Rage of Bahamut (anime)

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Rage of Bahamut
Rage of Bahamut Genesis.jpg
Blu-ray cover art of the first volume (Genesis)
(Shingeki no Bahamut)
Genre Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Anime television series
Rage of Bahamut: Genesis
Directed by Keiichi Sato
Produced by Yuito Kimura
Written by Keiichi Hasegawa
Music by Yoshihiro Ike
Studio MAPPA
Licensed by
Original network SUN, Tokyo MX, KBS, TVA, AT-X, BS11, STS
English network
Original run October 6, 2014 December 29, 2014
Episodes 12 (List of episodes)
Shingeki no Bahamut: Twin Heads
Written by Takamaru Semikawa
Illustrated by Ryota-H
Published by Cygames
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Cycomics
Original run August 21, 2016August 20, 2017
Volumes 3
Bahari MAX
Illustrated by Ponkichi
Published by Cygames
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Cycomics
Original run August 28, 2016January 29, 2017
Anime television series
Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul
Directed by Keiichi Sato
Produced by Nobuhiro Takenaka
Manabu Ōtsuka
Written by Shizuka Ōishi
Music by Yoshihiro Ike
Studio MAPPA
Licensed by Amazon.com (streaming)
Original network MBS, TBS, CBC, BS-TBS, STS
Original run April 7, 2017 September 29, 2017
Episodes 24 (List of episodes)
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Rage of Bahamut (神撃のバハムート, Shingeki no Bahamut) is a Japanese anime television series produced by MAPPA that is based on the Rage of Bahamut game.[2] The series was directed by Keiichi Sato and written by Keiichi Hasegawa, featuring character designs by Naoyuki Onda and music by Yoshihiro Ike. The first season, titled Rage of Bahamut: Genesis (神撃のバハムート GENESIS, Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis), aired between October 6, 2014 and December 29, 2014 for 12 episodes, and has been licensed for streaming in North America by Funimation.[3]

On May 6, 2015, a second season was announced at the series' orchestra concert event.[4] Titled Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul (神撃のバハムート VIRGIN SOUL, Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul),[5] it aired between April 7, 2017 and September 29, 2017.[6] Amazon exclusively streamed the second season in the United States and in the United Kingdom on their Prime Video service.[7] The streaming in the United States was originally part of the now defunct Anime Strike service.[8]


Mistarcia is a magical world where humans, gods, and demons mingle together. In the past, the black-and-silver winged Bahamut had threatened to destroy the land, but humans, gods, and demons overcame their differences to fight together and sealed its power. The key to that seal was split in two, one half given to the gods and the other to demons, so that they would never be united and Bahamut never released. Now, two thousand years later, the world is in an era of peace - until the day a woman steals the gods' half of the key. The hunt begins to find the thief and maintain the seal while others conspire to find the key, so as to release the fearsome Bahamut.


Favaro Leone (ファバロ・レオーネ, Favaro Reōne)
Voiced by: Hiroyuki Yoshino (Japanese); Ian Sinclair (English)[9]

A bounty hunter with an orange afro. He is one of the main protagonists in the story. The son of a bandit leader, he refused to take leadership upon his father's death, who was later revealed to be killed by the fallen angel Azazel. He was the first to meet Amira on his way home after spending his bounty hunter earnings in a pub where he left Kaisar, and unwillingly accepted her request to take her to Helhiem in exchange for a kiss, as well as to hide the fact that he lied knowing where Helheim is after boasting to the women that he has been there in his previous adventures. At first, he was finding ways to rid himself of Amira to the extent of attempting to kill her off and running away but as the events take place, he finds himself willing to do anything to fulfill her dreams of meeting her mother. He was unknowingly falling in love with Amira and he only admitted this fact to himself upon remembering how he lost her to Bahamut and again to his disciple Nina Drango in an attempt to persuade her to avoid making the same mistake he did ten years ago.

