Raging Sharks

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Raging Sharks
Raging Sharks.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Danny Lerner
Produced by Danny Lerner
David Varod
Les Weldon
Written by Les Weldon
Starring Corin Nemec
Vanessa Angel
Corbin Bernsen
Todd Jensen
Music by Stephen Edwards
Tom Erba
Cinematography Emil Topuzov
Edited by Michele Gisser
Nu Image Films
Tosca Pictures
Distributed by Nu Image Films
Running time
92 min.
Country United States
Language English

Raging Sharks is a 2005 low-budget direct-to-DVD science fiction/horror film.


Raging Sharks is the sixth shark movie that was released by Nu Image Films, following Shark Attack, Shark Attack 2, Shark Attack 3: Megalodon, Shark Zone, and Hammerhead: Shark Frenzy. The back of the DVD case calls the undersea laboratory Oceania although it is called Oshona in the film. The film uses a substantial amount of stock footage.[1] The film has been described as a low-budget version of The Abyss, but with the addition of killer sharks tearing people apart.[2] It has also been described as a poor man’s combination of early Steven Spielberg films.[3] Contactmusic.com said that the film is a lot like Deep Blue Sea and The Abyss, minus the camp value and special effects.[4]


In the opening, a collision between two alien spaceships occurs. The collision unleashes a capsule which heads toward Earth. The capsule collides with a small ship, causing an explosion. The capsule lands near an undersea research lab, the Oshona. The capsule, full of red crystals, attracts sharks. The sharks eat the crystals which cause them to become vicious killers, eating anyone and attacking anything that comes near them. Now, the researchers of the Oshona are stuck underneath the Bermuda Triangle. The Navy attempts to rescue them, but many people die in the process.

Partial cast[edit]


A Horror.Net review said that the film is a good use of live stock footage, computer effects, and fake shark heads-and gallons of blood.[2] Alison Nastasi, of Horror Squad, said that the film has several hilariously bad moments that B movie shark fanatics will enjoy.[5]


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