Rafael Valentín Valdivieso

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Rafael Valentín Valdivieso, Archbishop of Santiago (1848-1878).

Rafael Valentín Valdivieso Zañartu (November 2, 1804 – June 8, 1878) was a Chilean priest and lawyer, who worked as Archbishop of Santiago de Chile between 1848 and 1878.


Valdivieso was born on November 2, 1804. His parents were Manuel Joaquín Valdivieso and Maciel y de Mercedes Zañartu y Manso de Velasco. He studied law, and he graduated as lawyer on May 23, 1825 in Universidad de San Felipe.

Valdivieso was ordained priest by the Bishop of Santiago Manuel Vicuña Larraín, on July 27, 1834.

Valdivieso worked as a missionary in Chiloé and Atacama Region. He worked as Dean of Theology in University of Chile, and Pius IX designated him Archbishop of Santiago on October 4, 1847.

Valdivieso participated in the First Vatican Council between 1869 and 1870. He died on June 8, 1878, and was buried in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago. Mariano Casanova y Casanova succeeded him as Archbishop in 1886.

His slogan was Verum in luce. Bonum in cruce. Virgo in omni patria et in corde.

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