Rain Rain Come Again

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Rain Rain Come Again
Directed by Jayaraj
Music by Jassie Gift
Release date
Running time
2 hours (APPROX.)
Country India
Language Malayalam

Rain Rain Come Again is a Malayalam language film. It was released in 2004. The film is noted as it is the first ever Malayalam film centered on theme of satanism. The movie was a "Hit" at the box office[1]


The film begins with Dinesh, an orphan boy arrives in Allosyus college which maintains a longstanding rivalry with Agnes Women's College for some unknown reason. Agnes college tries to acquire NAAC accreditation, but Dinesh along with allosyus college authorities spoil the plan. They also spoil the youth festival of their rivals. In retaliation, Agnes college under the leadership of Sree defame the name of Allosyus college by trapping them in a scandal. Meanwhile under the leadership of a professor, satanism slowly extends its clutches in the college. The satanists including professor and Franko, another student kills students one by one, including Sree's friend Daisy. Meanwhile Franko, who was Daisys' boyfriend befriends Sree, which causes a split between Dinesh and Sree. Dinesh also knew about franko and professors' plan from Marco polo, his classmate. Marco polo reveals his findings to inspector in charge of killings, who in fact was an ally of Satanists. Marco was brutally killed by professor and franko. Dinesh seeking revenge is now after Satanists to retrieve sree.


  • Ajay Jose as Dinesh
  • Reji V Nair as Professor David Andrews
  • Divya Lakshmi as Sree
  • Asif Khan as Franco
  • Sarath Haridasan as Marco Polo
  • Jassie Gift as Jerry
  • Ayyappa Baiju as Nagappan
  • Thara Thomas as Daisy
  • Vinod Kedamangalam as Bus Driver
  • Archana Susheelan as College Student
  • Rasana as College Student
  • Iniya as College student
  • Valiyashala Sukumaran as Men's Principal
  • Chandrika Das as Lady Principal
  • Kaladharan as Father Pallomattom
  • Unni Shivapal as DJ


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