Figline Valdarno railway station

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Figline Valdarno
Figline Valdarno railway station
Figline Valdarno railway station
Location Piazza della Repubblica 2
Figline Valdarno, Florence, Tuscany
Coordinates 43°37′18″N 11°28′24″E / 43.62167°N 11.47333°E / 43.62167; 11.47333Coordinates: 43°37′18″N 11°28′24″E / 43.62167°N 11.47333°E / 43.62167; 11.47333
Elevation 126 above sea level
Operated by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana
Line(s) Florence - Rome
Distance 41 km
Platforms 4
Train operators Trenitalia
  • Etruria Mobilità and Autolinee del Chianti e del Valdarno buses
Other information
Classification Silver
Opened 8 April 1863; 154 years ago (1863-04-08)
Electrified 1935
Figline Valdarno is located in Tuscany
Figline Valdarno
Figline Valdarno
Location within Tuscany

The railway station of Figline Valdarno serves the Tuscan town of Figline Valdarno. The station situated on the Florence–Rome railway line, 40 km from Florence, on the stretch between Florence and Arezzo. It is mostly used by commuters coming from Figline Valdarno, Reggello and Pian di Scò going to Florence.

Figline Valdarno railway station is the seventeenth station (for number of passengers, architectural value of the station etc.) of Tuscany.[1]

The freight yard is no longer used and the buildings are let to members of the public or used for stocking equipment for line maintenance. The tracks of the freight yard are also used for keeping line maintenance machinery. The nearest freight yard still operating is San Giovanni Valdarno.

There are many monitors (two in the station, two for the platforms 2 and 3, one in the subway) displaying train departures and arrivals.

The station has two automatic ticket machines and two drink and snack dispensers. The ticket office is open from 6:20 am to 7:40 pm.[2] The station also has a waiting room.


The station is situated near the connection with the "direttissima" (high speed track). One train an hour passes on the direttissima without stopping. It arrives in Florence in less than 20 minutes.[3] The other trains pass from the slow line via Pontassieve.

All regional trains stop at the station.

The first train arrives at 5.12 in the morning and the last one leaves the station at 23.56.

Outside the station (piazza della repubblica side) there is also a taxi service with numbers displayed on posters outside the station.

The station is part of the Memorario project which provide a regular timetable.


  • Minute 03: trains going to Florence via Pontassieve calling in all stations.[3]
  • Minute 20: trains going to Florence via high speed line with no intermediate stops.[3]
  • Minute 29: trains going to Prato or continue to Pistoia calling in all stations.[3]
  • Minute 42: trains going to Florence via Pontassieve calling in all stations except Combiobbi and Firenze Rovezzano.[3]


Station layout[edit]

Stazione dal binario 4.jpg

The station has four platforms with station-roofs, connected by a subway. Platform 1 is used for trains that terminate in Figline or interchanges. The trains going to Florence use platform 2 while platform 3 is used for trains going to Arezzo. Platform 4 is used for interregional trains towards Perugia, Foligno and Rome. The line on which the station is situated is electrified.

1 Florence-Rome railway line Used for train interchange
2 Florence-Rome railway line To Florence, Prato, Pistoia
3 Florence-Rome railway line To Montevarchi, Arezzo, Chiusi
4 Florence-Rome railway line To Foligno, Rome

Adjacent stations[edit]

Previous Line Next
San Giovanni Valdarno   Florence–Rome high-speed railway line (direttissima: high speed line)   Firenze Campo di Marte
San Giovanni Valdarno   Florence-Rome railway line (low speed line)   Incisa Valdarno


View of the station in 1918

The station was opened in 1863 by the Roman Railway Company with the opening of the Pontassieve-Montevarchi. A few years later the line was extended Terontola. The main building of the station is the original structure dating back to 1863 and avoided destruction in World War II . Until the second half of the twentieth century only platform 1 existed, the other tracks didn't have a platform. Also the station roof and the subway was built later. Platform 4 was built when the "direttisima" high speed line arrived in Figline in 1986.

Bus connections[edit]

Nearby the station (in via della Vetreria, Piazza della Repubblica side), there is the bus terminal. This terminal is used to connect towns unreachable by rail. The service is operated by Etruria Mobilità for the Province of Arezzo (Pian di Scò, Castelfranco di Sopra, Loro Ciuffenna) Autolinee del Chianti e del Valdarno for the Province of Florence (Reggello, Lucolena, San Polo in Chianti, Vallombrosa ).




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