Railroad terminals of Cleveland

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The table below shows all railroad lines that have served downtown Cleveland, Ohio and what terminal they used. A red background indicates that the railroad owned a part or full share of the terminal.

railroad Union Terminal
Union Depot (1853-1953)
Flats District street crossing (1972)
Lakefront (1975-present)
Superior Avenue others
Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway (NYC) (east and west) 1930-1971
1971 (under Amtrak)
1972 (under Amtrak)
1975-present (under Amtrak)
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railway (NYC) 1930-1971 1853-1930
New York, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad (east and west) 1930-?
Cleveland, Lorain and Wheeling Railway (B&O)
Cleveland Terminal and Valley Railroad (B&O)
Cleveland Rapid Transit 1930-present
Cleveland and Pittsburgh Railroad (PRR) 1853-1953
1990-present (under Amtrak)
Euclid Avenue 1953-1965
Cleveland and Mahoning Valley Railway (Erie) 1949-1977 -1949
Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway 1929-1935 Vinegar Hill (Ontario Street) ?-1929
Commercial Road 1935-1938


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