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Ukraine Rail Network
An EKr1 between BoyarkaVasylkiv-I
National railwayUkrzaliznytsia (Ukr Railways)
Ridership53.7 million (2014, Ukrzaliznytsia only)[1]
Freight443.222 mln tonne (2013, Ukrzaliznytsia only)[1]
System length
Total21,640.4 kilometres (13,446.7 mi)[1]
Electrified9,878 kilometres (6,138 mi)[1]
Track gauge
Main1,520 mm (4 ft 11 2732 in)[1]
No. stations1,447[1]
Rail Map Ukraine.png

Rail transport in Ukraine is a mode of transport by railway in Ukraine.

General scope[edit]

It consists of several components.

  • Network of railways (and infrastructure e.g bridges, electrification, stations, etc.)
  • Railway service providers
  • Rolling stock manufacturers and repairers

The company in charge of non-mass transit railways is Ukrainian Railways which since 2015 has changed its form of ownership from state company to public.


Before Ukrainian Independence[edit]

Lviv Railways headquarters building

Railways in Ukraine were built under the imperial rule of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (in the western territories), and later in the Russian Empire-controlled territories, having seen major development and reformation since. For more information, see:

Independent Ukraine[edit]

On 24 September 1991, following the resolution of the Verkhovna Rada (Ukraine's parliament) on separation from the Soviet Union, all railway administration was temporarily passed to the South-Western Railways. According to the resolution, all assets located within the borders of the former Ukrainian SSR became property of Ukraine. To improve efficiency a special centralised administration was created. On 14 December 1991 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine issued declaration No. 356 "In creation of the State Administration of Railway Transport in Ukraine" which proclaimed Ukrzaliznytsia a government body administering railway transport in place of the previous six state railway companies.[3]

As of 2015 the Ukrainian government transformed the railways into a public joint-stock company named Ukrainian Railways (Ukrainian: Ukrainska Zaliznytsia).[4]


The total length of railway network is 21,640.4 kilometres (13,446.7 mi). The length of electrified track is 9,878 kilometres (6,138 mi). There are 1,447 railway stations that have 118 various station buildings. There are 2,268 various smaller stops. The infrastructure also contains 5,422 rail crossings (level crossing), 4,168 of which have automatic signalling system. At the same time 1,497 rail crossings are manned 1,468 out of those equipped with automatic signalling system (grade crossing signals).

Rolling stock[edit]

  • Diesel locomotives 2,447
  • Electric locomotives 1,547
  • Freight carriages 111,100
  • Passenger carriages 5,291

Rail stock manufacturers and repair[edit]



Repair factories[edit]

  • Darnytsia Railway Carriage Repair
  • Dnipro Railway Carriage Repair
  • Zhmerynka Railway Carriage Repair
  • Kharkiv Railway Carriage Repair
  • Konotop Railway Carriage Repair
  • Kiev Electric Railway Carriage Repair
  • Dnipro Diesel Locomotive Repair
  • Poltava Diesel Locomotive Repair
  • Haivoron Diesel Locomotive Repair
  • Izyum Diesel Locomotive Repair
  • Ivano-Frankivsk Locomotive Repair
  • Lviv Locomotive Repair
  • Zaporizhia Electric Locomotive Repair

Rolling stock research[edit]

  • Ukrainian Research Institute of Railway Carriage Construction,[5] Kremenchuk

Other rail transport in Ukraine[edit]

Rail transport used for mass transit is usually administered by local government, typically city authorities; this includes trams, subway (metro), funicular, others.

In mountain regions a narrow gauge railway systems are sometimes privately owned.


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