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Rafik Aliev
Born (1942-02-10) February 10, 1942 (age 76)
Novruzlu, Aghdam, Azerbaijan SSR
Residence Azerbaijan
Awards Lenin Komsomol Prize, Professor of Tabriz University, Professor of Georgia State University (Atlanta, Professor of Siegen University, Professor of Near East University
Scientific career
Fields Physics
Institutions Azerbaijan State Oil Academy

Rafik Aziz oglu Aliev (Azerbaijani: Rafiq Əziz oğlu Əliyev) (also known as Rafig Aliyev) is an Azerbaijani academic working in the fields of petroleum chemistry and control engineering. He is a professor and corresponding member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, head of a cathedra of “Automatization of Manufacturing Processes” of Azerbaijan State Oil Academy, director of MBA program, director of BBA program of Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA and president of “Zadeh’s heritage and artificial intelligence” association.

He was born on February 10, 1942, in Novruzlu village of Aghdam region of Azerbaijan. In 1948-1958 he studied at Aghdam secondary school and graduated from there by medal. In 1958-1963, studied at Azerbaijani Institute of Oil and Chemistry named after M.Azizbekov and graduated from there with honours.

Between 1964-1967 he studied on a post-graduate course at the Institution of Manufacturing Problems of Academy of Sciences of the USSR in Moscow.

  • 1967 - Candidate of technics;
  • 1975 - Doctor of technics;
  • 1976 - Professor;
  • 1989 - Corresponding member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences;
  • 1967-1969 - Head of a cathedra of scientific research and projecting of the Institute of Oil-Chemistry-Automation;
  • Since 1989 - manages the Faculty of Manufacturing Processes;
  • Since 1998 - the director of MBA program (ASOA, Baku) of Georgia State University (Atlanta, the USA);
  • Since 2001 - the director of BBA program (ASOA, Baku) of Georgia State University (Atlanta, the USA).


Review of R.A.Aliev’s scientific career[edit]

  • Formation of invariant conditions of multidimensional, combined, deterministic, stochastic (1967), fuzzy (1981) systems of management;
  • Making decisions in intelligent industrial systems and formation of integration principles of managerial processes (1969);
  • Usage of synthesis methods of stochastic systems with variable structures (1976);
  • Usage of coordination theory for multistep distributed procession environment (1980);
  • Creation of AL11, AL12, AL13 fuzzy logics (1984–1986);
  • Formation of adequate conditions of fuzzy models (1984);
  • Theory of intelligent robots of fuzzy logics and usage of construction principles (1986);
  • Usage of expert systems of fuzzy logics, including ESPLAN (1987);
  • Formation of fuzzily distributed systems’ conception (1988), usage of their creation methods (1993);
  • Creation of multiagent systems, which have competition and cooperation among agents with Soft Computing basis (1997);
  • Usage of analysis method of fuzzy neuron networks, based on genetic algorithms (1997);
  • Usage of new conception of fuzzy regression analysis on the basis of genetic algorithms (1998);
  • Proposition of adaptive managerial systems on the basis of fuzzy chaos of compatibility (2001);
  • Creation of new forecasting methods on the basis of time horizon (2002);
  • Creation of generic resistance theory. Proposition of criteria and rules of dynamic systems of resistance by Zadeh-Aliyev (2003–2007).

R.A.Aliyev has played a great role in the organization of research-scientific works in the sphere of informatics and management in Azerbaijan and in other countries. Creating authoritative school in the sphere of information and management theory, he trained more than 130 Candidates of science and 30 Doctors of science in Azerbaijan, Russia, Germany and Iran. His students carry on the traditions of the school not only in the scientific centers of Azerbaijan, but also in other countries (the USA, Germany, Turkey, Russia, Iran and etc.) Starting from 1994, under the leadership of R.A.Aliyev, every two years are held international scientific conferences, such as “Application of fuzzy systems” in different European countries; every two years (from 2000) in the capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent “Application of fuzzy systems and Soft Computing"; every two years (from 2000) in Antalya, Turkey “Making decisions in system analysis and computers working with words in the sphere of management and Soft Computing”.

R.A.Aliyev is the author of more than 70 books and 350 research papers dedicated to informatics and management, artificial intellect, fuzzy logics and Soft Computing.