Ragi flour

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Ragi flour
Alternative namesRagi powder / finger millet powder
Main ingredientsRagi
Variationsfine powder , coarse powder

Ragi Flour is a primarily a powder food, made out of Ragi grain. It is finger millet powder. It has high protein and mineral content. It is an ideal source of protein for vegetarians.

Preparation of Ragi flour[edit]

First Ragi is graded and washed. It is allowed to dry naturally in sunlight for 5 to 8 hours. It is then powdered. It is great for people with low hemoglobin levels. Ragi porridge, ragi halwa, ragi ela ada, ragi kozhukatta can be made with Ragi flour which is rich in taste and nutrients.[1]


All purpose flour can be replaced with Ragi flour during baking which carries whole lot of nutritional benefits. Ragi cake and Ragi biscuits can be prepared. Ragi flour based bakery products and instant mixes are in demand now.[2]


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