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http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Rahim_Noroozi_in_shoots.%E2%80%93Dec_2010.jpg Rahim Noroozi (Persian language:رحيم نوروزي born in 1967) is an Iranian actor and Director. He is the most versatile and very well known and famous actor of Iran, who has just not gained fans in Iran, but from all over the world. He has taken acting education and is really loved by all from his realistic acting and attractive looks. He has done many Iranian serials, films and stage shows. He got famous worldwide and started to be well known in Egypt, Pakistan and in many Arabian and Asian countries by working in the series Yousaf-e-Payambar as Pharaoh King Akhnaten.


  • Teaching drama at the Guidance of the province under the updated survive.
  • B. Love and Amir fixed for one year.
  • 1,368 courses taught acting classes.
  • Educational center of experimental theater-Hamid Samandarian.
  • 1370 Associate degree restoration of historic monuments.
  • 1372-1370 Bachelor's Degree in theater display with literature trends.

Early life[edit]

Norouzi, since his early life was very fond of acting. He started his acting career by various commercials and Talk Shows and soon became very famous. Soon he was known to be a great actor and came in many serials and films. He appeared on TV first time in 1989. He is married and has a daughter Panahdar Norouzi. He is born in Rasht, Iran and currently lives in Tehran, Iran.


Year Title
2010 Ghafasi Baraye Parvaz
2010 Hamchon Sarv
2010 Asemane Hashtom
2007 Salhaye Barfo Banafseheh
2008 Rooze Hasrat
2008 Yousuf e Payambar (TV series)
2009 Nardebam-e Aseman
2006 Ghesah Delha
2008 Doozakh, Barzakh, Behesht
2007 Shabzadeh(Benighted)
2009 Yek Gozareshe Vaghehee
2011 Love is not something that would

|- |2009 || Setarehaye Sorbi |- | 2010 || Galileo |- | 2011 || Show me that my eyes sometimes |- | 2010 || Romolos Elkabir |- | 2010|| Zemin e aseman |- |2010 || Mynah |- | 2010 || Tower Hrmar |- | 2011 || Adeeb Afghani |- | 2011 || Maple |- | 2010 || Khudawand Ishq Afreed |}

Performances on stage[edit]

"Joan of Arc,"

"bald reputation Juan",

-"In large cities," Hamid Samandarian classes; 1370 Play: -"Two-talky" (Hassan Pvrshfyy) City Hall Sardar forest; -1369 "Identity" (Afshin Jfrykhvah) City Hall Sardar forest; -1375 "Winter 66" (Mohammad Yaghoubi) Tehran, Tyatrshhr, Hall No. 2, -1377 "Dance torn paper "(Mohammad Yaghoubi) Tehran, Tyatrshhr, shadow Hall, - 1378 "My Dog" (Mohammad Yaghoubi) Tehran, Tyatrshhr, Chharsv Hall, -1379 "So until tomorrow" (teamwork), Festival in Parma, Italy (Home Theater in Iran Theatre group "Today") -1379 "as usual" (Rima Ramynfr) Tehran, Tyatrshhr, Sayeh Hall, - 1381 "are alive" (Pantea Bahram), Tehran, Tyatrshhr, Cafe Main Hall (evening show) - 1381 "Earth Girls" (Amir Atashani) Tehran, Art, Persian month Mehr Hall, -1381 "Importance of Being Ernest" (Ebad Karimi), Esfahan, Comedy Theater, - 1381 "Caravan of the Sun" (Hussein Msafrastanh) Tehran, Hall thought, art, Ferdowsi Hall -1382; Snglj Forum 1383, 1384, "the dance" (Muhammad Rzayyrad) Tehran, Molavi Hall, 1383 "Dead Whisper" (Siamak statistic), Tehran, Tyatrshhr, Qashqai Hall, -1383 "Forced theater" (Hossein Kiani) Tehran, Tyatrshhr, Qashqai Forum ; - 1383 "windows" (F. Yysh) Tehran, Tyatrshhr, Forum, - 1384 "Return to the First Reader" (Muhammad Rzayyrad) Tehran, Tyatrshhr, Qashqai Hall, - 1384 "Rope" (Ali Mhmdrhymy) Tehran, Tyatrshhr, Sayeh Hall, - 1384 "Afghan Oedipus" (Ahmad Mehranfar) Tehran, Tyatrshhr, New Hall, -1385 "wild dreams" (Siavash Tahmoures) Tehran, Snglj Hall, -1386 "I love to Bvdhay Rvzhanv" (Chista Yathrib) in Tehran, the Persian month Mehr Hall, -1385 "Maple" (Bahram Beizaii) Tehran, Tyatrshhr, Chharsv Hall, -1387-1386 "mynah" (Tajbakhsh Fnayyan) Tehran, Tyatrshhr, Forum, -1388 "A Night at the Library" (Gilbert hit return) the member of Iran's French Library Iran - "The Shadow" (Oh the Euphrates), Tehran, Tyatrshhr, main hall directing, set design: - "over the turret" (Muhammad Rzayyrad) Tehran, Molavi Hall, 1383 Writer, Director: "Wall" eighteenth Student Theatre Festival, -1379 " Buy a Rome newspaper, "Tehran, Tyatrshhr, Hall No. 2, - 1381 "You are a woman with blue manteau Ndydyd?" Tehran, Tyatrshhr, Sayeh Hall, -1384 Author: "small window of our house" festival of women's technical Mvzshkdhhay; -1380 Designer: "One more night stay Sylyvya" (Chista Yathrib), Tehran, Tyatrshhr, Sayeh Hall, - 1384 Go Play: "sweet sea world" (updated survive), - 1376 "After the Rain" (Saeed Soltani) -1378 "lights off" (Kazem Bellucci) -"over" (Kazem Bellucci) -"girls" (AA Tavassoli), -"The Secret of Shiva" (Pervez Pourhossein) - "Cold mat" (R. certain) -"Song of May" (Hossein Ali Lyalstany) -"The smell of wild flowers" (Hossein Ali Lyalstany) - "house of darkness" (He said) -"the snow and B" (He said), - "Zero Degree" ( Hassan Fathi) -"prince" (Kamal Tabrizi), -"Phoenix Nest" (Shahram Asadi) - "Alan Prince of the Land" (Hossein Mokhtari), -"Joseph" (Frjallh warrior) -"Sky Ladder" (Hossein Latifi) -"Kharzar birds" (Yusuf Sydmhdvy ) -"Operation 125" (MR Hnj) -"sheriff" (Mohsen Shahmhmdy) - "Love the Lord Made" (M. Shahmhmdy) -"Jvajh Koo" (Reza Moini) trap video game: "Termination and judged" (Mehrdad lucky) -"prosecution "(M. lucky), -"Heaven will not wait" (MR Hnj) - "a place to rest '(Ali Mo'azzeni) -"show me" (B Chegini) - "night out" (Farzad Motamed) -"Rhinoceros" (F. Motamed) - "some kind "(Saeed Assadi), -"Bones" (F. Ahi) -"Major" (Kazem Joker) - Movie play: "Night" (Reza Karimi), -"Hearts in Love" (Hooshang Drvyshpvr) -"Chocolate" (Afshin Corporation) -"Hell, Purgatory, Paradise "(Bijan Mirbagheri) - "a true report" (Darius Culture)