Kaisar Lidfard (カイザル・リドファルド, Kaizaru Ridofarudo)
Voiced by: Go Inoue (Japanese); Chris Rager (English)[9]

Kaisar is Favoro's nemesis and is also a bounty hunter. His family's honor and knighthood was stripped because of Favoro and his father or so he thought it was. It later turns out that Azazel is behind the death of both their parents. Despite being cast off from knighthood, he remains loyal to his conduct and behavior which often leads him to unfavorable situations. He met Amira while he was chasing Favaro the morning after he was ditched by the latter in a pub with women and he was in a delusion that Amira is being forced to follow Favaro's evil bidding. He then decided to follow the duo due to the fact that he was in love at first sight with Amira's angelic beauty. After certain events, he was dubbed as an Orleans Knights under the command of Jeanne D'arc which he later resumed leadership upon the declaration of a new king of Anatae and sudden disappearance of Jeanne. He is also good friends with Rita and is oblivious to the fact that she loves him.

Amira (アーミラ, Āmira)
Voiced by: Risa Shimizu (Japanese); Tia Ballard (English)[9]

A mysterious beautiful woman who heard Favaro talk about Helhiem and requested his assistance to go there. Her beauty is evenly matched by her soft voice yet her behavior is somehow leaving people around her confused mainly Kaisar pondering about her attachment to Favaro She willingly kissed Favaro in exchange to guide her to Helheim in search for her lost mother without Favaro noticing that the kiss was a binding spell until the next morning. She later reveals her powers as a demon when they were attacked by Favaro's previous bounty pursuit. The two then proceeds to their journey to Helheim where they were followed by Kaisar and Rita. Events unfold and the group finds themselves in the kingdom of Anatae where they face Azazel. Their efforts in defeating Azazel and the demons were applauded by Jeanne D'arc and when asked by the king for her reward, her request was to make Favaro and Kaisar Orleans Knights. It was then where Lavalley revealed that Amira's mother is an angel named Nicole and waiting for her in Helheim. She also learns that she is a half angel and demon which raises the question about her father. She initially addresses Lavalley as her father but upon meeting her teacher Martinet, she learns that her origins are far more deceitful and complex than what remains in her memories. Her last kiss to Favaro hints that she also loves him even though she didn't mention it.

Rita (リタ, Rita)
Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro (Japanese); Apphia Yu (English)[9]

A young girl with a dark and aloof nature who turns out to be skilled necromancer with great knowledge about medical treatment who is more than 200 years old. She rescued Kaisar who broke his arm after a fall in a misty forest where the latter is hallucinating due to the poison of the mist. She can manipulate all species upon their deaths and can easily command the dead in great numbers to follow her. She started to develop feelings for Kaisar when the two had a serious talk about their past. At that moment, she realized that he is sincerely concerned for her well being even after finding out her real identity. Thus, she followed him wherever he goes and even going as far as to become a doctor in the Capital to stay there to be near Kaisar while he assumed his knightly duties to the kingdom. She rarely shows her emotions and hides them with sarcastic and sometimes uninterested remarks which highlights her feelings for Kaisar as the only person who can make her react out of the ordinary. She also showed hints of her feelings whenever he is hurt and when the latter gave a sad excuse for asking her out which she thought to be a date. She is also particularly close to Nina, Murago and Azazel which gives her neutral affiliations to Gods, Demons and Humans.

Lavalley (ラヴァレイ, Ravarei)
Voiced by: Hiroaki Hirata (Japanese); Tyson Rinehart (English)[9]

He is the Vice-Captain of the Orleans Knights under Jeanne D'arc and King Charioce XIII. A man of serious demeanor who speaks only when necessary. He approached Amira and told her about her mother, Nicole and about the days of the knights protecting the mother and child during the war between the three races. Amira then calls him father after remembering her conversation with Favaro about their parents. He seemed to be very concerned about Amira to the extent of secretly requesting Kaisar to provide protection for her while resuming her journey. He then reveals that he is associated with Amira's teacher Martinet and that the two were requested by Nicole to guide Amira to reunite with her.

Jeanne D'arc (ジャンヌ・ダルク, Jan'nu Daruku)
Voiced by: Megumi Han (Japanese); Jad Saxton (English)[9]

