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Raimond Lap
Background information
Birth name Raimond Gerard Lap
Born (1959-12-15) December 15, 1959 (age 57)
Geldrop, Netherlands
Origin Veldhoven, Netherlands
Genres Baby music, new-age, pop
Occupation(s) Musician, songwriter, record producer
Instruments piano, singing
Years active 1971–present
Labels Universal, Sony BMG, EMI, many other small record labels
Associated acts Lovely Baby Music, Lovely Family, Music 4 Brains, Kate Mirron, Sleepy Seaside Piano,
Website www.rglmusic.com

Raimond Lap (born December 15, 1959) is an award-winning composer of music for toddlers and babies. Raimond has been on the Irish Gerry Ryan Show,[1] multiple times on Dutch television[2] and in many newspapers and magazines around the world.[3] His music is currently available in 50 countries.[4] Raimond claims that his music entertains, educates, and makes babies stop crying.


As a child, Raimond’s ears were caressed by the sounds of Bach, Mozart, Chopin and Beethoven that his mother frequently charmed out of the piano keys. His father’s guitar and singing got him acquainted with modern music, giving Raimond a solid footing in both worlds. Raimond’s first contact with keys resulted in his composing songs and little compositions. His father took note and arranged piano lessons for the boy. A solid classical education followed in which Raimond amazed his piano teacher with his new compositions. So, immediately after completing secondary education, Raimond went to the conservatory,although never finishing it, learning classical piano, classical composition and theory, and composing light music. Meanwhile, he dove into pop music with great abandon. He started his own pop group and performed throughout the Netherlands. He won a prize for best composition and made his first single. After six years at three conservatories, Raimond set up his own music-lesson practice, giving lessons in piano playing, arranging, general musical theory and composition to children and adults. He developed courses and teaching material and composed film music, commercials and tunes for radio and television. The combination of all these factors contributed to the baby music that he would develop with so much success many years later.


More awards and reviews of his albums can be found here.[5]


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