Raiden Fighters Aces

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Raiden Fighters Aces
Raiden Fighters Aces Coverart.png
Cover art
Developer(s) Gulti
Publisher(s) Success Corporation, INH CO., LTD. (JPN)
Valcon Games (NA)
Series Raiden Fighters
Platform(s) Xbox 360
  • JP: March 27, 2008
  • NA: May 7, 2009[1]
Genre(s) Top-Down Vertically Scrolling Shooter
Game Compilation
Mode(s) Single-player, Co-op

Raiden Fighters Aces (ライデンファイターズ エイシズ, Raiden Faitāzu Eishizu) is a 2008 video game for the Xbox 360, published by Japanese computer software company Success Corporation. It is a compilation of all three video games in the Raiden Fighters series by Seibu Kaihatsu: the first Raiden Fighters (1996), Raiden Fighters 2: Operation Hell Dive (1997), and Raiden Fighters Jet (1998) excluding Rai Den.



Raiden Fighters Aces takes advantage of the connectivity of the Xbox 360 and implements various features. The announced features include:

  • Full support for vertical monitors[2]
  • Online high-score rankings[2]
  • Upload and download game replay data[2]
  • Strategy guide directly on the game DVD[2]
  • Gameplay videos of Japan's best players on all three games[2]


Previous conversion attempts[edit]

It is interesting to note that before Raiden Fighters Aces, there have been multiple attempts to port Raiden Fighters games to home consoles; these attempts have all failed.

  • Victor EA of Japan was working on a Sega Saturn port of the first Raiden Fighters in 1997.
  • In 2003, a now-defunct Japanese company, New World System, was working on ports of Raiden Fighters and Raiden Fighters 2 for the Xbox and PC under the name of Raiden Fighters Evolution.[3]


A demo version of this game was released on March 18, 2008, and includes one stage from each title. It includes Arcade (NORMAL, BOSS RUSH, EXPERT) and Training modes. Available fighters are the standard craft, without secret fighters. Games are set at normal difficulty. Xbox Live features and replays are not implemented.

Update patch[edit]

The Japanese version of the game received an update patch to version 1.1.[4] The patch does the following:

  • Fixes:
  • Improved player control.
  • Sound glitches fixed.
  • In Raiden Fighters' boss rush mode, a bug during the stage 3 boss was fixed.
  • In Raiden Fighters Jet, the Ixion's slave could not be used in training mode.
  • Saving the gamer tags in leader board replays and scores.
  • Additions:
  • Added score attack mode.
  • In Raiden Fighters Jet, full run mode is added to all stages.
  • When continuing, player can choose the Slave.
  • In leaderboard, friend ranking is added.
  • Added credit setting. The feature of increasing credits based on play time is removed.
  • In arcade mode, the option to disable medals is added.
  • In training mode, player can set player lives stock and amount of armor the slave has.
  • In Raiden Fighters Jet training, an Ixion mode is added for all fighters.
  • In score name entry, the addition of default setting option.

After using the patch, the time of play is reset to zero, game replays may become incompatible with the patched version. The patch can be downloaded only through the Xbox Live service.


The Onslaught Raiden Fighters Special Edition is an official game strategy DVD of the game, produced by INH CO.,LTD. It was based on The Onslaught Raiden Fighters walkthrough video series, but with remastered video footage, new tutorial layout, audio commentaries from producers, players, composers. The INH shop order also includes Raiden Fighters Aces Secret File, which includes additional strategies and bonus game production materials. The DVD is included in the limited version of the game.



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