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For the baseball player, see Rafael Montero (baseball).
For the Olympic cyclist, see Rafael Montero (cyclist).

Rafael Montero (born 9 October 1953 in Mexico City) is a film director and script writer known as one of the leaders of New Mexican Cinema. He is known for the feature films Cilantro y Perejil, El Costo de la Vida (The Cost of Life) y Corazones Rotos (Broken Hearts).

He has written and directed television programs, short films, commercials, documentaries and feature films. He has also participated as a judge and speaker at various festivals, competitions, conferences and seminars.[1]

Early years[edit]

Rafael Montero was born and spent his infancy in Colonia San Rafael in Mexico City. He was the son of Alicia García Betancourt and railroad engineer Rafael Montero Márquez.

Professional career[edit]

El Costo de la Vida marked his debut as a screenwriter and director in the film industry by earning good results at the box office and with critics; it was nominated in several categories for the Silver Goddess Award and Ariel Award.

In the Nineties he directed the cult series La Hora Marcada (The Marked Hour) with well-known filmmakers Alfonso Cuarón, Guillermo del Toro and Emmanuel Lubezki.

Between 1990 and 1995 he directed five feature films including Una Buena Forma de Morir (A Good Way to Die) and Ya la Hicimos (We Already Did It), one of the highest grossing films of 1993.


Year Film Credited as
director screenWriter Producer Film Editor
1978 Adiós David Yes Yes Yes Yes
1984 El Eterno Retorno: Testimonio de los Indios Kikapú Yes Yes Yes Yes
1988 Historias de Ciudad, episodio Viajeros Yes Yes Yes
1988 El Costo de La Vida Yes Yes Yes Yes
1992 Justicia de Nadie Yes Yes Yes
1992 El Jefe de Vigilancia Yes Yes Yes
1993 Ya la Hicimos Yes Yes
1993 Hoy No Circula Yes Yes
1993 Una Buena Forma de Morir Yes Yes
1994 Crímen Perfecto Yes Yes
1995 Embrujo de Rock Yes Yes
1996 Cilantro y perejil Yes Yes
2001 Corazones Rotos Yes Yes Yes
2002 Dame Tu Cuerpo Yes Yes
2003 No tuvo tiempo: La Hurbanistoria de Rockdrigo Yes Yes Yes
2004 Preguntas Sin Respuesta, Los Asesinatos y Desapariciones de Mujeres en Ciudad Juárez y Chihuahua Yes Yes Yes Yes
2008 Un Tigre en la Cama Yes
2010 La Cama Yes Yes Yes
2011 Los Amorosos Yes Yes Yes
2012 Fachon Models Yes
2015 Villa, itinerario de una pasión Yes


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