Raging Waters Sacramento

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Raging Waters
Location Sacramento, California, United States
Owner Palace Entertainment
Opened 1986
Previous names Six Flags WaterWorld
Operating season May–September
Website Official website

Raging Waters Sacramento is a water park located on the Cal Expo grounds in Sacramento, CA. The park is owned and operated by Palace Entertainment. The park has been formerly known as WaterWorld USA and Six Flags Waterworld.


The park opened as WaterWorld USA in 1980. The park was owned by Cal Expo, where the park is located, and Premiere Parks leased and operated the park. Premier Parks also owned WaterWorld USA in Concord, CA, and Marine World Africa USA. The three parks were operated by the same management, and their close proximity made for deals so that season passes to Marine World also worked at the WaterWorld USA parks. Although Premier Parks bought Six Flags in 1998 and began renaming their parks with the Six Flags brand, the WaterWorld parks were not renamed until 2003, when they became Six Flags Waterworld. At the end of the 2006 season, Six Flags announced it would not renew its lease. The lease was taken over by Raging Waters in November 2006. In May 2007, the park reopened as Raging Waters Sacramento.


On August 15, 2011, 20 people were injured in the park after a high concentration of Chlorine was released into a wave pool. The Chlorine quickly became airborne and a gas cloud formed. When people in or near the pool inhaled the gas, they became ill with symptoms such as eye irritation, burning in throat/lungs, and difficulty breathing. The park was evacuated and an investigation was conducted. The cause was identified as a faulty pump—when a backup pump was activated, the chlorine that had accumulated was released all at once.[1]

Slides and Attractions[edit]

  • Dragon's Den - A ProSlide CannonBowl, the slide accommodated two-person rafts on a slide ending a large funnel that the riders circle around before exiting the bowl through a slide in the center that leads to the splash down pool. Added in 2007.
  • Honolulu Half Pipe - A 40-foot-tall (12 m) water slide shaped as a half pipe that accommodates one-person rafts. Added in 2004.
  • Cliffhanger - Two 60 ft tall speed slides.
  • Hurricane Bay Slide - Located on the Cliffhanger slide tower. This slide is a high-speed body slide that is completely pitch black.
  • Shark Attack Slide Complex - The main slide tower, this tower features the Stingray and Manta Ray interlocking racing slides, The Great White, Hammerhead, and Mako.
  • Splashdown - Two short slides that end with a six-foot plunge into a ten-foot pool. This slide is recommended for strong swimmers only.
  • Breaker Beach - Northern California's first wave pool.
  • Calypso Cooler - The park's lazy river.
  • Treehouse Reef - Children's water play ground.
  • Volleyball Court

California State Fair[edit]

Because the park is located at Cal Expo, the park does operate during the California State Fair. Guests are required to first purchase admission to the state fair before purchasing admission to the water park. New for the 2011 season, premium season or Sacramento season passholders get free state fair visits.

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