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Famicom Disk System (as Youmais)
  • JP: April 1988
Genre(s)Action game
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer
Arcade systemTaito L System

Raimais (レイメイズ, Reimeizu) is a maze chase arcade game released in April 1988 in Japan by Taito. The object of the game is to drive your vehicle around a maze in order to clear the maze of dots while avoiding enemies. The game consists of 32 mazes total plus boss fights (some optional, some not). The game was ported to the Famicom Disk System under the title Youmais the same year. It was included as part of the compilation Taito Legends 2 in 2006, marking its first official release in the west. It was also re-released as part of the Arcade Archives lineup on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on November 18, 2021, worldwide.


In Japan, Game Machine listed Raimais on their June 15, 1988 issue as being the eleventh most-successful table arcade unit of the month.[1]


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