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Rainbow Reel Tokyo
LocationTokyo, Japan
PredecessorTokyo International Queer Film Festival (TIQFF)
Hosted bySpiral Hall, Tokyo
Festival dateJuly; Annual
WebsiteOfficial website

Rainbow Reel Tokyo (Japanese: レインボー・リール東京 Reinbō rīru Tōkyō), until 2016 known as Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival,[1] (Japanese: 東京国際レズビアン&ゲイ映画祭 Tōkyō kokusai rezubian to gei eigasai), also known by the acronym TILGFF, is an international film festival for LGBT audiences, held annually in Tokyo, the capital city of Japan.

The Festival was established in 1992 and was held at Nakano Sun Plaza, 6th Floor (中野サンプラザ6F研修室). The next three were held at Kichijōji Baus Theater (吉祥寺バウスシアター). Since 1996, the Festival has been held in July at Spiral Hall in the Aoyama neighborhood of Tokyo.

The 23rd Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival was held July 12~21, 2014, at Eurospace in Shibuya, and Spiral Hall in Aoyama.


Rainbow Reel Competition[edit]

The Rainbow Reel Competition (レインボー・リール・コンペティション) began in 1995[2] as an annual screening of Japanese short films to encourage production of LGBT-themed films. The audience selects a favorite film and the director is awarded the Grand Prix Rainbow Reel Award (レインボー・リール賞(グランプリ)), currently a ¥100,000 prize ($1000 US).[3]

Grand Prix Rainbow Reel Award winners
  • 4th Festival (1995) –
  • 5th Festival (1996) –
  • 6th Festival (1997) –
  • 7th Festival (1998) – We Are Transgenders (We Are Transgenders ~性別を超えて、自分らしく生きる~); director: Lulu Ogawa (尾川ルル)
  • 8th Festival (1999) –
  • 9th Festival (2000) –
  • 10th Festival (2001) –
  • 11th Festival (2002) –
  • 12th Festival (2003) –
  • 13th Festival (2004) –
  • 14th Festival (2005) – "Stereotype Company" (「ヘテロ薬」) (2005); director: Team "Stereotype Company" (ヘテロ薬制作委員会)
  • 15th Festival (2006) – Somewhere in Tokyo (東京のどこかで) (2006); director: Kenta Tatenai (タテナイケンタ)
  • 16th Festival (2007) – A Tulip of Violet (2007); director: Yūmi Andō (安藤優美)
  • 17th Festival (2008) – San-Kaku (△サンカク) (2008); director: Kazuki Watanabe (渡辺一樹)
  • 18th Festival (2009) – "Avec mon copain / With my Boyfriend; director : Antonio de Oliveira; Producer : Sanae Kikuchi (Tomoé films)
  • 19th Festival (2010) – Jellyfish Boy (くらげくん) (2009); director: Shō Kataoka (片岡翔)
  • 20th Festival (2011) –
  • 21st Festival (2012) – Tsuyako (2011); director: Mitsuyo Miyazaki (宮崎光代)
  • 22nd Festival (2013) –
  • 23rd Festival (2014) – The Other Side of a Smiling Face (笑顔の向こう側) (2013); director: Yoshiaki Sajima (佐島由昭)
  • 24th Festival (2015) – From the Bottom of the Vortex (私は渦の底から) (2015); director: Kozue Nomoto (野本梢)
  • 25th Festival (2016) –
  • 26th Festival (2017) –
  • 27th Festival (2018) – Old Narcissus (老ナルキソス); director: Tsuyoshi Shōji (東海林毅)
  • 28th Festival (2019) –

Special Jury Award[edit]

The Special Jury Award (審査員特別賞 Shinsa-in tokubetsu shō), first given in 2008, is an outstanding Japanese film selected by a guest director.[3]

Special Jury Award winners
  • 17th Festival (2008) – When I Become Silent (わたしが沈黙するとき) (2007); director: Hyōe Yamamoto (山本兵衛)

Festival programs[edit]

1st Festival (1992)[edit]

Festival reference

English title Original title Year Country Director(s) Notes
AIDS March on Washington 1988 USA Los Angeles Project documentary
The Best of Out 1985 USA London Project documentary
Forbidden Love Zapovězená láska 1990 Czechoslovakia Vladislav Kvasnička
Gay Games 2 1986 USA San Francisco Sports Project documentary
Gay Movement in Japan 1986 Japan ILGA Japan Video Project documentary
Nocturne 1990 UK Joy Chamberlain
OCCUR Takes Its Case to Court OCCUR 東京同性愛裁判 1992 Japan OCCUR Video Project documentary of the OCCUR case
Festival title: OCCUR Takes Its ...... to Court
Orientations 1986 Canada Richard Fung
Over Our Dead Bodies 1991 UK Stuart Marshall
Revolutions Happen Like Refrains in a Song 1988 Philippines Nick Deocampo
We Were One Man Nous étions un seul homme 1978 France Philippe Vallois
Because the Dawn 1988 USA Amy Goldstein short film, 40 minutes
The Battle of Tuntenhaus 1991 UK Juliet Bashore short film, 24 minutes
Bolo! Bolo! 1991 Canada Gita Saxena
Ian Iqbal Rashid
short film, 30 minutes
Exposure 1990 Canada Michelle Mohabeer short film, 8 minutes
Fighting Chance 1990 Canada Richard Fung short film, 29 minutes
Honored by the Moon 1989 USA Mona Smith documentary short, 15 minutes
Outtakes 1989 USA John Goth short film, 13 minutes
Ten Cents a Dance: Parallax 1985 Canada Midi Onodera short film, 30 minutes
We Were Everywhere 1987 Sweden Bill Sure short film, 28 minutes
The White Line Dance
Flowing Heart
Thailand John Goth short film, 38 minutes
Women of Gold 1990 USA Eileen Lee
Marilyn Abbink
short film, 30 minutes

