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Rain cult.jpg
Single by The Cult
from the album Love
Released27 September 1985
FormatVinyl 7" and 12"
RecordedJuly 1985
GenreGothic rock, hard rock
LabelBeggars Banquet
Songwriter(s)Ian Astbury
Billy Duffy
Producer(s)Steve Brown
The Cult singles chronology
"She Sells Sanctuary"

"Rain" is a song by The Cult from their Love album. It was briefly known as "Sad Rain" during its recording, and the lyrics were reportedly inspired by a Hopi rain dance. Ultimately it was the second single released from that album following "She Sells Sanctuary". It peaked at #17 on the UK singles chart, and has always been a live favourite, being performed at almost every gig since its release.

Despite the song's popularity, after performing it live in November 1989 at Wembley, singer Ian Astbury said, "So you like that one?" and after the audience cheered, Astbury responded by saying, "Personally, I don't." This can be heard on bootleg live audio and video recordings of the concert.

There is one alternative version to the song, an extended remix titled "(Here Comes The) Rain". The remix version of this song was used during a party sequence in the film Demoni 2, and the original version plays during the end credits to the film. The original version also appeared on the soundtrack to the video game Grand Theft Auto V.[1]


There were several variations of the cover artwork used throughout the world. Some versions used silver lettering, others used white, while others had a silhouette effect on the cover. In Japan, a completely different picture cover was used, with trio of photos of the band: two onstage colour photos, and on the back one promotional black-and-white photo. This version was issued as both a white label promotional record, also with picture labels.

Track listing[edit]

Vinyl 7" A Side : "Rain"
B Side : "Little Face"

Vinyl 12" A Side: "Rain", "Little Face"
B Side: "(Here Comes The) Rain"

Cover versions[edit]

  • German gothic rock/gothic metal band Love Like Blood recorded a cover of "Rain" on their 2001 album "Chronology Of A Love-Affair"
  • Italian gothic metal band Theatres des Vampires performed a cover version of Rain on their 2008 album, Anima Noir.
  • Italian heavy metal band Rain recorded a cover of Rain on their 2008 album, "Dad is Dead".
  • Japanese experimental/drone/stoner band Boris, together with Ian Astbury, recorded a cover version of "Rain" on their 2010 collaborative EP, "BXI"
  • Canada-based groove metallists City of Fire recorded a cover of "Rain" on their self-titled 2010 album.
  • The album "Metal Addiction" contains a cover by Sun Eats Hours.
  • Canadian musician Philip André and Polish singer Palon released a cover of "Rain" in 2014.
  • American stoner/industrial/groove metal band City of Fire recorded a cover of "Rain" on their self-titled 2011 album.
  • German gothic metal band ASP recorded a cover of "Rain" in their 2009 single "Wer sonst? / Im Märchenland".


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