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Rainbow at Linnanmäki in Finland.

Rainbow is the name of the amusement park ride created by HUSS Maschinenfabrik of Bremen, Germany which is now HUSS Park Attractions of Budapest, Hungary. The Rainbow was manufactured from 1983-2000 and is often confused with its cousins Ali Baba (ride) and 1001 Nachts but there are major differences between the ride designs.[1] The HUSS Rainbow has developed a vast fan base due to its large stature, smooth ride and bright lights.

There were only 42 units produced which were found in many counties from Canada, United States, Australia, India, Africa, the middle east, Asia and Europe.

Still today there are several Rainbows still in operation mainly in the United States and Europe. The most recent refurbishing was unveiled at the January 2014 South Florida Fair owned by Wade Shows.

The popularity of the classic ride has sparked its own (independently managed) Facebook page[2] and several websites and forums dedicated to the Huss Rainbow.[3]


The Rainbow was developed in the early 1980s from the design of the Ranger (ride) also built by HUSS. Its gondola holds 32 passengers in 3 rows with 2 persons per seat. An electronic controlled lap-bar (similar to the ones installed on HUSS Pirate rides - but shaped very differently) holds passengers in. Later some models were required to upgrade with seatbelts for added safety.

The Rainbow came packaged on 3 (possibly 4) oversized trailers or installed as park models. It took a crew of 4, about 6 hours to set up and 4 hours to tear down. A crane is used to erect the main shaft. 4 hydraulic motors drove the ride.

After set up, the Rainbow stands 20 Meters (66 Feet) tall with an on-ride rainbow in lights and a large bright sun face in the middle of its long white main arm.

The overall theme varied slightly from unit to unit. Some seats were Orange, Some blue or white and the main arm displayed a V shaped stripe of varying colors. Of course, once it was sold its new owner could change it to fit their internal theme. The gondola sported illuminated clouds underneath which was one of the many trademarks of the rides style.


The ride is run manually with a joy stick, apparently some models were programmed and ran from push-buttons.

It can move in either clock-wise or counter clock-wise direction with the ability of stopping or reversing at any point in its orbit. It was very customary to stop the ride in its up-most position and wait a while, then reverse directions.

Safety features[edit]

It was equipped with lap bars that raise and lower electronically from the main control booth. Most models have a foot pedal to ensure the operator is present.

In about 2000, Huss required that all Rainbows were to be fitted with seatbelts, which caused many parks to sell their old Rainbows for Ali Baba type models.

Some owners equipped their rides with cameras so the operator could see what the riders were doing while in motion, as a deterrent for guests who would slide from under the bars or stand up while the ride was in motion.


Rainbow at Liseberg collapsed

On July 15, 2008, 30 people were injured when a Rainbow collapsed at Liseberg theme park in Sweden.[4]

The ride was dismantled on July 17, 2008. Investigators then confirmed on July 19, 2008 that they had discovered a faulty drive shaft during their inspection. They believed that one of the axles that is designed to hold the passenger carriage horizontal failed. HUSS ordered the temporary closure of 40 Rainbows.[5] The drive shaft was upgraded by HUSS in 2003, but by then many units had been scrapped or sold for parts.[citation needed]

On June 9, 2006, a 2-year-old boy broke his arms and legs after falling at least 25 feet (7.6 m) from the “Over the Rainbow” ride at Dixie Landin’ in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was seated next to 3½-year-old sister but about 8 feet (2.4 m) from his mother at the time; his mother says she was told that the other adjacent seat was out of order.[6][7]


The following is a record of Huss Rainbow rides, their owners, locations and current status. The information gathered was known to be accurate at the time it was entered but as rides change hands often, can not always be verified as the current ride's status. New information is more than welcomed and citations are required throughout the page to ensure content quality. Any information that is not 'cited' may be removed.


List of Rainbows, season opening, status known
Name Season opened Owners (in order) Description Ref(s)
Rainbow 1983 Strates Shows USA

(?-now) Bernie Young Snr. (Australia)

Travelling model. Orange seats, White arm with red stripe.
Rainbow 1983 (1984) [New Orleans]

(?-1993) Greg Link
(1993-Now) Wade Shows, Inc (Livonia, Michigan)

Park Model converted to Travelling model. White Arm, Orange Seats, Square Rainbow Sign (Handmade by Wade Shows). The backdrop mainly used originated on a Huss Ranger. In 2008 the Rainbow was taken out of service and stored in their Winter Headquarters until 2013 where it was refurbished with LED lighting, a new backdrop, paintjob and an upper arm mural. The square Rainbow sign still remains. The refurbished ride was unveiled in January 2014 at the South Florida Fair in the USA and is currently touring. [8]
Rainbow 1983 (1989) Royal American Shows (USA)

(2004-2006) Wall Amusements
(?-Now) Blue Bayou and Dixie Landin' (USA)

Named "Over The Rainbow" with a white arm and orange seats and a very bright and colourful backdrop. [9]
La Carreta Desbocada 1997 Parque de la Costa[10] Named La Carreta Desbocada (The Runaway Cart). Covered Wagon Theme
List of Rainbows built, season opening unknown
Name Season opened Owners (in order) Description Ref(s)
Rainbow Unknown (1983-1988) Showman E. Arnoux (Germany)