2nd Festival (1993)[edit]

Festival reference

English title Original title Year Country Director(s) Notes
Before Stonewall 1984 USA Robert Rosenberg
Greta Schiller
Bright Eyes 1986 UK Stuart Marshall documentary
Dear My Friends ディアマイフレンズ 1992 Japan documentary; Visual AIDS Tokyo
Fun Down There 1989 USA Roger Stigliano
Love and Marriage UK Susan Ardill
The Lost Language of Cranes 1991 UK Nigel Finch TV film
Minoru & Me ミノルと私 Minoru to watashi 1992 UK Toichi Nakata
North of Vortex 1991 UK/Greece Constantine Giannaris
Okoge おこげ 1992 Japan Takehiro Nakajima (中島丈博)
On Guard 1984 Australia Susan Lambert
The Salt Mines 1990 USA Susana Aikin
Carlos Aparicio
Together Alone 1991 USA P. J. Castellaneta
Woman Like Us (??) Japanese title: エマとダイアナ UK
Among Good Christian Peoples 1991 USA Catherine Saalfield
Jacqueline Woodson
documentary short, 30 minutes
Anthem 1991 USA Marlon Riggs short film, 8 minutes
Aura 1992 USA Ming-Yuen S. Ma short film, 7 minutes
Because This Is About Love 1991 USA Shu Lee Ong short film, 30 minutes
Caught Looking 1991 UK Constantine Giannaris short film, 35 minutes
Gay Sera Sera 1992 UK Susan Ardill short film, 23 minutes
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner 1991 UK Richard Kwietniowski short film, 25 minutes
Home Sweet Home 1991 UK Rosalind Haber short film, 17 minutes
If She Grows Up Gay 1983 USA Karen Sloe short film, 23 minutes
I Got This Way From Kissin' Girls 1990 USA Julie Battler short film, 8 minutes
I Never Danced the Way Girls Were Supposed To 1992 USA Dawn Suggs short film, 8 minutes
Irome 色目 Irome 1992 Japan Hiroyuki Ōki (大木裕之) short film, 8 minutes; Festival Title: Iro-Me
Khush 1991 UK Pratibha Parmar short film, 24 minutes
L Is for the Way You Look 1991 USA Jean Carlomusto short film, 24 minutes
Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien (No Regret) 1992 USA Marlon Riggs short film, 35 minutes
Red Lolita 1989 USA Gloria Toyunpark short film, 6 minutes
Relax 1991 UK Chris Newby short film, 25 minutes
Rosebud 1992 UK Cheryl Farthing short film, 14 minutes
RSVP 1991 Canada Laurie Lynd short film, 23 minutes
Sandra's Garden 1991 Canada Bonnie Dickson short film, 34 minutes
She Don't Fade 1991 USA Cheryl Dunye short film, 24 minutes
Target Bush 1991 USA short film, 10 minutes; Diva TV
Tell Me No Lies 1992 UK Neil Hunter short film, 29 minutes
Tell Me Why: The Epistemology of Disco 1991 Canada John Di Stefano short film, 24 minutes
They Are Lost to Vision Altogether 1989 USA Tom Colin short film, 13 minutes
Two Marches 1991 USA Jim Hubbard short film, 9 minutes
War on Lesbians 1992 USA Jane Cotis short film, 32 minutes

3rd Festival (1994)[edit]

