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Sateenkaari (Rainbow).JPG
First manufactured1982
No. of installations41
ManufacturerHUSS Maschinenfabrik

Rainbow is an amusement park ride created by HUSS Maschinenfabrik of Bremen, Germany (now HUSS Park Attractions of Budapest, Hungary). The Rainbow was manufactured from 1982 to 2000 and is often confused with its cousins Ali Baba and 1001 Nachts, which are quite different. The HUSS Rainbow has developed a vast fan base due to its large stature, smooth ride, bright lights, and iconic motor noise.


According to HUSS, there were 41 units produced, which were seen towering atop midways all over the world. The more popular traveling model was created plus several park models. Some units were also converted to the opposite model later in their life. It was rumored that some units were converted from its older brother Ranger, however, this has not been proven on this page yet.

After an accident in Sweden with an unmaintained driveshaft, the HUSS Rainbow started to decline. HUSS ordered the replacement of driveshafts on all remaining rainbows at a cost of about US$40,000 per unit. HUSS was sold and the project was dead. The high cost of maintaining an old ride outweighed any benefit for most parks and traveling midways, who sold or scrapped their rides.

Some midways and parks kept the ride in service. The popularity of the classic ride has led to its own Facebook page[1] with several websites and forums dedicated to the HUSS Rainbow.[2]

There are several Rainbows still in operation and some in storage. The most notable recent refurbishing was unveiled at the January 2014 South Florida Fair owned by Wade Shows, however, that ride is now in storage as the cost was too much to keep it running.

The Rainbow was developed in the early 1980s using the mechanics of the Ranger also built by HUSS, and adding a pivot to the end of the arm so the gondola always stays upright anywhere in its orbit. It holds 32 passengers in three rows, with 2 persons per seat with an overall capacity of about 720 riders per hour. An electronically controlled hairpin shaped handle moves into place to keep riders in a seated position; however most of the time you were floating somewhere between the seat and the bar. Later owners were required to upgrade with seat-belts for added safety.

The gondola features two statues (typically Hawaiian girls) atop the front railing of the gondola. Underneath is an illuminated cloud that can be seen from the ground. The upper end of the main arm displays a stationary cloud sign with chasing lights that spell "Rainbow" in cursive writing. This hid the two counterweights and added a higher class look. The traditional version has a double V-stripe on the main support. The overall colours changed from ride to ride, and there were some custom units created with different themes and configurations. Many units were refurbished with modern looks and lighting.

The Rainbow came packaged on three (sometimes possibly four) over-sized trailers or installed as park models. It took a crew of four, about six hours to set up and four hours to tear down. A crane is used to erect the main shaft.

When installed, it had a footprint of 20 metres (66 ft) x 17 metres (56 ft). When standing still it was 20 metres (66 ft) tall, but had a flight height of 26 metres (85 ft) and was driven by four, 150 kW hydraulic motors.


The ride is run manually with a joystick, although some models were programmed and ran from push-buttons.

It can move in either clockwise or counter clock-wise direction with the ability to stop or reverse at any point in its orbit. It was very customary to stop the ride in its up-most position and wait a while, then reverse directions without warning.

The Rainbow was equipped with lap bars that raise and lower electronically from the main control booth. Most models have a foot pedal to ensure the operator is present.

In about 2000, HUSS required that all Rainbows were to be fitted with seat-belts, which caused many parks to sell their old Rainbows for Ali Baba type models which features Over-The-Shoulder restraints, much faster set-up times, and a faster ride with a smaller footprint; but definitely not nearly as a thrilling ride overall.

Some owners equipped their rides with cameras so the operator could see what the riders were doing while in motion, as a deterrent for guests who would slide from under the bars or stand up while the ride was in motion.

Some models were later fitted with a flat aluminum panel instead of the clouds for easier inspection of the two driveshafts underneath the riders' seats.


