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Raimundo Saporta Namías (December 16, 1926 in Istanbul, Turkey – February 2, 1997 in Madrid, Spain) was a Spanish basketball administrator. He was the head of the basketball section of Real Madrid, the basketball club Real Madrid Baloncesto in 1962-1978 and 1985-1991. He held numerous positions with the FIBA, including President of the Commission for International Organization (1960-), President of the Commission for International Competitions (1990-1997) and Vice-President (1995-1997). After his death, FIBA and Real Madrid renamed both the FIBA EuroCup and the Pabellón Ciudad Deportiva in his honor. In 2007, he was enshrined as a contributor to the FIBA Hall of Fame.

Saporta attended the Lycée Français de Madrid.[1][2]


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