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Shahzada of the Mughal Empire
Born 1671
Died 29 March 1712 (aged 40–41)
Lahore, Mughal Empire
Burial Humayun's Tomb, Delhi
Spouse Raziyat-un-Nissa Begum
Nur-un-Nissa Begum
Issue Rafi ud-Darajat
Shah Jahan II
Muhammad Ibrahim
Full name
Rafi-ush-Shan Mirza
House Timurid
Father Bahadur Shah I
Mother Nur-un-nissa Begum
Religion Islam

Shahzada Rafi' ush-Shan Bahadur (1671 – 29 March 1712[1]) was the third son of the Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah I.

Life and mughal service[edit]

He was born to Prince Muazzam (later Bahadur Shah I) and Nur-un-Nisa Begum, the daughter of Sanjar Najm-i-sani. He was 10 when he was appointed by his grandfather Aurangzeb as qiladar of Malakand until his death; then his father became emperor on 1707. He was killed with his elder brother Jahandar Shah by his nephew Farrukhsiyar. He was buried at Agra fort. His sons Rafi ud-Darajat and Shah Jahan II later became Mughal emperors of India for a brief period.


One of his wives was Raziyat-un-nissa Begum, also known as Safiyat-un-nissa, the daughter of Prince Sultan Muhammad Akbar. She was the mother of Emperor Rafi ud-Darajat.[2] He had married her in 1695 at Agra, during the same time as his brother Jahan Shah had married her sister Zakiyat-un-nissa Begum. Another was Nur-un-nissa Begum, daughter of Shaikh Baqi. She was the mother of Emperor Shah Jahan II[3] and of Emperor Muhammad Ibrahim.[4]