Rainbow Crafts

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Rainbow Crafts
Toy manufacturing
Founder Noah McVicker, Joseph McVicker
Headquarters United States

Rainbow Crafts Company, Inc. or, Rainbow Crafts was a toy manufacturing company created and operated by Noah McVicker and his nephew Joseph McVicker as a subsidiary of the midwestern soap company, Kutol Products.[1][2] The company manufactured Play-Doh, a modeling compound for children.[1][2] Rainbow Crafts operated under the McVickers from 1956 until 1965 when it was sold to General Mills with all rights to Play-Doh.[1][2] In 1971, Rainbow Crafts and Kenner Products (both subsidiaries of General Mills) merged,[2] and, in 1987, Tonka Corporation bought both subsidiaries.[2] Hasbro currently manufactures Play-Doh.[1]


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