Ragnhild Butenschøn

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Ragnhild Butenschøn
Born (1912-09-21)21 September 1912
Kristiania, Norway
Died 3 September 1992(1992-09-03) (aged 79)
Nationality Norwegian
Occupation sculptor

Ragnhild Butenschøn, née Jakhelln (21 September 1912 – 3 September 1992) was a Norwegian sculptor.

Personal life[edit]

She was born in Kristiania as a daughter of major Alf Jakhelln (1883–1947) and Agnes Prebensen (1884–1923). In 1936 she married publisher Barthold A. Butenschøn.[1] She was a daughter-in-law of Barthold A. Butenschøn, Sr., and the mother of Hans Barthold, Peter and Nils Butenschøn.[2]


Her sculptures include the bronze fountain Dansende jenter from 1958, the bronze sculpture Rosepiken from 1971, and the steel sculpture Flyktningemor from 1971. She delivered decorations to several churches, including the Hamar Cathedral, the St. Hallvard Church in Oslo, Asker Church, and the St. Olav Catholic Cathedral in Oslo. She portrayed painter Henrik Sørensen in 1968.[1][3]


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