Festival reference

English title Original title Year Country Director(s) Notes
Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives 1992 Canada Aerlyn Weissman
Lynne Fernie
documentary; Festival title Forbidden Love
Grief 1993 USA Richard Glatzer
In the Best Interests of the Children 1977 USA Frances Reid
Elizabeth Stevens
Cathy Zheutlin
Prince in Hell Prinz in Hölleland 1993 Germany Michael Stock
A Secret Evening 夕辺の秘密 Yūbe no himitsu 1989 Japan Ryōsuke Hashiguchi Festival title: Secret in the Evening
After the Break 1992 USA Mary Guzmán short film, 13 minutes
Because the Dawn 1988 USA Amy Goldstein short film, 40 minutes
Both 1993 USA Vic De La Rosa short film, 8 minutes
A Certain Grace 1992 USA Sandra Nettelbeck short film, 40 minutes
The Fairy Who Didn't Want to Be a Fairy Anymore 1992 Canada Laurie Lynd short film, 17 minutes
Harold and Hiroshi 1989 USA Ed Askinazi short film, 38 minutes
I Need a Man Like You to Make My Dreams Come True 1986 Canada Kalli Paakspuu
Daria Stermac
short film, 24 minutes
Ifé 1993 USA Len Keller short film, 5 minutes
In Plain View 1993 France/USA Felix Olivier short film, 25 minutes
Just Because of Who We Are 1986 USA Hermadia Collective short film, 28 minutes
The Lesbian Impress Card 1990 USA Ingrid Wilhite short film, 3 minutes
Life on Earth As I Know It 1989 Australia Penny McDonald short film, 8 minutes
Loverville 1992 USA Bohdan Zachary short film, 6 minutes
My Life Ma vie 1992 Canada Denis Langlois short film, 21 minutes
Pool Days 1993 USA Brian Sloan short film, 27 minutes
Public Opinion 1993 USA Ted Dvoracek short film, 24 minutes
Saito-kun & Yoshinaga-kun シリーズ・斉藤君と吉永君 Shirīzu・Saitō-kun to Yoshinaga-kun 1991 Japan Yoshio Takanori (吉雄孝紀) short film, 20 minutes
Thick Lips Thin Lips 1994 Canada Paul Lee short film, 6 minutes
Things We Said Today 1992 USA John Miller-Monzon short film, 34 minutes
Twenty-two 1993 USA Gene Bernard short film, 10 minutes
We Want Things Like These 僕たちこんなモノが欲しい!! Bokutachi konna mono ga hoshii!! 1993 Japan short film, 7 minutes; NHK BS program
The Weight of Oceans 1992 USA John Binninger short film, 7 minutes

4th Festival (1995)[edit]

Festival reference

English title Original title Year Country Director(s) Notes
The Lesbian Avengers Eat Fire Too 1993 USA Janet Baus
Su Friedrich
documentary; Festival title: Lesbian Avengers
Totally F***ed Up 1993 USA Gregg Araki
World and Time Enough 1994 USA Eric Mueller
Your Heart Is All Mine Mein ist dein ganzes Herz 1992 Germany Elke Götz
100 Seconds with Sasha 1994 USA Hans Gelke short film, 1.5 minutes
1993 West Coast Retreat 1994 USA Marilyn Abbink
Heidi Li
Marie Kyoko Morohoshi
documentary short, 22 minutes
presented by The Asian Pacific Lesbian & Bisexual Women's Network
Beyond/Body/Memory 1993 Canada Neesha Dosanjh short film, 5 minutes
Billy Turner's Secret 1991 USA Michael Mayson short film, 30 minutes
Carmelita Tropicana: Your Kunst Is Your Waffen 1994 USA Ela Troyano short film, 30 minutes; Festival title: Carmelita Tropicana
Closets Are for Clothes Closets Are for Clothes 1995 Japan Dezu short film, 21 minutes
Cruel 1994 USA Desi Del Valle short film, 20 minutes
The Dead Boys' Club 1992 USA Mark Christopher short film, 25 minutes
Death in Venice, CA 1994 USA P. David Ebersole short film, 30 minutes
Deep Sea Diving at Night, With a Camera 1994 USA Elsa Eder short film, 8 minutes
Elevation 1989 Australia Stephen Cummins short film, 11 minutes
Flames of Passion 1989 UK Richard Kwietniowski short film, 18 minutes
A Friend of Dorothy 1994 USA Raoul O'Connell short film, 26 minutes
Her Sweetness Lingers 1994 Canada Shani Mootoo short film, 12 minutes
Ketchup-man ケチャップマン Japan Daisuke Aiba (愛場大介) short film, 10 minutes
The Last Stop 1994 UK Ross Dinwiddy
Mark Adams
short film, 25 minutes
Los dos Jorges 1993 USA Nelson Nazario short film, 11 minutes
The Lost Heart The Lost Heart 1993 Germany Hilou Vogelmann short film, 25 minutes
Lost in the Garden Lost in the Garden Japan Tsuyoshi Shōji (東海林毅) short film, 20 minutes
The Love Thang Trilogy
  1. Just a Love Thang
  2. Skydyking
  3. Eating Mango
1994 USA Mari Keiko Gonzales short film, 12 minutes
Mister Sisters 1994 USA Ingrid Wilhite short film, 12 minutes
Outlaw 1994 USA Alisa Lebow short film, 27 minutes
The Reason I Quit Being a Hustler 僕がウリセンをやめた理由 Boku ga urisen wo yameta riyū 1996 Japan Satoshi Sugano (菅野哲史) short film, 25 minutes; Festival title: The Reason I Quit Being Hustler
Sex Bowl 1994 USA Shu Lea Cheang short film, 7 minutes
Sex Fish 1993 USA Shu Lea Cheang
E.T. Baby Maniac
short film, 6 minutes
Song of the Goddess 似是故人來 1993 Hong Kong Ellen Pau (鮑靄倫) short film, 7 minutes
Summer Summer 1995 Japan Takako Tajiri (田尻孝子) short film, 6 minutes
Tomboy 1994 USA Dawn Logsdon documentary short, 17 minutes
Wicked Radiance Sinar Durjana 1992 USA Azian Nurudin short film, 5 minutes; Malay language film

5th Festival (1996)[edit]

