South Caucasus Railway

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South Caucasus Railway
Armenian Railway.png
Armenia's railway network.
Սասունցի Դավիթ24.JPG
Yerevan railway station — the biggest in Armenia.
Reporting mark HYU
Locale  Armenia
Dates of operation 2008–present
Predecessor Armenian Railways
Track gauge 1,520 mm (4 ft 11 2732 in)
Electrification 3 kV DC
Length 780 km (480 mi)
Headquarters Yerevan

South Caucasus Railway (Armenian: Հարավկովկասյան երկաթուղի, Russian: Южно-Кавказская железная дорога) is a rail operator in Armenia, owned by Russian Railways.

Main information[edit]

On 13 February 2008, the Government of Armenia signed an agreement to transfer 100% of the state-owned Armenian Railways to Russian Railways. According to the agreement, the concession period is 30 years, with a possible extension for another 10 years by mutual agreement of the parties. In accordance with the terms of the tender, existing railway employees (4,300 people), except those of retirement age, were transferred to the staff of South Caucasus Railway on salary increases of up to 20%.[1]

South Caucasus Railway is among the five largest companies of Armenia, and its performance has a direct impact on the country's economic growth.


South Caucasus Railway currently operates the following services:[2]

Yerevan to Tbilisi

Yerevan to Gyumri

Yerevan to Ararat

Yerevan to Araks

Yerevan to Yeraskh

Summer only service from Yerevan (Almast station) to Shorzha

South Caucasus Railway headquarter in Yerevan


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