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Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty

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Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty
Also known asRBUK
Created by
  • Rich Magallanes[2]
  • Melissa Reale[a]
Developed by
  • Rich Magallanes
  • Mark Palmer (co-developer)
Voices of
Theme music composerNoam Kaniel
Opening theme"Main Title Theme Song"
by Noam Kaniel
ComposerNoam Kaniel
Country of origin
  • United States
  • Canada
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes26 (51 segments)
Executive producers
  • King Cheng
  • Randy Shoemaker
  • Shirley Price
  • Rich Magallanes
Running time
  • 11 minutes[3]
  • 22 minutes ("Merry Mythmas" only)
Production companiesFunrise Toys
Bardel Entertainment[4]
Original release
ReleaseJanuary 28 (2019-01-28) –
December 1, 2019 (2019-12-01)

Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty, officially shortened to RBUK (/ɑːrbʌk/), is an animated television series created by Rich Magallanes,[2] based on a concept by Melissa Reale,[5] for Nickelodeon and Nicktoons. The series is produced by American toy company Funrise and Canadian studio Bardel Entertainment.

The series stars Felicity, a spirited magical kitty who is also part rainbow, butterfly, and unicorn, as she goes on adventures with her friends in the mashup city of Mythlandia.[6] In the United States, Nickelodeon acquired broadcast rights to the first season from Funrise Toys.[7]



Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty follows the mythical adventures of Felicity, a magical cat that is part rainbow, part butterfly, and part unicorn. She has transformative powers that allow her to choose between Rainbow Power, Butterfly Power, Unicorn Power, and following the events of Purrfect Party, Kitty Power. Her friends; Miguel, a down-to-earth Anubis chihuahua, Athena, a book-smart owl, and Yana the ditzy yeti, accompany Felicity on their various adventures in the city of Mythlandia, a place full of fairy tale creatures, wizards, giants, dragons, and much more,[1][7] while also occasionally hanging out together at Mythic Malts, a restaurant owned by Moona that sells delicious malts, to cool down.

Each episode has been stated to "explore female empowerment and non-conformity" as Felicity transforms into different forms using her magical abilities.[1] The series is also a celebration of individuality and self-confidence.[6]




  • Felicity (voiced by Allegra Clark[8]) is a sassy, fearless magical cat who is part rainbow, butterfly, and unicorn. She possesses transformative powers that allow her to lasso items in the form of a rainbow, produce thunderous claps from her butterfly wings, fire lasers from her unicorn horn, and her kitten paws can shoot glow sticks and uses her cuteness.[1][7]
  • Miguel (voiced by Arturo Sandoval) is a blue down-to-earth, active and energetic Anubis chihuahua, who is Felicity's best friend.[1][7] King Nacho (Billy Bongo) is his Anubis dog ancestor.
  • Athena (voiced by Katie Leigh[9]) is a book-smart owl[1] and one of Felicity's friends. She speaks in a very monotone voice.
  • Yana (voiced by Laila Berzins[10]) is a ditzy Yeti[1] and is also one of Felicity's friends.


  • The Sun (played by Michael Sorich) is a sentient sun with a live-action human face. He also has skinny arms and is able to talk. Being the Sun, he oversees the many adventures of the main cast and occasionally commentates, or silently reacts to them. As shown in "The Sand Crab Man", he also turns into the Moon at night.
  • Rudy (voiced by Chase Mitchell) is a snarky rat that pretends to be a rabbit. He often causes trouble for Felicity and friends.
  • Timmy (voiced by Rich Magallanes) is a little Kraken who often causes trouble.
  • Mayor Snowball (voiced by Dorothy Elias-Fahn) is the mayor of Catlantic City. Her former rival is Mayor Wags (Kyle Hebert).
  • The Sand Crab Man (voiced by Doug Stone) helps the other citizens of Mythlandia with falling asleep.
  • Moona (voiced by Sara Cravens) is a cow and the owner of Mythic Malts. She dates Oscar Go, a slow French snail.
  • Chippy (voiced by Cristina Vee) is a chipmunk-like creature.
  • Andy (voiced by Kyle Hebert) is a dragon.
  • Hank is a hippo that is part Bumblebee, Magnetic and Karaoke.



Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty is produced by Funrise, who took over production of the series for Saban Brands after its closure due to the sale of the majority of its entertainment properties to Hasbro. The series is animated by Bardel Entertainment, and it features photo-real elements. The series is targeted towards kids 6 to 11.[1]

The first season has a total of 52 11-minute episodes.[11] For broadcast, each episode is paired with another to fill a 22-minute slot, which makes for a total of 26 half-hours.[12] The final episode of the season however, is a two-part holiday special.[13]


No.TitleWritten byStoryboarded byOriginal air dateProd.
code [12]
US viewers
1"Purrfect Party"Story by : Rich Magallanes
Teleplay by : Mark Palmer, Ray DeLaurentis & Will Schifrin
Raven Molisee & Kat Dela CruzJanuary 27, 2019 (2019-01-27) (sneak peek)
January 28, 2019 (2019-01-28) (premiere)[note 1]
"Anubis Newbie"Ray DeLaurentis & Will Schifrin
When Felicity and Miguel are invited to the annual party at the Palace of the Perfect, Felicity worries that her powers won't measure up for it as the most powerful citizens in Mythlandia will be there.
Miguel gets tested by an ancient Anubis king to see if he's ready to leave Mythlandia and become the next ruler of the underworld.
2"Catlantic City"Ray DeLaurentis & Will SchifrinBob Baxter & Garrett O' DonoghueJanuary 29, 2019 (2019-01-29)1020.10[15]
"Scaredy Cat"
Miguel gets locked up in the pound for being a dog after he's bought to Catlantic City by Felicity.
Felicity, Miguel, Yana, and Athena have to cross the Phobia Forest so they can cash in their coupons for free cupcakes.
3"It Takes Two to Talent"Ray DeLaurentis & Will SchifrinRaven Molisee & Bob BaxterJanuary 30, 2019 (2019-01-30)1040.08[16]
"Pot Luck"Andrew Zuber
Felicity and Miguel take part in a talent show in order to get malts named after them, but they have trouble coming up with their act.
Felicity and Miguel help a worried leprechaun find his purpose.
4"Sleeping Yeti"Ray DeLaurentis & Will SchifrinLarry Hall & James BourneJanuary 31, 2019 (2019-01-31)1030.08[16]
"The Sand Crab Man"
Yana eats a witch's apple and falls asleep, so Felicity and Miguel try to find a way to break the spell.
Felicity has so much fun at her party that she convinces the Sand Crab Man to take the night off, causing chaos in Mythlandia.
5"The Loch Mess Monster"Greg GrabianskiGarrett O' Donoghue & Kat Dela CruzFebruary 1, 2019 (2019-02-01)105N/A
"Mighty Meow and Super Lucha"Ray DeLaurentis & Will Schifrin

The Loch Mess Monster moves in with Miguel as his house is messy.

