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Railay, a peninsula between the city of Krabi and Ao Nang.

Railay (Thai: อ่าวไร่เลย์), also known as Rai Leh, is a large peninsula between the city of Krabi and Ao Nang in Thailand.[1] It is accessible only by boat due to high limestone cliffs cutting off mainland access. These cliffs attract rock climbers from all over the world, but the area is also popular due to its beautiful beaches and quiet relaxing atmosphere. Accommodation ranges from bungalows and medium-priced resorts in East Railay to a collection of luxury resorts focused on West Railay, though one, Rajavadee, spans both waterfronts and also has a beachfront restaurant at Ao Phra Nang. The four main areas of Railay consist of Phra Nang, West Railay, East Railay, and Ton Sai. Ton Sai caters to climbers and the backpacker set and is more rustic in character than the glitz of West Railay and the shops and restaurants of the East Railay boardwalk.

Railay beach was not severely affected by the tsunami of 26 December 2004.[citation needed]

East Railay[edit]

East Railay Beach is the docking point for boats arriving from Krabi. The East Beach is primarily covered in dense mangroves and is unsuitable for swimming. At the northern end of the waterfront there is a commercial area along a boardwalk/promenade with many restaurants and bars and various services including a muay Thai school, and lower-priced resorts than in West Railay. Above, on the trail that leads to Ton Sai, is the Diamond Cave, which features a walkway into its depths. At the southern end of the boardwalk there is access to a public trail that meanders under overhanging limestone cliffs and provides access to Phra Nang Beach.

West Railay[edit]

West Railay Beach, connected to the east side by paths through the large resorts or by trails through thin jungle cover, is the primary destination for beach-goers in Railay. The beach is flanked by high limestone cliffs on either side. Long-tail boats are available to hire for transport to Ao Nang, 15 minutes north of Railay. In addition, ferries departing Railay for Ko Phi Phi and points west including Phuket depart from the West beach. The focal point of West Railay Beach is a short promenade (walking street) lined with restaurants and shops.

West Railay Beach.


At noon Most tourists are interested in the a-islands boat tour. First island, the boat takes you to Chicken island. It obviously has special nature. That’s why it is named Chicken island.Tourists like to snap photos very much. After snapping photos, you can take opportunity for snorkeling to see many small beautiful fish and small reef. Your body touches fresh water.It gives you good time. Afterwards,it’s off to Tub island andKoh Mho. It’stwo separate islands connected by long skinny sand path.Finally, the fourth island is Podaisland.You can take a rest on the left side of island because there are fewer people this side.It’s popular to come to play with water more than snorkeling.

At night After the sun already set. It looks like magic because it’s good combination view between orange sky and circle sun. The sun is setting more and more. This is a good moment, good time and good view you can see.Railaybecah nightlife is so great to find something to drink , find a fun time to dance. So, it gives you relaxing and enjoying experience. You can find many bars on walking street.[2]


Kayaking One of popular activities you can rent kayaks. You’re paddling kayaks along the natural tunnel for new experiences and challenge. But you have a little basic skill at paddling for your own safety when going though tunnel.

Rock climbing Railay beach has a landscape suitable for climbing. Level of difficulty will increase with each step. Beginners is those have no experience.it makes tourists want to try. It’s a precious time.

Scuba diving Railay beach is Railay dive center that is suitable for scuba diving. Railay is connected to good environment with ocean and it’s a popular activity. And besides diving, you can take a chance to take underwater photos.[3]


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