Railroad terminals serving New York City

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New York City Railroads ca. 1900

The table below shows all railroad lines that have served New York City and what terminal they used. A red background indicates that the railroad owned a part or full share of the terminal.

Railroad Penn Station
Grand Central
Exchange Place
Other terminals
New Jersey Rail Road (and successor Pennsylvania Railroad, PRR) 1910-present (under Amtrak and NJ Transit) 1991-present (under NJ Transit) 1834-1961
Long Island Rail Road (PRR) 1910-present

Greenville Yards 19??-1968 (Yards continued to operate under Penn Central/Conrail/New York Cross Harbor/NYNJ Rail.)

South Ferry 1836-1877
Long Island City 1861-present
Atlantic Terminal 1877-present
New York and Harlem Railroad (NYC) 1871-present (under Metro-North) Various downtown Manhattan stations 1832-1871
Hudson River Railroad (NYC) 1991-present (under Amtrak) 1871-present (under Metro-North) Chambers Street 1851-1868
West Side ?-1871
St. John's Park Depot 1868-1935
Spring Street Depot, 1934-?, as new High Line terminus
Harlem River and Port Chester Railroad (NH) Harlem River Terminal 1866-1931
New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad 1917-present (under Amtrak) 1871-present (under Metro-North) Somewhere in downtown Manhattan 1849-1871
Morris and Essex Railroad (DL&W) 1996-present (under NJ Transit) 1863-present (under NJ Transit) 1836-1863
Central Railroad of New Jersey 1859-1864 1864-1976 (Passenger service ended 1967) Newark Penn Station 1967-present (under NJ Transit)
Elizabethport 1839?-1859
Delaware and Bound Brook Railroad (RDG) 1876-?
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad 1918-1926? 1926?-1958
Lehigh Valley Railroad 1918-1976 (Passenger service ended in 1961) 1875-1887
Johnston Avenue Yard (CNJ ferry) 1938-?
Paterson and Hudson River Railroad (Erie) 1956?-present (under NJ Transit) ?-1861 1861-1956?
Northern Railroad of New Jersey (Erie) 1859-? ?-?
New Jersey and New York Railroad (Erie) 1956?-present (under NJ Transit) ?-1956?
New York and Greenwood Lake Railway (Erie) 2003-present (under NJ Transit) 1872?-? ?-?
Paterson, Newark and New York Railroad (Erie) ?-?
New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway 1872-1911 1911-? Edgewater 1894-1980
West Shore Railroad (NYC) 1873?-1884? 1884-1976
New York, Ontario and Western Railway 1873 1884-1956?
New York and Long Branch Railroad (CNJ/PRR) 1910-present (under NJ Transit) 1991-present (under NJ Transit) 1882-1961? 1875-1967
New York and Putnam Railroad (NYC) 155th Street 1880-1918
Sedgwick Avenue 1918-1958

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