A beautiful knight who is blessed by the Archangel Michael. She was a simple farm girl who received a divine calling which made her the Captain of the Orleans Knights. She wields the Holy Lance Maltet and her leadership has made the Orleans knights the highest honor in the kingdom. she is adored by her knights as well as the people of the empire for her beauty, power and righteousness. After winning the first battle against Azazel and his legion of demons, she recognizes that the triumph would not have achieved without the efforts of Favaro and Kaisar. Thus when King Charioce XIII asked what reward she would like, she humbly requested for the two to be welcomed in the Orleans Knights. Her devotion to her duties is on par with her immense faith in the Gods and her battle prowess relies solely of their blessings. Archangel Michael acknowledges her as the worthy human to be a vessel of the Gods and bestowed her of the holy sword Précieuse, a mystical sword that balances the Dark and Holy; a sword so powerful it can erase the existence of any foe it strikes. This slowly incites the jealousy of the king who later maligned her of treason and a deceitful witch. When she was about to be burned and publicly executed, she exhausted her remaining hope and prayers to the Gods. Thinking that she was abandoned by the angels, her faith eventually turned to anguish which led her to accept Martinet's temptations of making her turn evil, unbeknownst that all of the events taking place was the latter's evil bidding. she transformed to demon and escaped the execution by summoning a gargoyle to fly to the war zone where bahamut is being subdued with vengeance as her goal against the angels for forsaking her.

Bacchus (バッカス, Bakkasu)
Voiced by: Hiroshi Iwasaki (Japanese); Brian Mathis (English)[9]

A God who decided to leave the land of the Gods and live freely among the human race. He runs the bounty hunting business with the help of his companion Hamsa. He loves wines and alcoholic beverages and seems to be in good relationships with the characters of the series. He tends to avoid unnecessary conflicts and seems to know a lot things including the first unity of all Races against Bahamut as well as the backgrounds of Knowns individuals of each races such as the history of Favaro & Kaisar, the truth behind the sealing of the all powerful beast. However, he tends to keep it to himself which often leads to the dismay and anger of his peers, mainly Sofiel whom asked for his help in locating Murago as the boy is a crucial factor in winning the war against the Onyx Knights and King Charioce XVII.

Hamsa (ハンサ, Hansa)
Voiced by: Showtaro Morikubo (Japanese); Kyle Phillips (English)[9]
Azazel (アザゼル, Azazeru)
Voiced by: Masakazu Morita (Japanese); Kent Williams (English)[9]
Cerberus (ケルベロス, Keruberosu)
Voiced by: Eri Kitamura (Japanese); Leah Clark (English)[9]
Pazuzu (パズズ, Pazuzu)
Voiced by: Tsuyoshi Koyama (Japanese); Brandon Potter (English)[9]
Gabriel (ガブリエル, Gaburieru)
Voiced by: Ayumi Fujimura (Japanese); Alexis Tipton (English)[9]
Michael (ミカエル, Mikaeru)
Voiced by: Shouta Aoi (Japanese); Micah Solusod (English)[9]
Raphael (ラファエル, Rafaeru)
Voiced by: Ayumi Tsuji (Japanese); Brina Palencia (English)[9]
Uriel (ウリエル, Urieru)
Voiced by: Eri Ozeki (Japanese); Trina Nishimura (English)[9]
Charioce XIII (シャリオス13世, Shariosu 13-sei)
Voiced by: Tesshō Genda (Japanese); Barry Yandell (English)[9]
Martinet (マルチネ, Maruchine)
Voiced by: Kenjiro Tsuda (Japanese); Christopher R. Sabat (English)[9]
Lucifer (ルシフェル, Rushiferu)
Voiced by: Takahiro Sakurai (Japanese); Todd Haberkorn (English)[9]
Belzebuth (ベルゼビュート, Beruzebyūto)
Voiced by: Ryūzaburō Ōtomo (Japanese); Vic Mignogna (English)[9]
Nina Drango (ニーナ・ドランゴ, Nīna Dorango)
Voiced by: Sumire Morohoshi[6]
Charioce XVII (シャリオス17世, Shariosu 17-sei)
Voiced by: Yuichiro Umehara[6]
Sofiel (ソフィエル, Sofieru)
Voiced by: Maaya Sakamoto
Dias Bardolomew (ディアス・バルドロメウ, Diasu Barutoromeu)[10]
Voiced by: Yasuhiro Mamiya
Mugaro/El (ムガロ)
Voiced by: Rie Kugimiya
Alessand Visponti (アレサンド・ヴィスポンティ, Aresando Visuponti)
Voiced by: Kenshō Ono
Onyx Task Force Captain (漆黒兵隊長, Shikkoku Heitaichō)
Voiced by: Hiroshi Shirokuma


The anime is directed by Keiichi Sato, with series composition by Keiichi Hasegawa, character designs by Naoyuki Onda and music by Yoshihiro Ike.


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