Rahman Ali

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Rahman Ali
Weight(s) Heavyweight
Nationality American
Born Rudolph Valentino Clay
(1943-07-18) July 18, 1943 (age 74)
Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.
Stance Orthodox
Boxing record
Total fights 18
Wins 18
Wins by KO 7
Losses 0
Draws 0
No contests 0

Rahman Ali (born Rudolph Valentino Clay[1]; July 18, 1943)[2] is an American former heavyweight boxer. He is the younger brother of the late Muhammad Ali.[3]


Ali was born to Cassius Marcellus Clay Sr. and Odessa Clay on January 17, 1942, 18 months before his brother Rahman. Muhammad started boxing in a Louisville, Kentucky amateur boxing league. While he went to the 1960 Olympics, Rahman was not selected and remained amateur until February 25, 1964, the night his brother won one of his heavyweight titles over Sonny Liston. As a professional boxer, Rahman won 14 bouts, lost 3, and had one draw. In his career he knocked out seven opponents and was himself knocked out once. After back to back losses ending with Rahman being knocked out by Jack O'Halloran he retired from professional boxing.[4] Rahman released his autobiography on January 17, 2015 with a book titled, That's Muhammad Ali's Brother! My Life on the Undercard, which is coauthored by H.Ron Brashear and the foreword written by Gene Kilroy - the longtime business manager of Muhammad Miller.

Professional boxing record[edit]

14 Wins (7 knockouts, 7 decisions), 3 Losses (1 knockout, 2 decisions), 1 Draw [4]
Result Record Opponent Type Round Date Location
Loss 14–3–1 United States Jack O'Halloran KO 8 1972-09-13 United States San Diego, California
Loss 14–2–1 United States Roy Wallace PTS 10 1972-05-08 United States Niles, Ohio
Draw 14–1–1 United States Jasper Evans PTS 10 1972-01-22 United States Denver, Colorado
Win 14–1 United States Joe "Toy Block" Byrd TKO 4 1971-12-16 United States Kalamazoo, Michigan
Win 13–1 United States Harold "70's Version" Carter TKO 3 1971-10-27 United States O'Hare Port Hotel, Chicago, Illinois
Win 12–1 United States Larry Beilfuss TKO 2 1971-09-13 United States Milwaukee Auditorium, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Win 11–1 Trinidad and Tobago Carl "Tank" Baker MD 10 1971-04-30 Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain
Win 10–1 Jamaica Peter Robinson TKO 2 1971-04-23 Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain
Win 9–1 Jamaica Stamford Harris PTS 10 1971-04-16 Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain
Win 8–1 Clement Greenidge PTS 10 1971-04-09 Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain
Loss 7–1 Republic of Ireland Danny McAlinden PTS 6 1971-03-08 United States Madison Square Garden, New York City
Win 7–0 United States Howard Darlington PTS 4 1970-12-07 United States Madison Square Garden, New York City
Win 6–0 Hurricane Grant KO 3 1970-10-26 United States Atlanta City Auditorium, Atlanta, Georgia
Win 5–0 United States Tommy Howard UD 10 1970-08-11 United States Miami Beach Auditorium, Miami Beach, Florida
Win 4–0 Fairchild Hope TKO 2 1966-02-11 The Bahamas Nassau
Win 3–0 Buster Reed KO 2 1965-05-25 United States St. Dominic's Hall, Lewiston, Maine
Win 2–0 United States Levi Forte UD 10 1965-04-28 United States Miami Beach Auditorium, Miami Beach, Florida
Win 1–0 United States Chip Johnson PTS 4 1964-02-25 United States Miami Beach Auditorium, Miami Beach, Florida


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