Note: A pun on The Loch Ness Monster.
Felicity and Miguel pretend to be real superheroes and draw the wrath of a supervillain called The Couch Potato.
6"Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Cupid"Gene GrilloRaven Molisee & Bob BaxterFebruary 10, 2019 (2019-02-10)110B0.82[17]
Moona announces that she's closing Mythic Malts.
7"The Green-Eyed Monster"Lissa KapstromRaven Molisee & Bob BaxterFebruary 10, 2019 (2019-02-10)109A0.82[17]
Miguel invites a cute chipmunk-like creature, Chippy, to join him and Felicity on their friend-iversary. However, Chippy isn't all she seems.
8"Gone with the Wand"Ray DeLaurentis & Will SchifrinLarry Hall & James BourneFebruary 17, 2019 (2019-02-17)1061.07[18]
"Fountain of Too Much Youth"David Grubstick
Felicity and her friends find a magic wand that they use to make crazy wishes with until they locate the wand's rightful owner.
Miguel's favorite malt is now on the kids menu.
9"Nobody's Purrfect"David GrubstickRaven Molisee & Bob BaxterFebruary 23, 2019 (2019-02-23)109B0.82[19]
Felicity tries too hard to be purfect with a bedazzling sparkling kitty collar.
10"Mythic Mounties"Gene GrilloRaven Molisee & Bob BaxterFebruary 23, 2019 (2019-02-23)110A0.82[19]
The gang join a scouting group, but Felicity has a hard time winning the praise of her scoutmaster and earning a merit badge.
11"Snack Attack"Grant Levy and Dominik RothbardTBAMarch 2, 2019 (2019-03-02)1070.81[20]
"The Backward Bug"Dani Michaeli
Felicity's favorite snack has been sabotaged, so she visits the Snacktory.
The Backwards Bug bites Miguel and Athena, which causes them to speak backwards.
12"Denzel in Distress"Ray DeLaurentis & Will Schifrin
Greg Grabianski
TBAMarch 9, 2019 (2019-03-09)1110.69[21]
Felicity and Miguel rescue Prince Denzel, who was imprisoned by his evil brother, Prince Larry.
When Felicity loses her favorite toy, she and her friends try to retrieve it from the yard of her dreaded neighbor, the Meanotaur.
13"Palace of the Powerless"David GrubstickTBAMarch 16, 2019 (2019-03-16)1120.77[22]
"My Fair Yeti"Gene Grillo
Felicity and Miguel attend a costume party at the Palace of the Perfect, where they end up in a fight to take back some stolen powers.
When Yana is invited to a fancy society event, she is afraid that she'll make a fool of herself.
14"The Boaracle"Lissa KapstromRaven Molisee & Bob BakterMarch 31, 2019 (2019-03-31)1130.67[23]
"Out of the Box"Ray DeLaurentis & Will Schifrin
The Boaracle, a boar who claims to predict the future, makes a series of predictions about Miguel that all come true.
When Felicity's fun unboxing videos go viral, a jealous Rudy slips Pandora's box into her scratching post house.
15"A Big Baby"Jordan GershowitzPaul Villeco & Kat Dela CruzApril 7, 2019 (2019-04-07)1140.65[24]
"Mythic Macaroons"John N. Huss
Felicity and Miguel babysit a baby giant, but things quickly escalate out of control.
Felicity's Mythic Mounties troop sells cookies to raise money so they can save their favorite park.
16"Rudy Awakening"David GrubstickTBAApril 14, 2019 (2019-04-14)1180.54[25]
"Bound to Be Friends"Jordan Gershowitz
It's Eggtober, and Rudy is scared everyone will discover he's lying about being related to the Easter Bunny.
Felicity and Miguel become stuck together by magical friendship bracelets that will only unlock if they prove they're really best friends.
17"The Return of Mighty Meow and Super Lucha"David GrubstickLarry Hall & James BourneApril 28, 2019 (2019-04-28)1150.72[26]
"Grumplestiltskin"Lissa Kapstrom
When Felicity visits Mirror Rock with Miguel, she accidentally releases the evil mirror image of herself, Evil Felicity.
Felicity has a big party to celebrate her Cat-ceanara, in which she'll officially go from kittenhood to cathood.
18"The Trouble with Travis"John N. HussTBAJune 21, 2019 (2019-06-21)[note 2]116AN/A
In order for a genie to grant more wishes, Felicity must get the last person who found the lamp to complete an unmade wish.
19"Tooth or Consequences"Ray DeLaurentis & Will SchifrinTBAJune 28, 2019 (2019-06-28)[note 2]116BN/A
Someone steals the gold coins the Saber Tooth Fairy exchanges for loose teeth.
20"The Boogie Man"[12][27]Ray DeLaurentis & Will SchifrinPaul Villeco and Kat Dela cruzJuly 5, 2019 (2019-07-05)117AN/A
While getting ready for a big dance competition, Felicity starts having nightmares about the Boogie Man.
21"The Souper Monster"[12][27]Jordan GershowitzPaul Villeco and Kat Dela cruzJuly 19, 2019 (2019-07-19)117B0.25[28]
In order to help Miguel win Mythlandia's annual cook-off competition, Felicity buys him a bag of magic beans.
22"The Winky"[12]Ray DeLaurentis & Will SchifrinTBAJuly 26, 2019 (2019-07-26)119AN/A
Overwhelmed by the responsibility of owning her first pet, a cute but mischievous creature called a Winky.
23"Trivial Per Hoot"[12]Lissa KapstromTBAAugust 2, 2019 (2019-08-02)119BN/A
Athena loses her confidence when, for the first time ever, she gets a fact about Mythlandia wrong.
24"Small Change"[12]Ray DeLaurentis & Will SchifrinBen McSweeney and Kat Dela CruzAugust 9, 2019 (2019-08-09)120A0.11[29]
Felicity questions what she's meant to be when she baby-sits a little changeling girl struggling with the same issue.
25"Rip Van Stinkle"[12]Lissa KapstromBen McSweeney and Kat Dela CruzAugust 16, 2019 (2019-08-16)120B0.13[30]

When Felicity comes to the aid of a stinky stranger named Rip Van Stinkle, he vows to be at her beck and call for life.