Festival reference

English title Original title Year Country Director(s) Notes
Costa Brava 1995 Spain Marta Balletbò-Coll
Desperate Remedies 1992 New Zealand Stewart Main
Peter Wells
Dream Girls 1993 UK Jano Williams
Kim Longinotto
Jeffrey 1995 USA Christopher Ashley
Madagascar Skin 1995 UK Chris Newby
Man of the Year 1995 USA Dirk Shafer mockumentary
Nitrate Kisses 1992 USA Barbara Hammer
A Place in the Sun Μια Θέση στον Ήλιο 1994 UK/Greece Constantine Giannaris
Shinjuku Boys 1995 UK Jano Williams
Kim Longinotto
Thin Ice – Passion on the Pink Rink 1994 UK Fiona Cunningham-Reid
Wigstock: The Movie 1994 USA Barry Shils documentary
Alkali, Iowa 1995 USA Mark Christopher short film, 17 minutes; see Boys Life 2
Asian & Pacific Islander Lesbian & Bisexual Network 1996 USA Kris Lee short film, 4 minutes
The Asian Heat in Me 1995 USA Kimberly SaRee Tomes short film, 1.5 minutes
Change 1995 Ireland Ger Philpott short film, 13 minutes
Hindustan 1995 USA Gita Reddy
David Dasharath Kalal
music video, 3 minutes
Junky Punky Girlz 1995 USA Nisha Ganatra short film, 12 minutes
Le Ravin Le Ravin 1995 France Catherine Klein short film, 20 minutes
Les Bienheureuses Les Bienheureuses 1991 France Nicole Blanchon short film, 12 minutes
Lick 1995 USA Hima B.
Eliza O. Barrios
short film, 10 minutes
L'île d'Emain L'île d'Emain 1990 France Marcelle Thirache short film, 6 minutes
Mirto Mirto 1994 Italy Giampaolo Marzi short film, 12 minutes
My Polish Waiter 1995 USA Terracino short film, 12 minutes
Orpheus: The Day Before Orfeo, il giorno prima 1994 Italy Giovanni Minerba short film, 12 minutes
Porcaria 1995 Canada Filipe Paulo short film, 35 minutes
Regarde-moi Regarde-moi 1993 France Elisabeth Aubert short film, 8.5 minutes
Regarde-moi Regarde-moi 1995 France Beatrice Cordon short film, 3.5 minutes
Reservaat Reservaat 1988 Netherlands Clara von Gool short film, 7 minutes
Sexe, Thyme Sexe – Thym 1994 France Nathalie Harran short film, 1 minute
Shades of Grey 1995 USA Madeleine Lim short film, 7 minutes
Telecopines Telecopines 1995 France Sophie Rajzman short film, 5 minutes
Trevor 1994 USA Peggy Rajski short film, 18 minutes
The Trongouinoscope Le Trongouinoscope 1995 France Catherine Letienne short film, 5 minutes
Twilight of the Gods 1995 New Zealand Stewart Main short film, 15 minutes
X-Girl 1995 USA Mari Keiko Gonzalez short film, 10 minutes

6th Festival (1997)[edit]

Festival reference

English title Original title Year Country Director(s) Notes
Beautiful Thing 1996 UK Hettie MacDonald
Broken Branches 내일로 흐르는 강 1996 South Korea Park Jae-ho (박재호) Festival title: River for Tomorrow
Hustler White 1995 Germany/Canada Rick Castro
Bruce LaBruce
Inn Trouble 1996 USA Christina Rey
It's Elementary: Talking About Gay Issues in School 1996 USA Debra Chasnoff
Helen Cohen
Lilies 1996 Canada John Greyson
Paris Was a Woman 1996 UK/Germany Greta Schiller documentary
Excuse Me Darling, But Lucas Loved Me Perdona bonita, pero Lucas me quería a mí 1996 Spain Dunia Ayaso, Félix Sabroso
Rescuing Desire 1995 USA Adam Rogers
Tama asobi たまあそび 1996 Japan Hiroyuki Ōki (大木裕之)
Transsexual Menace Vor Transsexuellen wird gewarnt 1996 Germany Rosa von Praunheim TV film
The Watermelon Woman 1995 USA Cheryl Dunye
27 1996 USA Greg Sax short film, 4 minutes
Beloved Murderer! Beloved Murderer! 1993 Germany Heidi Kull short film, 8 minutes
Boys/Life 1989 USA Philip B. Roth short film, 10 minutes
Closet Case 1995 Canada Wrik Mead short film, 4 minutes
Dike 1996 Canada Lisa Hayes short film, 8 minutes
Excess Is What I Came For 1994 Canada Paula Gignac
Kathleen Pirrie Adams
documentary short, 8 minutes
If All Goes Well, I'll Be on the Next Train Se tutto va bene prendo il prossimo treno... (che mi porti lontano da qui) 1995 Italy/Brazil Mario Alves Rebehy short film, 19 minutes
Johnny 1988 Denmark Ulrik Al Brask short film, 8 minutes
Just a Little Crush 1995 UK Louise Wadley short film, 10 minutes
Margaret Star: A Fall from Grace 1996 Australia Annabelle Murphy short film, 8 minutes
Nice Girls Don't Do It 1990 Canada Kathy Daymond short film, 11 minutes
Not Alone: A Hallowe'en Romance 1996 Canada Paul Hasick short film, 26 minutes
On Earth as It Is in Heaven 1996 UK Ross Crookshank short film, 35 minutes
Sailors Are the Wings of Love 1995 USA Keith Keilman short film, 10 minutes
We Always Danced 1996 USA Nettie Marquez short film, 8 minutes
Why I'll Never Trust You (In 200 Words or Less) 1995 Canada Cassandra Nicolaou short film, 12 minutes
We're Talking Vulva 1990 Canada Shawna Dempsey
Lorri Millan
short film, 5 minutes
World of Women 1996 USA Monica Nolan short film, 10 minutes

