Rahasya Police

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Rahasya Police
Rahasya Police.jpg
Directed byK. Madhu
Produced bySiyad Koker
Samvrutha Sunil
Sindhu Menon
Shivani Bhai
Edited byP.C. Mohanan
Release date
  • 23 July 2009 (2009-07-23)

Rahasya Police is a 2009 Malayalam film by K. Madhu starring Jayaram. It also features Samvrutha Sunil, Shivani Bhai, Sindhu Menon and Ayilya.


An investigative thriller revolving around the village of Paravathipuram. Kaimal(Jagadi Srikumaar)and Parambath Raaju (Ganesh Kumar) are fighting over a number of issues and get involved in the murder of a girl, Bhadra (Mangala). Two police officers who are alike, S.I. Rajan and Rajamani IPS (both played by Jayaram), investigate the case.

However,The film ended as flop performing poorly at Box Office


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