Rail transport in the United Arab Emirates

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Dubai Metro on its opening day September 10, 2009. BurJuman.
Podcar at a personal rapid transit (PRT) station

The United Arab Emirates has a very limited rail network. Plans for such a public transportation system only rose to prominence in the late 2000s, and various entities has since developed or are developing the following railways:


Under Construction or Proposed[edit]

Freight and Intercity[edit]

  • Etihad Rail network: A new railroad system in the UAE. 264-km track is already complete and freight service has started. Passenger traffic will start soon. Other lines are still under construction (see next point)
  • Gulf Railway network: 1200 km of new freight and passenger lines will link the UAE, from the Saudi border on the west to the Oman border on the east, hopefully by 2018[1]


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