7th Festival (1998)[edit]

Festival reference

English title Original title Year Country Director(s) Notes
Age of Dissent 1994 UK William Parry TV film, Channel 4, 51 minutes
Cat Swallows Parakeet and Speaks! 1996 Canada Ileana Pietrobruno
Dandy Dust 1998 UK/Austria A. Hans Scheirl
The Delta 1996 USA Ira Sachs
East Palace, West Palace 東宮西宮 1996 China Zhang Yuan
Fatherless ファザーレス – 父なき時代 Fazāresu – Chichi naki jidai 1997 Japan Ryōya Shigeno (茂野良弥) documentary
Full Speed À toute vitesse 1996 France Gaël Morel
Hide and Seek 1996 USA Su Friedrich TV film
Like It Is 1997 UK Paul Oremland
Leather Jacket Love Story 1997 USA David DeCoteau
Love's Debris Poussières d'amour – Abfallprodukte der Liebe 1996 Germany/France/UK Werner Schroeter documentary
MURDER and murder 1996 USA Yvonne Rainer
Not Love, Just Frenzy Más que amor, frenesí 1996 Spain Alfonso Albacete
Miquel Bardem
David Menkes
Not Simply a Wedding Banquet 不只是喜宴 1997 Taiwan Mickey Chen
Ming-Hsiu Chen
Rock Hudson's Home Movies 1992 USA Mark Rappaport documentary
A Star Is Porn 1997 UK Todd Austin documentary film, 51 minutes
Sunflowers 1996 USA Shawn Hainsworth documentary about the Sunflower Festival
To Play or To Die Spelen of Sterven 1990 Netherlands Frank Krom
The Wrong Body Part II: Updates 1997 UK Nichola Koratjitis documentary TV film, 53 minutes
Adam 1996 USA Andrea Stoops short film, 4 minutes
AIDS Rap Le Rap du SIDA 1994 France Michel Meyer short film, 5 minutes; episode 9 of TV Series 3000 scénarios contre un virus
Amá-la Amá-la 1997 Brazil/Netherlands Roberta Marques short film, 13 minutes
Atlanta 1996 USA Miranda July short film, 10 minutes
Better Shut Up Mejor no hables 1994 Spain Pedro Paz short film, 14 minutes
Bleeding Heart Corazón Sangrante 1993 Mexico Ximena Cuevas short film, 5 minutes
Breakfast with Gus 1997 Canada Siobhan Devine short film, 8 minutes
Butch Femme 1995 UK Emma Hindley short TV film, Channel 4/Dyke TV, 40 minutes
A Case of Body Art Um caso de body art 1997 Brazil João Landi Guimarães documentary short, 19 minutes
Chronic 1996 USA Jennifer Reeves short film, 38 minutes
Closets Are for Clothes Closets Are for Clothes 1995 Japan Dezu short film, 15 minutes
The Cop Le Flic 1994 France Xavier Durringer short film, 3 minutes; episode 14 of TV Series 3000 scénarios contre un virus
Don't Bug Me 1997 Canada Allyson Mitchell short film, 1 minute
Engorge, Gobble, Gulp 1994 USA Lisa DiLillo short film, 5 minutes
Gold Fish Poisson rouge 1994 France Cédric Klapisch short film, 3 minutes; episode 28 of TV Series 3000 scénarios contre un virus
Grade AA Butt 1996 USA Karisa Durr short film, 6 minutes
Groove on a Stanley Knife 1997 UK Beth Kotler
Tinge Krishnan
short film, 42 minutes
Hermaphrodite Bikini 1995 UK Clio Barnard short TV film, 5 minutes
Inside Ded@ns 1997 France Marion Vernoux short film, 7 minutes; episode 6 of TV mini-series L'@mour est à réinventer
Intrepidíssima Intrepidíssima 1992 Spain Marta Balletbò-Coll short film, 7 minutes
Jodie: An Icon 1996 UK Pratibha Parmar documentary short, 24 minutes
Just For You Girls 1997 USA MM Serra short film, 2 minutes
A Kiss in the Snow Kysset som fikk snøen til å smelte 1997 Norway Frank Mosvold short film, 22 minutes
Linger 1995 UK Billie Eltringham short TV film, Channel 4/Dyke TV 2, 13 minutes
A Moment Un moment 1996 France Pierre Salvadori short film, 6 minutes; episode 8 of TV mini-series L'@mour est à réinventer
Mona Lisa Monalisa 1997 Brazil Isabelle Bittencourt short film, 1 minute
Monsters in the Closet 1993 USA Jennifer Reeves short film, 15 minutes
The Most Passionate Friend 最も情熱的な愛人 Mottomo jōnetsuteki na aijin 1996 Japan Aids Poster Project (APP) (エイズ・ポスター・プロジェクト) slide show
My Cunt 1996 Australia Deb Strutt
Liz Baulch
short film, 4 minutes
My Friend Is Positive: For Those Who Have Friends That Are HIV+ My Friend Is Positive -HIV+の友達を持つあなたへ- 1996 Japan Aids Poster Project (APP) (エイズ・ポスター・プロジェクト) slide show
A Night with Derek 1995 Canada/UK Richard Kwietniowski short documentary film, Channel 4, 25 minutes; documentary about Derek Jarman
Nobody I Know 1997 Australia Andrew Porter short film, 9 minutes
One Day ある日 Aru hi 1995 Japan Christy Collins (クリスティ・コリンズ) short film
One Shadowless Hour 影のない1時間 Kage no nai ichi jikan 1996 Japan Narusa Sasagawa (笹川なるさ) short film, 29 minutes
One Way One Way 1997 Brazil Jorge de Souza short film, 30 minutes
Particularly Now, in Spring Particularly Now, in Spring 1995 Belgium Bavo Defurne short film, 8 minutes
Pregnant or Lesbian? Enceinte ou Lesbienne? 1997 France Françoise Decaux-Thomelet short film, 4 minutes
The Room La Chambre 1994 France Cédric Klapisch short film, 3 minutes; episode 30 of TV Series 3000 scénarios contre un virus
Rules of the Road 1993 USA Su Friedrich short film, 31 minutes
The Siren La Sirène 1994 France Philippe Lioret short film, 4 minutes; episode 6 of TV Series 3000 scénarios contre un virus
Skip! Skip! 1997 Japan Kazuko Uchida (内田佳端子) short film, 1.5 minutes
Somewhere Over the Rainbow 1994 UK documentary short, 8 minutes; documentary about the 1994 New York Gay Parade and Gay Games
Summer Summer 1995 Japan Takako Tajiri (田尻孝子) short film, 8 minutes
A Summer Dress Une robe d'été 1996 France François Ozon short film, 15 minutes
Surviving Sabu 1997 UK Ian Iqbal Rashid short film, 15 minutes
Tamago TAMAGO 1996 Japan Montage M (モンタージュM) short film, 5 minutes
The Top Pig Die Topsau 1994 Germany Angela Holtschmidt short film, 6 minutes
Twisted Sheets 1996 Canada Chris Deacon short film, 14 minutes
Watching Her Sleep USA Barbara Rose Michels short film
What Is a Line? 1994 USA Shari Frilot short film, 10 minutes
Why I Hate Bees 1997 Canada Sarah Abbott short film, 4 minutes
With the Whole Ocean to Swim Com o oceano inteiro para nadar 1997 Brazil Karen Harley documentary short, 20 minutes
Wounded Bird Wounded Bird 1997 Japan T-Sue short film, 16 minutes