Traditionally the Rainbow had a white main arm, white supports with V-stripes on it and Hawaiian girls on the gondola. There was an Aztec Rainbow and one like it. There was the Covered wagon theme (two created). Millennium was a theme for a while. The tribal rainbow was the first unit ever created.


Rainbow at Liseberg collapsed

On July 15, 2008, 30 people were injured when a Rainbow collapsed at Liseberg theme park in Sweden. The ride was dismantled on July 17, 2008. Investigators then confirmed on July 19, 2008, that they had discovered a faulty drive shaft during their inspection. They believed that one of the axles designed to hold the passenger carriage horizontal failed. HUSS ordered the temporary closure of 40 Rainbows. The driveshaft was upgraded by HUSS in 2003, but by then many units had been scrapped or sold for parts.

On June 9, 2006, a 2-year-old boy broke his arms and legs after falling at least 25 feet (7.6 m) from the “Over the Rainbow” ride at Dixie Landin’ in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was seated next to his 3½-year-old sister but about 8 feet (2.4 m) from his mother at the time; his mother says she was told that the other adjacent seat was out of order.[3]


The following is a record of HUSS Rainbow rides, their owners, locations and current status. The information gathered was known to be accurate at the time it was entered but as rides change hands often, can not always be verified as the current ride's status. New information is more than welcomed and citations are required throughout the page to ensure content quality. Any information that is not 'cited' may be removed. Items in bold are known to be the accurate current status

# History Photos
41301 This unit was built in 1982 and is the first Rainbow ever built. Seen as trailer mounted (but listed as park model).[4] Originally with blue seats, rainbow-coloured arm, 3-colour V-stripes (pink/blue/gold) on the support which was normally seen on a Ranger, a bone as the counterweight sign and a tribal mask in the middle along with two tribal masks on the gondola fence. The ride was built without any lights. It was sold to Sommerland Syd park in 2012 which closed a year later due to bankruptcy. Finally relocated to Legendia Park in 2014, it is currently running and is now named "Dragon Temple". It has reddy-brown seats, a yellow arm with brown supports and no face. It has flat metal dragon signs on the fence posts and on the counterweight sign.

1982-1993 : Charles Dehner (Munich, Germany)
1994/1996[5]-2011 : Serengeti Park (Hodenhagen, Germany)[6][7]
2012-2013 : Sommerland Syd (Denmark)[8]
2014-(2020) : Legendia (Silesian Metropolis, Poland)[9] [10] [11][12]
Currently operating[13]

[no photos currently in Wikipedia Commons]
02 Trailer mounted, From 2000-2010 it was re-themed as "Millennium" where the rainbow and counterweight sign were removed. It was re-themed back to Rainbow by Klinkerfuss who gave it yellow seats with a light blue arm that had light strips down the edges and a yellow/orange squiggly arrow on the support. It has "Rainbow" signs on the fence posts. Magic Park Land painted the arm a darker blue, removed the light strips, and painted the supports white. It is currently using the beach backdrop.

1982-1987 : Unknown (USA)
1988-1990 : Ahrend (Hanover, Germany)
1991-1992 : Rüdiger (Austria)
1993-1998 : van Besien (Belgium)
1999-2007 : Dehner (Munich, Germany)
2006-2007 : Dehner storage
2008-2015 : Klinkerfuss (Wiesbaden, Germany)[14]
2016-(2020) : Magic Park Land (Ensués-la-Redonne, France)[15][16]
Currently operating[17]

03 Originally a park model with beige seats, seen at Playland as trailer mounted with orange seats, white arm with flowers on it, and gold/blue V-stripes on the main support. It displayed the traditional two Hawaiian girls on the gondola and had a space themed backdrop. It was later fitted with gondola cameras by Playland.

1982-1984 : Maple Leaf Village (Ontario, Canada)[18]
1984-2000 : Playland (Vancouver, Canada)
2000-2012 : Travelling (Poland)
?Kocka Danijel (Romania)
Current status unknown

Playland 1987
Playland 1988
Chorozow Poland 2008
04 Trailer mounted with caramel seats, white arm with red/blue V-stripes on the main support. It is being refurbished but there are no immediate plans to finish the project.

