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Raffaele Cecco
Born10 May 1967
OccupationVideo game programmer
GenreAction games

Raffaele Cecco, born 10 May 1967, is a British video games developer who has created numerous video games since 1984, including Cybernoid and Exolon. He grew up in Tottenham in North London. Spurred by an interest in computers, he received his first computer, a Sinclair ZX81, as a birthday gift from his parents in 1981 and began programming simple games in BASIC.[1]

Due to the popularity of Cecco's video games he was asked to write a monthly diary for CRASH magazine, the first installment being 15 April 1988.[2] The diary documented the development of Stormlord.

Partial list of games[edit]

These are games that Cecco has developed or been closely associated with.

A compilation of his games, Cecco's Collection, was released by Hewson in 1990, and includes Exolon, Cybernoid, Cybernoid II, and Stormlord. Your Sinclair awarded this compilation 92%, describing it as a fine three-year collection of Cecco's achievements and a succinct history of Spectrum programming to that date. The reviewer, Andy Ide, also considered Cecco as one of the Spectrum's biggest stars.[3]

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