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The Rahmaniyya is a Sufi Muslim Brotherhood, founded in 1774 by Sidi M'hamed Bou Qobrine in Algeria.[dubious ] The Rahmanyyia, originally known as Khalwatiya, got a strong audience until the nineteenth century. They successfully establish themselves strongly and spread in North Africa.

The founder[edit]

Sidi M'hamed was born in the village of Ait Smail, near Boghni in Kabylie. After thirty years of absence, he finally returns home. He first settled in the village of Ait Smail, where he founded a Zaouia. He later decides to move to Algiers to establish another Zaouia. He chose to settle in what would later be the neighborhood of El-Hamma east side of the Casbah.

His Zaouia radiated throughout all Algeria. This Zawiya, welcomed the poor, orphans and strangers. It is also a university where many sciences are taught[citation needed]. It becomes the privileged place of Khalwa (retirement) of those who come to ask for initiation. Tariqa Khalwatiya (طريقة خلواتية) became Rahmaniya (which give the name to the Zaouia Lalla Rahmaniya), in reference to Abderrahmane, the name of his father.

Twentieth century[edit]

The politician Mohamed Seghir Boushaki was influenced by the Rahmaniyya Order.

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