Note: A pun on Rip Van Winkle.
26"Excali-Burt"[12]Ray DeLaurentis & Will SchifrinTBAAugust 23, 2019 (2019-08-23)121AN/A
Felicity pulls a legendary talking sword named "Excali-Burt" from a stone and is rewarded with her own magical castle.
27"Ratted Out"[12]Kris Marvin HughesTBAAugust 30, 2019 (2019-08-30)121B0.13[31]
Rudy begs Mighty Meow and Super Lucha to give him a shot at being their sidekick.
28"Just Add Sprinkles"[12]Ray DeLaurentis & Will SchifrinRaven Molisee, Bob Baxter, and Justin WallaceSeptember 8, 2019 (2019-09-08)122AN/A
Felicity calls a magic, but mischievous, pixie to make her malts delicious.
29"The Write Stuff"[12]Jordan GershowitzRaven Molisee, Bob Baxter, and Justin WallaceSeptember 15, 2019 (2019-09-15)122B0.12[32]
Felicity's new pen has a way with words, making them a reality.
30"Smart Cookie"[12]Ray DeLaurentis & Will SchifrinTBASeptember 22, 2019 (2019-09-22)123AN/A
Yana eats a cookie to level up her smarts, but realizes it's her heart that makes her special.
31"Disappearing Act"[12]Lissa KapstormTBAOctober 13, 2019 (2019-10-13)123BN/A
Miguel learns a new trick, which gets him completely lost.
32"Bumblebee Magnetic Karaoke Hippo"[12]David GrubstickTom Galvin and James BourneOctober 20, 2019 (2019-10-20)124AN/A
Felicity helps a mashup creature to realize his true potential.
33"Time Out"[12]Ray DeLaurentis & Will SchifrinTom Galvin and James BourneNovember 3, 2019 (2019-11-03)124BN/A
Felicity borrows Father Time's watch.
34"Playing the Piper"[12]Kris Marvin HughesTBANovember 10, 2019 (2019-11-10)125AN/A
Miguel's sudden rise to stardom during Rat Con has some consequences.
35"Shrinking Yeti"[12]Lissa KapstormTBANovember 17, 2019 (2019-11-17)125B0.13[33]
Yana begins to shrink after receiving a gift.
36"Little Monster[12]"Ray DeLaurentis & Will SchifrinTBANovember 24, 2019 (2019-11-24)126N/A
"The Great Mighty Mythic Marathon"Rich Magallanes
Timmy asks Felicity and Miguel to baby sit his nephew.
All of Mythlandia competes for the ultimate prize..
37"Merry Mythmas"[12]Ray DeLaurentis, Lissa Kapstrom, and Will SchifrinTBADecember 1, 2019 (2019-12-01)108N/A
When Santa Paws takes the year off, Felicity is chosen to replace him and deliver the Mythmas presents to all of Mythlandia. Rudy teams up with Timmy the Kraken to try and ruin Mythmas.



Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty was originally planned to be launched in Fall 2018,[1] but was postponed to 2019. In the United States, the series had a sneak peek premiere on the main Nickelodeon network on January 27, 2019, before it had its season premiere on Nicktoons a day after. Alongside the premiere, the same sneak peek episode was made available on the Nick App and Nick On Demand on January 18.[7] The sneak peek was successful enough to warrant the show remaining on Nickelodeon's schedule whilst also airing on Nicktoons. Episode premieres continued on the main network on February 10 with the episodes "The Green-Eyed Monster" and "Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Cupid". During this temporary switch from Nicktoons to Nickelodeon, only the acronym for the show, RBUK, is used which differed from how the show was mentioned and displayed on promos, advertisements, most TV guides, and the theme song which was cut from all broadcasts. The series returned to Nicktoons on June 21, 2019, starting with the episode "The Trouble with Travis", and premiering all segments on separate days. The series was added to Paramount+ on September 22, 2021.[34]

Jetpack Distribution announced that it acquired international distribution rights in Canada, Latin America, Europe (excluding Italy and Russia), Australia, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.[13][35] The series premiered on some of Nickelodeon's international channels and branded blocks following the U.S. launch later in 2019.[36] In Canada, the series debuted on Family Channel on September 2, 2019.[37] The series premiered January 1, 2020 on eToonz in South Africa.



Emily Ashby of Common Sense Media gave the series 2 out of 5 stars; saying that, “Felicity's unique nature makes her a decent example of embracing uniqueness in yourself and in others, but the show's frantic pace and distracting visuals tend to overshadow this positive quality.”[38]



The associated toy line for the series by Funrise Toys is planned to cover many categories such as figurines, playsets, bobble heads, plush and dress-up.[1] In February 2019, there was a preview of new toys from Funrise at the New York Toy Fair.[36] The toys were released at Walmart on July 1, 2019.


  1. ^ Rich Magallanes receives a "series created by" credit, while Reale receives no credit.
  1. ^ This episode was released early on the Nick app and VOD on January 18, 2019.
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