1983 : Built
Unknown : Strates Shows (FL, USA)
Unknown : Young's Family Carnival (Australia)
2020-(2020) : Luke Hennessy (Brisbane, Australia)
Currently in storage. (April 2020)

[no photos currently in Wikipedia Commons]
05 Park Model converted to trailer mounted with white arm, orange seats, square Rainbow sign on top (handmade by Wade Shows). The backdrop mainly used originated on a HUSS Ranger. In 2008 the Rainbow was taken out of service and stored in their winter headquarters until 2013, where it was refurbished with LED lighting, a new backdrop, paint-job and an upper arm mural. The square Rainbow sign still remains. The refurbished ride was unveiled in January 2014 at the South Florida Fair in the USA and is currently touring.

1983 : Built
(1984?) : New Orleans
Unknown-1993 : Greg Link
1993-(2020) : Wade Shows (Livonia, MI USA)[19]
Currently in storage (Florida). Listed on their website but is said to be retired

[no photos currently in Wikipedia Commons]
06 Trailer mounted, Named "Over The Rainbow" with a white arm, yellow seats and a very bright and colourful backdrop. The rainbow is dark colours.

1983 : Built
(1989?) : Royal American Shows (USA)
2004-2006 : Wall Amusements
Unknown-(2020) Blue Bayou and Dixie Landin' (LA, USA)[20][21]
2017 : For Sale and sitting unused[22][23]

[no photos currently in Wikipedia Commons]
07 Yellow arm and supports with a white sun face, The mounted backdrop was formerly mounted on Schäfer's "Enterprise" Ride located in the same park.

1982/1983-1988 : Showman E. Arnoux (Germany)
Showman H.O. Schäfer (Germany)
1989-(2020) : Essel World (India)[24]
Currently operating[25]

Essel World 2015
08 Park model. The one that crashed in 2008. It had a blue arm with light blue seats. with no statues on the gondola. It only had one owner.

1983-2008 : Liseberg Theme Park
2009 : Scrapped

[no photos currently in Wikipedia Commons]
09 Trailer mounted with beige seats and yellow/blue V-stripes. The only model to feature angels on the gondola, which OCS removed. Had a dark blue backdrop featuring clouds, stars and cherubs which OCS was not using., It has raised flowers on its upper arm arms. Possibly Push button controlled. main arm is painted two-tone shades of blue in 2006 by OCS Fun. The unit needs some repair and there are no immediate plans to finish it.

1983-1988 : Coney Beach Pleasure ParkAKA Porthcawl (Wales)
Unknown : Robert Crowley (Perth, Australia)
1988-2002 : Wittingslow Amusements (Australia)
2002-(2020) : OCS FUN (O'Neals) (NSW, Australia)
Confirmed to be in storage (DYL's lot near Sydney). (April 2020)[26]

[no photos currently in Wikipedia Commons]
10 Trailer mounted with flowers down the arms with raised flowers on the upper arm, cloud top and classic rainbow gondola with gold seats. It was said that the sun face pivoted so it was always pointed the right way. Last documented with a surfing-themed backdrop. Button operated.

1983-1986 : Ludewigt (Oldenburg, Germany)
1987-1990 : Blackpool Pleasure Beach (UK)[27]
1991 : Pleasureland Southport (UK)
1993 : Clarence Pier (Southsea)
1995 : Keith Emmett (Dealer)
Unknown : de Vries & Ropers (Netherlands)

[no photos currently in Wikipedia Commons]
11 Trailer mounted with rainbow vertical stripes on arm, gold/blue V-stripes on support. Has a custom rectangle sign on top.

