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Ragdolly Anna was a British children's television series, produced by Yorkshire Television and based on the books by British writer Jean Kenward. The show was broadcast between 1982-1987 on the ITV network during its Children's ITV strand. The show starred Pat Coombs and was about a small stuffed doll named Ragdolly Anna that used to spring into life when nobody was watching and would go on many wild and fantastic adventures. The programme was filmed in the Woolman Street Tenements in the Mabgate area of Leeds.

Series guide[edit]

  • Series 1: 6 editions first shown from 26 July 1982 to 6 September 1982
  • Series 2: 12 editions first shown from 9 January 1986 to 27 March 1986
  • Series 3: 12 editions first shown from 6 April 1987 to 13 July 1987

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