Awards and Nominations[edit]

"View over the Turret" awarded as "Best Director" and many other.

Interview with Rahim Noroozi[edit]

Found him a place in the artistic community despite his young age after his success in the representation of the role of "chick" brother of the first wife of Mr. "Ktaaon Riahi" in the series "After the rain," said the artist Rahim Noroozi. the view of many critics that the secret of success in Noroozi impersonate chick in the series after the rain he was the son of the rain!, Was born in the province of Rasht (the city of rain) in northern Iran, on the day of rain Mubarak in 1970. He holds a master's degree in Dramatic Literature. Technical Consultation appeared in 1996 in the series "play for children." As such in the series of Prophet Yusuf's role pharaoh Akhenaten. He is married, and the fruit of this marriage, a beautiful girl called "builders." known for Noroozi he was taciturn and rarely speaks to the press, but Landry how manageable this time where we were able to hold this meeting with him:

Interviewer:* known for Noroozi he has acted in many roles But most of these roles negative, why?

Noroozi: positive roles represented is more than passive roles, but not administrative why I'm having such a question always!

Interviewer:* may be the reason for that you represented the negative role better, right?

Noroozi: I do not know, it may be the case. However, due to the negative characters are not impartial and effective so it may take root in the mind.

Interviewer: * Tell us about the personal Rahim Noroozi? Is it like in the movies a serious figure?

Noroozi: (laughs) truth in ethics contradictory. once see me nervous and bad morals and once see me optimistic and joked a lot!

Interviewer:* How?

Noroozi: This matter is linked to the ocean, which I am an Awalegwae which I live.

Interviewer:* What are the roles that know the viewers through the Noroozi and became known through?

Noroozi: to know people through a series of "life of the sea Beautiful" in 1997, but I became known more for my role in the series "After the Rain."

Interviewer:* What are the best of your life?

Noroozi: the best stages of my life is the stage of my university.

Interviewer:* What is the factor that in you these days?

Noroozi: I've always been the most important concern is the future of my daughter. I hope to become in old age a strong personality can be distinguished easily correct a mistake ..

Interviewer:* How much is your daughter's age?

Noroozi: 5 years.

Interviewer:* I heard you are a sports fan?

Noroozi: I have been practicing for most forms of sport, but unfortunately I do not have now enough time to practice the hobby of this as it should.

Interviewer:* the best movie I saw?

Noroozi: strange and fog!

Interviewer:* What is the sound of Atnsah?

Noroozi: without doubt voice my mother!

Interviewer:* What is the thing that got it from acting?

Noroozi: I got a self, it has helped me a representation that scrutinize much in the corners of my personality that I find myself.

Interviewer:* represent you to the role of Akhenaten in the series of Prophet Yusuf won the admiration of many, what is your opinion?

Noroozi: that the atmosphere is dominated by the works of art historical affect much in the psyche of the viewer and the series of Prophet Yusuf comes within this context.

Interviewer:Were you satisfied with the makeup on the show?

Noroozi: It was a strange makeup after 20 years because I had my hair completely right (laughs) ..

Rahim Noroozi was born in Rasht 1970 and holds a BA in literature from the Technical University of the Arts in Tehran. off-form and the young star Rahim Noroozi to stardom short Bmslslat television roles before his brilliance in the series "After the Rain" with his performance impressive and wonderful. And continued his career in Batlaúh stage offers a unique carry the imprint of senior playwrights. and after the brightness of the star in the "After the Rain" came his turn to be one of the stars between the series and is the passion of millions, "Yusuf friend." And led the Noroozi role of Akhenaten, with all his talent to promote this tally artwork. may be limited to acts of Noroozi technical number but the size of the roles and weight Artkie him to the ranks of stars and among the most prominent led him should be noted: the series "for the children's game" series " Derya beautiful world, "which collected Balrahalh Boubac Caldrh series "After the Rain" series "Prophet Yusuf" and waits for the street art in Iran more than creations of the star Rahim Noroozi.

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