8th Festival (1999)[edit]

Festival reference

English title Original title Year Country Director(s) Notes
2 Seconds 2 secondes 1998 Canada Manon Briand
Bishonen 美少年之戀 1998 Hong Kong Yonfan Festival title: Love of Adonis
Change of Sex Cambio de Sexo 1976 Spain Vicente Aranda Festival title: Sex Change
Dark Habits Entre tinieblas 1983 Spain Pedro Almodóvar
The Deputy El diputado 1978 Spain Eloy de la Iglesia
Fire फायर 1996 Canada/India Deepa Mehta
Flat Is Beautiful 1998 USA Sadie Benning
Inside Heart (Inside Mind) 心の中 Kokoro no naka 1999 Japan Hiroyuki Ōki (大木裕之)
Portland Street Blues 古惑仔情義篇之洪興十三妹 1998 Hong Kong Yip Wai Man
Relax...It's Just Sex 1997 USA P. J. Castellaneta
Skin Flick 1999 Germany/Canada/UK/Japan Bruce LaBruce
The Things of Love Las cosas del querer 1989 Spain Jaime Chávarri Festival title: Things Called Love
Alkali, Iowa 1995 USA Mark Christopher short film, 17 minutes; see Boys Life 2
Angel in the Toilet 憚り天使 Habakari tenshi 1999 Japan Kōichi Imaizumi (今泉浩一) short film, 35 minutes
Blue Diary 1997 USA Jenni Olson short film, 6 minutes
Boy Next Door 1998 USA Carl Pfirman short film, 13 minutes
Boy with Cat 猫と少年 Neko to shōnen 1962 Japan Donald Richie short film, 5 minutes
Close To 1997 USA David Ottenhouse short film, 9 minutes
Dirty Baby Does Fire Island 1997 USA Todd Downing animated short, 9 minutes
Et alors? Et alors? 1996 France François Dupeyron short film, 6 minutes; episode 5 of TV mini-series L'@mour est à réinventer
Exchange 1998 Ireland Chris Reid short film, 6 minutes
Fishbelly White 1998 USA Michael Burke short film, 22 minutes; basis for the 2003 feature film The Mudge Boy; see Boys Life 5
The Great Pretenders 과대망상 1996 South Korea Park Ki-Hyung (박기형) short film, 36 minutes
The Judy Spots 1995 USA Sadie Benning short film, 12.5 minutes
La Mouette La Mouette 1996 France Nils Tavernier short film, 5 minutes; episode 2 of TV mini-series L'@mour est à réinventer
Little White Lies 1997 Australia Della Churchill short film, 9 minutes
Mrs. Cradock's Complaint 1997 Australia Tony Ayres short film, 12 minutes
Nobody I Know 1997 Australia Andrew Porter short film, 9 minutes
Peach 1993 New Zealand Christine Parker short film, 16 minutes
Pointing Percy 1994 UK Kristiene Clarke documentary short, 10 minutes
Prince of Peace Prince of Peace 1993 Austria Hans Scheugl short film, 8 minutes
Roof 1998 USA Betsy Kalin short film, 22 minutes
Sailor Matroos 1998 Belgium Bavo Defurne short film, 16 minutes
Savour Me Sabor a mí 1998 Canada Claudia Morgado Escanilla short film, 21 minutes
Sleeping Beauties 1998 USA Jamie Babbit short film, 13 minutes
Stanley Beloved 爱在士丹利 1997 Hong Kong Simon Chung (鐘徳勝) short film, 16 minutes
Strait 1996 USA Evie Leder short film, 12 minutes
Such Candor 1998 USA Marc Siegel short film, 10 minutes
Traveling Companion 1998 USA Paula Goldberg short film, 19 minutes
Une nuit ordinaire Une nuit ordinaire 1997 France Jean-Claude Guiguet short film, 7 minutes; episode 3 of TV mini-series L'@mour est à réinventer
Wavelengths 1997 UK Pratibha Parmar short film, 15 minutes
Waves Bølgene 1998 Norway Frank Mosvold short film, 11 minutes