1983-1991 : Eberhard (Hamburg, Germany)[28]
1992-1993 : Wegkamp / Nauta Bussink (Netherlands)
1993-1994 : Osthold (Minden, Germany)
1995-1996 : Hanstein (Bremen, Germany)
1997 : Sold to Mexico
2002/2003 : Last time seen somewhere around Hamburg, Germany

[no photos currently in Wikipedia Commons]
12 Park model with white arm with flower pattern on upper and lower arm. Gold seats. The ride was closed after the end of the 2007 season and was put into storage behind Desperado Plunge then later scrapped in 2012. Replaced by Sasquatch in 2009.

1983-1987 : La Ronde (Quebec, Canada)
1987-2007 : Great Escape (NY, USA)
2012 : Scrapped

Rainbow in storage at Six Flags Great Escape before being scrapped in 2012.
13 Trailer mounted with white arm with green outline and blue seats. It can be found at Fête Des Tuileries every year. Thought to be one of the best traveling Rainbow's.

1983 : Built
Unknown-(2020) : The Fleur Family (France)[29][30]
Currently operating

Rainbow ride no. 13
14 White arm with gold/blue V-stripes on supports. Named Sateenkaari, previously known as Rainbow (1984–2003). The ride was closed in 2008 after the Liseberg accident and was fully inspected during off-season 2008/2009. The ride operated normally for the 2009 season, after which it was dismantled. The ride was in storage for some time, probably waiting to be refurbished or sold, but was ultimately scrapped. The sun face was saved and is on display at the park.

1984-2009 : Linnanmäki (Finland)[31]

15 Named Conestoga. Wild-West Themed. Seats face toward center.

1984-2002 : Hersheypark (PA USA)
2002-2004 : Hersheypark (Storage)
2004-(2020) Lake Winnepesaukah (TN, USA)[32]
Sitting Unused[33][34]

[no photos currently in Wikipedia Commons]
47724 Has a red curvy arrow pointing down.

2019 : Saturn Resort (Mangalia, Romania)

[no photos currently in Wikipedia Commons]
48368 Park model converted to trailer mounted in 2012, with white arm and orange seats.

1984 - 1987 : Unknown
1987-2006 : Myrtle Beach Pavilion (SC, USA)
2012-Unknown : Travelling Midway (France/Europe)[35] 2014 : Scrapped

[no photos currently in Wikipedia Commons]
18 Solid white upper and lower arm with orange seats. This unit ran until it closed in 2008. It was then slowly removed and officially scrapped in 2014.

1985-2014 : Elitch Gardens Theme Park (CO USA)[36]
2014 : Scrapped

[no photos currently in Wikipedia Commons]
19 White arm with flowers and white seats. Had blue/gold V-stripes on the support. Originally, it had a statue of a woman in a large red dress and a pole with flowers at both sides of the cage, which were later removed for unknown reasons.

1985-2000 : Bobbejaanland (Belgium)[37]
2000 Unknown : Nauta Bussink (Netherlands)

[no photos currently in Wikipedia Commons]
20 Trailer mounted, named "Nuvola". Gardaland's first of 2 Rainbows.

1988-1993 : Gardaland (Italy)

[no photos currently in Wikipedia Commons]
21 Park model later converted. It was all white.

1992-2008 : Heide Park (Soltau, Germany)
Klinkerfuß (Germany) [they had two rainbows] 2010 : Removed

[no photos currently in Wikipedia Commons]
22 Appears to be a park model named "Aztec". With blue and red arm, yellow seats and a tribal thing in the center. It is said to be the former Walibi world rainbow. however from the info we gathered: in 1993 it had a rainbow arm and gold seats. It may have had a pink arm and pink seats after this, and the operator booth clouds were also pink at that time.

1992 : Wingender (Mayen, Germany)[38]
1993-1994 : Langenscheidt (Aurich, Germany)
2001 : Walibi Holland
Baghdad Island (Iraq)
Current Status Unknown

[no photos currently in Wikipedia Commons]
23 Gardaland's second Rainbow. Cavallino Matto restored this unit and renamed it "Jambore" only for the 2009 season, then it was later sold in France.

