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Railway School
Type Open
Established 1873; 144 years ago (1873)
Authority Ministry of Railways

Railway Schools are a chain of educational institutions in India run by the government, under the aegis of Ministry of Railways. These schools cater the education needs for the wards of railway and non-railway employees. The schools were established by the British.

History and background[edit]

As the British empire started colonizing countries in Asia and Africa, they brought resources and technology to comfort themselves — thereby seeding a big industrial revolution. To move the harvested and manufactured goods from one place to another, railway transportation brought bigger changes. Simultaneously, the colonists came forward to provide education for the members and staffs working in the railway. And thus started mushrooming of such schools: Wherever railway lines were laid, stations were opened and railway factories and workshops were established.

One of the earliest was Oak Grove School at Jharipani, Mussoorie in India. With the constant expansion of railway network, such schools were established in today's Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uganda, etc.




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