Rail electrification in Australia

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The Indooroopilly railway station before the refurbishment with the power lines which can be seen over the rail line.

With the electrification of suburban networks, which began in 1919, a consistent electric rail traction standard was not adopted. Electrification began in Melbourne in 1919 using 1.5 kV DC. Sydney's lines were electrified from 1926 using 1.5 kV DC, Brisbane's from 1979 using 25 kV AC, and Perth's from 1992 using 25 kV AC. There has also been extensive non-urban electrification in Queensland using 25 kV AC, mainly during the 1980s for the coal routes. In 2008, plans were revealed to electify Adelaide at 25 kV AC. 25 kV AC voltage has now become the international standard.[1]

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Northern Territory[edit]

There are no electrified railway lines in the Northern Territory.

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