Raftsund Bridge

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Raftsund Bridge
Raftsund bridge.jpg
Raftsund bridge from the north
Coordinates 68°27′26″N 15°11′31″E / 68.45711°N 15.19184°E / 68.45711; 15.19184Coordinates: 68°27′26″N 15°11′31″E / 68.45711°N 15.19184°E / 68.45711; 15.19184
Carries European route E10
Crosses Raftsundet
Design cantilever
Total length 711
Clearance below 45
Opened 1998
Raftsund Bridge is located in Nordland
Raftsund Bridge
Raftsund Bridge
Location in Nordland

Raftsund Bridge (Raftsundbrua) is a two-lane cantilever road bridge that crosses Raftsundet between Austvågøya and Hinnøya in Nordland county, Norway. The bridge is 711 metres long, the main span is 298 metres, and the maximum clearance to the sea is 45 metres. The bridge has 4 spans.

Raftsund Bridge was opened on November 6, 1998, at a cost of NOK125 million.[1] It was the last of the long bridges connecting the Vesterålen islands. It is part of Lofast, the new road E10 connecting the Lofoten islands to the mainland, which was opened in December 2007.

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