Rain (2006 film)

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Rain 2006.jpg
Directed by Craig DiBona
Produced by Johnny Dela Valdene
Candace Farrell
Suzanne Heinz
Screenplay by Andrew Neiderman
Based on The Hudson series by V. C. Andrews
Starring Brooklyn Sudano
Faye Dunaway
Robert Loggia
Cinematography Craig DiBona
Edited by Robert M. Reitano
Distributed by PorchLight Entertainment
Release dates
20 April 2006
Running time
105 minutes
Country United States
Budget $5,000,000

Rain is a 2006 film directed by Craig DiBona. The screenplay was written by Andrew Neiderman, based on the novel by V. C. Andrews. It premiered at the Palm Beach International Film Festival, although it did not receive further domestic distribution.[1]


A talented young pianist named Rain (Brooklyn Sudano) is attacked by a vicious street gang which kills her sister. The gang sets out to find Rain while she hides in the care of a woman who is her natural grandmother. Rain was put up for adoption because the father of the baby was black and the mother was from a rich white family. Her adoptive mother (Khandi Alexander) sends her back because she is in danger for having witnessed her adoptive sister's murder.



The film is available to watch on such sites as Netflix to both rent and to watch on their online streaming option.[2]

Film not available on Netflix.

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Movie is not available on Netflix.


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