Railways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Željeznice Federacije
Bosne i Hercegovine
IndustryRail Transport
Founded2001; 18 years ago (2001)
Key people
Nijaz Puzić [2]
ServicesRail Transport, Rail Construction, Services
Revenue60.36 million (2017[3])
(€2.16 million) (2017[3])
Total equity€792.27 million (2017[3])
Number of employees
3,269 (2017[3])
WebsiteOfficial website

Željeznice Federacije Bosne i Hercegovine[4] (ŽFBH) is the railway company of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is one of the two rail companies of Bosnia and Herzegovina (the other is the ŽRS, operating in the Republika Srpska). The company operates 608 km of railroad.[5]


Train station in Sarajevo
A railway bridge near Tarčin

The company, public and owned by the government of the Federation, was founded in 2001 by the fusion of some public enterprises with the company ŽHB (Željeznice Herceg-Bosne[4]). The network is 601 km long, out of which 392 km is electrified and is built in standard gauge.[6] After extensive rehabilitation, more than 85 percent of the network is now classified as D4 in terms of UIC load categories, allowing maximum loads of 22.5 tons per axle, or 8.0 tons per linear meter.

Basic activity:

Public transport of passengers in domestic and international rail traffic, public transport of cargo via domestic and international rail transport and combined transport; maintenance, reconstruction, modernisation, construction of wagon stock and other equipment necessary for offering of transport services; maintenance, remont, modernisation and development of railway infrastructure; organisation and safety of railway transport.[7]

Organizational chart[edit]

  • Nijaz Puzić (Director General)[2]
  • Enis Džafić (Executive Director for Economy Affairs)[2]
  • Muhamed Sahić (Exec. Dir. for Legal Affairs and Human Resources)[2]
  • Vlado Budimir (Exec. Dir. for Railway Operations)[2]
  • Mirza Šklajić (Exec. Dir. for Infrastructure)[2]
  • Mario Kozina (Exec. Dir. for Investments and Development Affairs)[2]

Rolling stock[edit]

Model Type Picture Note
JŽ class 441 Electric locomotive ŽFBH 441 at Jabučić Polje.jpg Active
HŽ series 6111 Electric multiple unit (EMU) Train Bosnia Zenica 08-08-2008.jpg Active
EMD G16 Diesel Locomotive Bosnia Bos Bojela 316 ZFBH.jpg Active
V 100 (ŽFBH 212) Diesel Locomotive ŽFBH 212 307.jpg Active
Končar EMV Electric locomotive Not Active
Talgo Passenger coaches Active

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