9th Festival (2000)[edit]

Festival reference

English title Original title Year Country Director(s) Notes
Being Here With You Being Here With You 1998 Japan Hisaya Murabayashi (村林久弥) documentary
Better Than Chocolate 1999 Canada Anne Wheeler
The Brandon Teena Story 1998 USA Susan Muska
Gréta Olafsdóttir
Franchesca Page 1996 USA Kelley Sane
The Hanging Garden 1997 UK/Canada Thom Fitzgerald
Head On 1998 Australia Ana Kokkinos
Intimates 自梳 Ji Sor 1997 Hong Kong Jacob Cheung
Late Bloomers 1996 USA Julia Dyer
Licensed To Kill 1997 USA Arthur Dong documentary
Lola and Billy the Kid Lola und Bilidikid 1998 Germany Kutluğ Ataman
Nico and Dani Krámpack 2000 Spain Cesc Gay
Queer as Folk 1999 UK Charles McDougall
Sarah Harding
TV series, episodes 1–4
Trick 1999 USA Jim Fall
Yang ± Yin: Gender in Chinese Cinema 男生女相 1996 Hong Kong Stanley Kwan
Anything Once 1998 USA Dan Aeberhard short film, 22 minutes
Backroom 1999 Spain Guillem Morales short film, 13 minutes
Bargain Lingerie Lencería de ocasión 1999 Spain Teresa Marcos short film, 15 minutes
Below the Belt UK 1998 Nigel Barton short film, 15 minutes
Better Shut Up Mejor no hables 1994 Spain Pedro Paz short film, 13 minutes
Bitter Juice 苦い汁 Nigai shiru 2000 Japan Hirohiko Ueoka (植岡浩彦) short film, 21 minutes
Blow Up a Go-Go 1973 UK James Clarke short film, 3 minutes
Candy Kisses 1999 Canada Allyson Mitchell short film, 3 minutes
chocolate chocolate 2000 Japan iri short film, 28 minutes
Desire 1999 Spain/USA Jorge Torregrossa short film, 14 minutes; based on a short story by E. M. Forster
Disposable Lez 使い捨てレズ Tsukai-sute rezu 1999 Japan Desiree Lim short film, 6 minutes
Doors Cut Down En malas compañías 2000 Spain Antonio Hens short film, 17 minutes
Fairy Tale USA 1998 David Kitteridge short film, 30 minutes
Family Pictures 2000 Spain Jorge Torregrossa short film, 5 minutes
Just One Time 1998 USA Lane Janger short film, 7 minutes; see Boys Life 3
La Glace グラース 2000 Toshiko Takashi (崟利子) short film, 25 minutes
Le Petite mort 1998 Germany Sylke Rene Meyer short film, 8 minutes
Maid of Honor 1999 USA Jennifer Arnold short film, 25 minutes
Majorettes in Space Des majorettes dans l'espace 1996 France David Fourier short film, 6 minutes
My Sexuality My Sexuality 1999 Japan Lulu Ogawa (尾川ルル) short film, 40 minutes
One Small Step 1998 USA Catherine Crouch short film, 29 minutes
Otoko OTOKO 1997 USA Kurt Kim short film, 9 minutes
Parenthesis Paréntesis 2000 Spain Indalecio Corugedo short film, 16 minutes
Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World
  1. Guess Who's Coming for Quiche?
1999 USA Q. Allan Brocka stop motion animated short, episode 1, 9 minutes
Tatoo Tatuaje 1984 Spain Pedro Almodóvar short film, 8 minutes
Trailer for Lovers of the Prohibited Tráiler para amantes de lo prohibido 1985 Spain Pedro Almodóvar TV short film, 20 minutes
A Weekend Drive Dans la décapotable 1996 France Merzak Allouache short film, 5 minutes; episode 1 of TV mini-series L'@mour est à réinventer
Yellow Fever 1998 UK/Hong Kong Raymond Yeung short film, 26 minutes

