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Rahul Easwar
Native name രാഹുൽ ഈശ്വർ നംബൂതിരി
Nationality India
Education Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad(IIM A), London School of Economics
Occupation Activist

Rahul Easwar is an author and activist from Kerala, India.[1][2][3]

Personal life[edit]

Easwar is the son of Easwaran Nampoothiri and Mallika Namboothiri, and grandson of Kandararu Maheshwararu, senior supreme priest of Sabarimala.[4] His higher studies were in philosophy and psychology, then studied Global Leadership at the London School of Economics and is a Right Wing activist.[5]

He was the winner of Malayalee House, a Malayalam version of the Bigg Boss show.[6] He is TEDx speaker and has spoken in TEDxIIM, TEDxSRM and TEDxNMIMS.[7]


When Kerala Government decided to award renowned artist MF Husain in 2007, Easwar initiated a campaign against artist M. F. Husain for allegedly hurting Hindu sentiments resulting in cancellation of "Raja Ravi Varma Puraskar" to him. Easwar has conducted campaigns for tribal rights in Kerala and was arrested along with a thousand members of the Malayaraya Tribal Community.[8]

Easwar was part of a plan to protest against Travancore Devaswom Board, in favor of letting members of the Araya community light the makaravilakku light at Sabarimala. He was detained by the police for planning the protest.[9]

Easwar defended Mata Amritanandamayi[10] over the controversies related to allegations made by Gail Tredwell. He also defended Travancore Royal Family. Easwar articulated the difference between Makara Jyothi and Makara Vilakku, bringing closure to a long-standing controversy.[11] He and MLA P.C George were engaged in legal battle for rights of Malayaraya Tribals who was involved in the 'Makaravilakku' in Sabarimala.[12]

In July 2016, during an interview about mistreatment of Indian temple elephants, Easwar noted that temples have financial incentives to entertain crowds, which often results in the use of elephants for the spectacle. The root cause of the mistreatment, he believes, is a lack of spiritual education. "Our temples have become carnival spaces and tourist places, devoid of spiritual meaning and content." Easwar recommended as a reform, one-hour Saturday spiritual education for Hindus, similar to Friday for Muslims and Sunday for Christians.[13] He supports the cultivation of "Secular Hindu unity" in Kerala. He went to court against the hate speech by Hindu leader Sadhvi Prachi against Muslim community.[14] Talking to media, he made it clear that majority consolidation should not be anti-minority and it should be inclusive.[15]

Easwar was selected as the Flag Ambassador of Mahatma Gandhi National Foundation, Kerala which aims at National integration.[16]

He was attacked by a group of students from Milad E Sherif Memorial College for his anti-beef festival, cow slaughter stance. They attacked and vandalized his car.[17]

Easwar received death threat from ISIS Terror groups when he was the guest for Jamat e Islami religious harmony function in Kochi.[18] NIA investigation held that ISIS was targeting some Hindu leaders and Muslim organisations in the state, who had condemned the terrorist outfit.[19]

Easwar received threats from Right wing extremist groups for visiting Hadiya & Madani. A complaint was filed by Mr. K M Ashokan, whose daughter's marriage was annulled by the High Court over controversy of forcible religious conversion. Easwar released the video of hadiya saying that her life is in danger and Supreme Court took note of it when it was raised and it later secured her release from captivity. Supreme Court bench headed by Chief Justice also expunged the allegations against Easwar.[20] [21] Easwar welcomed the entry of all believers of temple irrespective of religion.[22][23] He also supported the priesthood for all beyond caste.[24] Easwar and Thushar Vellappaly, son of Vellapally Natesan demanded an anti forced conversion law in Kerala.[25]


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