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Railway lines of Liberia
1N - 3' 6" (1067 mm) gauge
2C - 4' 8.5" (1435 mm) gauge
3S - 4' 8.5" (1435 mm) gauge

Railways in Liberia comprised two lines from the port of Monrovia in the northeast, and one line from the port of Buchanan in the centre. The principal traffic is, or was, iron ore. In 2010, only the Bong mine railway was operational[1] but the Lamco Railway was at least partially rebuilt by Arcelor Mittal and put back into service in 2011.[2]



Mano River Railway (1N)[edit]

The 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in) gauge Mano River railway primarily carried freight, but had a very limited passenger service between Monrovia, Mano River terminal, Brewerville, Klay, Tubmanburg, and Mano River Mine. These are now disused, due to exhaustion of the served Iron Ore deposits.[3]

Bong mine railway (2C)[edit]

The Bong Mine railway was damaged during the civil war, and reopened in 2009.[4] It had an intermittent service to the following places:[3]

The railway may be extended to serve mines across the border, into Guinea.[5] This railway is standard gauge, 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in).[6]

Lamco Railway (3S)[edit]

The Lamco railway was originally built to take iron ore from mount Nimba - Yekepa Train station and Tokadeh to the port of Buchanan, for export.[7] It fell into disuse and was damaged during the civil war, but has recently been rebuilt by Arcelor Mittal and put back into service in 2011.[8] This railway is/was standard gauge, 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) gauge.[6]


In 2010, BSG Resources planned to build a cross-border line to export iron ore from mines near Simandou North (in Guinea) via the Liberian port of Didia.[9] 51% of BSGR is now owned by Vale. This line parallels the Lamco Railway for a considerable distance.


In January 2006, there was an accident on the Bong Mines railway; a train travelling from the mine to Monrovia collided with a makeshift wooden trolley used by locals (known as a "Make-away"). Two were killed.[10]

In fiction[edit]

Bong Mine Railway uses BM&LP locomotive in Train Simulator 2018.


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