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Raid or RAID may refer to:


  • Raid (military), a sudden attack behind the enemy's lines without the intention of holding ground
  • Police raid, a police action involving the entering of a house with the intent to capture personnel or evidence, often taking place early in the morning
  • Corporate raid, a type of hostile takeover in business
  • Panty raid, a prankish raid by male college students on the living quarters of female students to steal panties as trophies
  • Raid (gaming), a type of mission in a video game where a very large number of people combine forces to defeat a powerful enemy


  • Raid (band), a Tennessee-based band, who helped helped pioneer the Vegan straight edge movement
  • Raid (boating), "a sail and oar adventure", a leisure pursuit combining sailing and rowing
  • Raid (film), a 2003 Finnish film
  • Raid over Moscow, a 1984 computer game re-released as Raid
  • "Raid", a song by Lakeside on the album Untouchables
  • R.A.I.D., a branch of the fictional Marvel Comics terrorist group Advanced Idea Mechanics
  • Rally raid, a form of off-road motorsport

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