 - August 1, 1900) "Lagartijo" was born in Córdoba on November 27, 1841. On September 29, 1865, he became a full bullfighter (he took the alternativa) at Úbeda. His sponsor ("padrino") was "Gordito"; "Lagartijo" killed "Carabuco", a bull from the ranch (ganadería) owned by the Marchioness of Ontiveros.

Rafael Molina Sánchez "Lagartijo"

He was seriously gored seven times and died on August 1, 1900 in Córdoba.

In 1887, "Lagartijo" presented his sword at the alternativa of Rafael Guerra Bejarano, marking Guerra's elevation from an apprentice to a professional matador. A Spanish hand fan commemorating the event survives in the collection of the Staten Island Historical Society at Historic Richmond Town in New York.[1]


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