1993-2001 : Gardaland (Italy)
2008 : Cavallino Matto (Italy)
(2009?) : Luna park Cap d'agde (France)

Jamore Gondola
24 Park model, white arm with pink/blue sides on the main arm.

1995-2008/2009 : Kentucky Kingdom (KY, USA)

[no photos currently in Wikipedia Commons]
25 Named "La Carreta Desbocada" (The Runaway Cart/Crazy Wagon). Covered Wagon Theme. Formerly known as "Expedicion El ArcoIris". Rumoured to be used for spare parts or scrapped. Could be the same unit as the Hopi Hari unit.

1997-Unknown : Parque de la Costa (Argentina)
No longer listed on Parque de la Costa's website
Possibly scrapped

[no photos currently in Wikipedia Commons]
26 Named "Crazy Wagon". Looks like Conestoga.

1999-2011 : Hopi Hari (Brazil)
2015 : Removed

[no photos currently in Wikipedia Commons]
27 White arm with gold/blue V-stripes and blue seats.

Unknown-1999 : Reithoffer Shows (USA)
1999-(2020) Wonderland Park (TX, USA)[39][40][41]
Currently operating[42]

[no photos currently in Wikipedia Commons]
28 Trailer mounted with orange seats, white textured arm and a wicked light show!

Unknown : Stammler (Switzerland)
Unknown-(2020) : Antibes land (France)[43]
Currently operating[44][45]

[no photos currently in Wikipedia Commons]
29 Trailer mounted with beige seats, white arm pink virtial stripes and blue/pink V-stripes on the main support. Maybe built in 1983?

Unknown : Conklin Shows (Canada)
Unknown : Moser Rides (appears to be sold)
Unknown : Possibly in Mexico

[no photos currently in Wikipedia Commons]
30 Painted in dark colours with stripes.

80's and 90's : Brean Leisure Park (UK)[46][circular reference] Mid 90's: Woburn Safari Park (UK)

[no photos currently in Wikipedia Commons]
31 Trailer mounted with beige seats, white arm with attached flowers on the upper arm. Believed to be still running. The Kuwait Magic website has a photo with a very different theme. Red and yellow arm, white seats and a square top sign. It also still appears to be a park model.

1984-2002: Yokohama Dreamland (Japan)
2007 or earlier: Kuwait Magic (Kuwait)[47]

[no photos currently in Wikipedia Commons]
32 A park model named "Trono de Pakal", which is almost identical to the Aztek Rainbow.

Unknown-2006 : Port Aventura (Spain)

[no photos currently in Wikipedia Commons]
33 This is a trailer-mounted unit. It has a while arm with flowers on it. Gold seats and blue/gold V-stripes.

1984? : de Vries & Ropers (Netherlands)

[no photos currently in Wikipedia Commons]
34 Appears to be a park model called "Flying over the rainbow". A white arm, hold seats and mostly gold with blue inside V-stripes.

Nanhu Amusement Park (China)

[no photos currently in Wikipedia Commons]
35 Trailer mounted, White arm had gold/blue V-stripes along with the main support, and gold seats. It was removed from the park for some time but then refurbished and reopened.

MGM Dizzee World (India)

[no photos currently in Wikipedia Commons]
36 Park model named "Aladdin". Magic carpet theme with colourful arm and support and no backdrop.

1985? : built Jerudong Park (Brunei) Siam Park City (Thailand) Last known to be known to await a level gear.

[no photos currently in Wikipedia Commons]
37 white arm with flowers, double counterweight sign, possibly blue seats

Glücks Königreich (Japan)[48][49]
Park was abandoned in 2007, all the rides were left there.

[no photos currently in Wikipedia Commons]
38 Unknown description

1988 : Iowa's Adventrureland

[no photos currently in Wikipedia Commons]
41 Solid Red upper and lower arm with yellow seats which are definitely blue currently, and the sun looks like it had a haircut. This is confirmed to be the last unit to ever be built.

2000-2009 : Escape Theme Park (Singapore)
2014 : Indonesia

[no photos currently in Wikipedia Commons]


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