(1989-now) Essel World

Yellow arm with a white sun

Backdrop isn`t original. The mounted Backdrop was formerly mounted on the "Enterprise" Ride located in the same park. (Formerly owner: Showman H.O. Schäfer from Germany)

Rainbow Unknown (?-1999)Reithoffer Shows

(1999-now) Wonderland Park (Texas)[12]

White Arm with gold and blue V-Stripes, Blue Seats

Former Rainbows[edit]

List of Rainbows, season opening, status known
Name Season opened Season closed Owners (in order) Description Ref(s)
Rainbow 1983 2008 (1983-2008) Liseberg Theme Park

(2009) Scrapped

Park model. The one that crashed. It had a blue arm with light blue seats. with no statues on the gondola. It was scrapped in 2009.
Rainbow Unknown 2012? Antibes land (France) Traveling Model. Orange seats, white textured arm and a wicked light show!
Rainbow 1987 2007 Great Escape White arm with flower pattern on upper and lower arm. Yellow seats. Park Model. Rainbow was originally a Huss Ranger which opened in 1982. The Ranger, known as the "Screamer" was converted to Rainbow in 1987. The ride was closed after the end of the 2007 season and was put into storage behind Desperado Plunge and later scrapped in 2012. Replaced by Sasquatch in 2009.
Nuvola 1988 2000 Gardaland, 1988-2000 Travel model.
Rainbow (1984-2003)
Sateenkaari (2004-2009)
1984 2009 (1984-2009) Linnanmäki White arm with gold and blue stripe on supports. The ride was closed in 2008 after Liseberg accident and was fully inspected during off-season 2008/2009. The ride operated normally for the 2009 season, after which it was dismantled. The ride was in storage for some time, probably waiting to be refurbished or sold, but was ultimately scrapped. The sun face was saved and is on display at the park. [13]
Crazy Wagon 1999 2011 Hopi Hari

(2015) Removed

Named Crazy Wagon. Looks like Conestoga.
Rainbow 1992 2008 (1992-2008) Heide Park

(2010) Removed.

White arm with attached flowers on upper arm. Blue and gold stripe.
Rainbow 1985 2008 (1985-2014) Elitch Gardens Theme Park Solid White upper and lower arm with orange seats. This unit ran until it closed in 2008. It was then slowly removed and officially scrapped in 2014 [14]
Rainbow 2000 2009 Escape Theme Park, Singapore Solid Red upper and lower arm with yellow seats. This unit ran until it closed in 2009. It was then slowly removed and officially scrapped in 2010. Because is due to Liseberg accident in 2008. Last Rainbow carriage to built in the world.

Unknown status Rainbows[edit]

List of Rainbows, season opening, status known
Name Season opened Season closed Status Owners (in order) Description Ref(s)
Rainbow 1982 Unknown Unknown (1982-2011) Serengeti Park

(2011-2013) Sommerland Syd (Denmark) (2014-present) Legendia (Poland)

Travel model. First owner was Dehner from Munich. The first unit built. It has blue seats, a bone on the top and a tribal mask in the middle. Moved to Sommerland Syd park Denmark in 2011 which is now closed for bankruptcy. It has since been relocated to Legendia Park of Poland. [15]
Rainbow 1982 Unknown Unknown (?-1984) Maple Leaf Village

(1984-2000) Playland (Vancouver)
(2000-2012) Silesian Amusement Park (Poland)

Traveling model. Orange Seats, white arm with flowers on it. 2 mermaids on the gondola. Gold and Blue strip on the supports.
Rainbow 1983 N/A In Storage (1983-1986)(unknown)

(1986-1988) Coney Beach Pleasure Park
(1988-2002)Wittingslow Amusements
(2002-now) OCS FUN (NSW, Australia)

Park Model, Original Huss factory paint job with gold seating, only model in the world to feature Angels on the gondola instead of Hawaiian girls. Had a dark blue Backdrop Wall featuring Clouds, Stars and Cherubs, with flowers on its upper arm arms. Possibly Push button controlled. main booms painted two-tone shades of blue in 2006 by OCS Fun.
Conestoga 1984 N/A Operating (1984-2002) Hersheypark

(2002-2004) Hersheypark (Storage)
(2004-now) Lake Winnepesaukah

Named Conestoga. Wild-West Themed. Seats face toward center. [16][17]
Serial#: 48368 1984 N/A Sold/In Transit (?-2012) Myrtle Beach Pavilion

(2012-now) Unknown Travelling show (France/Europe)

Park model converted to travel (2012). White arm, Orange seats with a standard sun face.
Rainbow 1985 Unknown Unknown (1985-2000) Bobbejaanland

Sold in 2000 to Nauta Bussink.

White arm and white seats. Originally, it had a statue of a woman in a large red dress and a pole with flowers at both sides of the cage. These were later removed for unknown reasons. [18]
List of Rainbows built, season opening unknown
Name Season opened Season closed Status Owners (in order) Description Ref(s)
Rainbow 1995 2008 closed Kentucky Kingdom Rainbow Arm, Beige seats. Removed following a serious malfunction of the Rainbow at Liseberg in Gothenburg, Sweden..
Rainbow Unknown Unknown Unknown Conklin Shows

Moser Rides (appears to be sold)

Travelling model. Orange seats, white arm with flowers. Looks like the Maple Leaf Village model but it's a different unit.
Rainbow Unknown Unknown Unknown Fleur (France) Travel model. White arm with green outline and Blue seats(?).

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