Rainbow Aircraft

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Rainbow Aircraft
Private company
Industry Aerospace
Founder Mike Blyth
Headquarters Dal Fouche Springs, Gauteng, South Africa
Key people
Chief Engineer & Designer: Vladimir Chechin
Products Ultralight trikes
Ultralight aircraft
Owner Vladimir Chechin
Website www.rainbowaircraft.co.za

Rainbow Aircraft Pty is a South African aircraft manufacturer based at the Springs Airfield in Dal Fouche Springs, Gauteng. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of flex-wing ultralight trikes and fixed-wing ultralight aircraft.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]

The company was founded by Mike Blyth in South Africa. Vladimir Chechin came as a visitor to the country from Russia in 1994 and decided to immigrate, finding work at Blyth's company. In 2002 Chechin purchased the company from Blyth.[2]


Summary of aircraft built by Rainbow Aircraft
Model name First flight Number built Type
Rainbow Aerotrike Cobra 70 (2005) Ultralight trike
Rainbow Aerotrike Safari 45 (2000) Ultralight trike
Rainbow Aerotrike Scout 45 (2000) Ultralight trike
Rainbow Aerotrike Spirit Ultralight trike
Rainbow Cheetah fixed wing ultralight aircraft


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