Raging Sun, Raging Sky

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Raging Sun, Raging Sky (Spanish: Rabioso sol, rabioso cielo) is a 2009 Mexican film made in 2008, written and directed by Julián Hernández. It is the last film in a trilogy by Hernández that includes A Thousand Clouds of Peace (2003) and Broken Sky (2006). It won the Teddy Award at the Berlin International Film Festival.


Two men, Kieri and Ryo, have an unquestioning love for each other. But their mutual devotion is not allowed to last. Ryo is abducted, and Kieri embarks upon a long and difficult journey to find him. Unbeknownst to Kieri, it is "heaven's heart" herself that leads and protects him on his quest. Before Kieri finds his companion, Ryo loses his life. And Kieri, desperate to find his beloved, agrees to sacrifice his body to bring about Ryo's resurrection. When they both die, "heaven's heart" reunites them in death and the two men return to life through myth.

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