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Railways in Cameroon
Nanga Eboko

Rail transport in Cameroon is primarily operated by Camrail,[1] a subsidiary of Comazar.



Train leaving the Douala railway station.

There are plans for an iron ore railway, which however might be isolated from existing railways. The distance from the mine to the nearest likely port is about 500 km as the crow flies. A connection to the nearest Camrail line at Mbalmayo on the Nyong River would be 350 km long. Because of the heavy tonnages to be carried, this railway is likely to be 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) (standard gauge). The railway is being designed with Quantm software. The railway would run from mines near Mbalam to a port near Lolabe.[2] The expected traffic is 35 million tonnes per year for 25 years.[3]

Extensions of the rail network to Maroua and Yokadouma to promote the forestry industry have also been recommended.[4]

Separate from the metre gauge mainlines were narrow gauge plantation railways, especially in the Tiko area. These served cocoa and sugar plantations.[5][6]

In December 2010, it was reported that a South Korean consortium planned to build new railways in Cameroon.[7]

Adjacent countries[edit]

There are no links yet to railways in adjoining countries. The nearest the Nigerian railway system (3 ft 6 in (1,067 mm)) approaches Cameroon is Maiduguri over 100 km from the northern Cameroon border. The Gabon rail system (1435mm standard gauge) and Congolese rail systems 3 ft 6 in (1,067 mm) gauge do not run near to the Cameroonian border.

In 2011 funding for construction of a standard gauge railway line in Chad was obtained; the construction would include a line to Moundou and Koutéré near the Cameroon border, as well as a link to Nyala on the border with Sudan.[8]

Rolling stock[edit]

Type Built Manufacturer Number In service Fleet numbers Notes
ZE 501 - 505 1976 Alstom 5 Yes 501 - 505 Bf Guimarães, Meterspur-VT.jpgFormer series 9600 obtained from CP in 2005[9]
BB 1000 1978 Moyse Yes Only 1039 in service in 2012 in Douala[9]
BB 1101 - 1120 1981 Alstom 20 Yes 1101 - 1120 [9]
BB 1201 - 1213 1968 Alstom 20 Yes 1201 - 1213 3 remained in 2012[9]
CC 2201 - 2230 1980 MLW/Bombardier 30 Yes 2201 - 2230 [9]
CC 2601 - 2606 1975 GM-EMD 6 Yes 2601 - 2606 Series 34-800 obtained from Spoornet, South Africa[9]
CC 35.2 1974 GM-EMD 6 No Series 35-200 leased 2000-2003 from Spoornet, South Africa[9]
CC 3301 2009 NREC 2 Yes 3301 - 3302 Freight locomotives[9]


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