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Rafael Núñez (also known as RaFa) is a Venezuelan computer security professional and ethical hacker (white hat hacker).

He was a member of the World of Hell in 2001,[1] he was included in the 2002 book The Hacker Diaries: Confessions of Teenage Hackers.[2] and Rafael Núñez was accused of hacking into a United States Air Force computer and intentionally defacing and damaging the Defense Information Systems Agency in 2001. Dan Verton, writing for ComputerWorld in 2002, reported RaFa also held unauthorized privileged access to design documents for experimental next-generation spacecraft from NASA, along with other confidential operational documents. RaFa subsequently published these documents on the Web; according to Verton, RaFa "didn't understand the sensitivity of the information he had...".[3][4]

Four years after the 2001 event, Núñez was arrested when he visited the US.[1][5][6][7] He pleaded guilty to the charges, but spent only a few months in jail before being deported.[5]

Rafa has been interviewed by numerous industry trade journals, including The New York Times, Znet Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, BBC,[8] Businessweek,[9] among many others; numerous talks globally as an information security expert.

Currently, Rafael Núñez is the Chief Editorial Officer of the news websites El Sumario and Doble Llave. Also, he is the CEO of MásQueDigital, a specialized Digital Marketing company headquartered in Caracas, Venezuela, founded in 2010. On the other hand, he is a partner in FundaSitio.org, an organization that creates websites for foundations in Latin America.


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