10th Festival (2001)[edit]

Festival reference

English title Original title Year Country Director(s) Notes
Addicted to Love 僕は恋に夢中 Boku wa koi ni muchū 1999 Japan Yumi Yoshiyuki
The Broken Hearts Club 2000 USA Greg Berlanti
Chutney Popcorn 1999 USA Nisha Ganatra
Florentine פלורנטין 1997 Israel Eytan Fox TV Series, 3 episodes
The Sea El mar 2000 Spain Agustí Villaronga
Set Me Free Emporte-moi 1999 Canada/Switzerland/France Léa Pool
Improper Conduct (Dirty Conduct) Mauvaise Conduite 1981 France Néstor Almendros
Orlando Jiménez Leal
Memento Mori 여고괴담 II 1999 South Korea Kim Tae-yong
Min Kyu-dong
Second Skin Segunda Piel 1999 Spain Gerardo Vera
Burnt Money Plata quemada 2000 Argentina/Spain/France/Uruguay Marcelo Piñeyro
Come Undone Presque rien 2000 France Sébastien Lifshitz
Psycho Beach Party 2000 USA Robert Lee King
The Sissy Duckling 1999 USA Anthony Bell animation; based on The Sissy Duckling by Harvey Fierstein
Sugar Sweet シュガースイート 2001 Japan Desiree Lim TV film
Zipper & Tits ファスナーと乳房 Fasunā to chibusa 2001 Japan Kōji Shirakawa (白川 幸司)
3-Second Melancholy 3秒の憂鬱 Sanbyō no yūutsu 2001 Japan iri short film, 40 minutes
Achilles 1995 UK Barry Purves animated short, 11 minutes
The Ambiguously Gay Duo 1996~1999 USA J. J. Sedelmaier live-action/animated TV series, 7 episodes, 29 minutes
Blair Bitch Project ブレア・ビッチ・プロジェクト 2001 Japan Akahige (あかひげ) animated short, 3 minutes
Bone Wish 2000 USA Abigail Severance short film, 5 minutes
Coming Out 커밍아웃 1999 South Korea Young-Pa Women's Middle School Broadcasting
Circle 17th Year (영파여중 방송반 17기)
short film, 15 minutes
Compulsion 2000 USA Ping Tan short film, 5 minutes
Crush 2000 USA Phillip J. Bartell short film, 27 minutes
Dessous 2000 Germany Luc Feit short film, 6 minutes
An Early Frost Gelée précoce 1999 France Pierre Pinaud short film, 17 minutes
Funny Guy 웃긴 놈 2000 South Korea Kim Sung-Joong (김성중)
Kim Hee (김희)
short film, 6 minutes
Gotta Have Heart בעל בעל לב Ba'al Ba'al Lev 1998 Israel Eytan Fox short film, 37 minutes
grey SILENCE grey SILENCE 2001 Japan HIROKI iwasa (岩佐浩樹) short film, 17 minutes
Hete-Roy 1998 USA J. J. Sedelmaier animated short, 3 minutes
Home for Christmas Hjem til jul 2000 Norway Frank Mosvold short film, 5 minutes
I Love the Movies J'adore le cinéma 1998 Belgium Vincento Lannoo short film, 15 minutes
Festival title: I Love Cinema
The Kiss Der Kuß 1999 Germany Petra Blondina Volpe short film, 5 minutes
Lachrymal 눈물 Nunmul 1998 South Korea Chang-jae Lim (임 창재) short film, 20 minutes
...lost 2000 USA Dan Castle short film, 5 minutes
Love, Ltd. 1999 USA Jennifer Thuy Lan Phang short film, 20 minutes
Luna Butterfly 1999 USA Katherine Brooks short film, 8 minutes
Mother's Day La fête des mères 1999 Belgium Chris Vander Stappen short film, 16 minutes
The Mountain King 2000 USA Duncan Tucker short film, 21 minutes
My Beautiful Neighbour Min smukke nabo 1999 Denmark Amir Rezazadeh short film, 15 minutes
Pantalones Pantalones 2000 Spain Ana Martínez short film, 4 minutes
Piglets 1998 Germany Luc Feit short film, 3 minutes
Pink 핑크 1999 South Korea Ryu Hyun-Sook (류현숙) short film, 13 minutes
The Rape of Ganymede 1999 USA Tom Whitman
Dustin Woehrmann
animated short, 10 minutes
Sandwitch 샌드위치 1998 South Korea Lim Woo-Jung (임우정)
Yoo Sun-dong (유선동)
short film, 16 minutes
Sugar Hill 슈가힐 2000 South Korea Leesong Hee-il short film, 23 minutes
Time Off (a.k.a. After) אפטר 1990 Israel Eytan Fox short film, 45 minutes
Weeki Wachee Girls 1999 USA Kim Cummings short film, 23 minutes

11th Festival (2002)[edit]

Festival reference

English title Original title Year Country Director(s) Notes
All Over the Guy 2001 USA Julie Davis
Always Proud: Special Edition for TILGFF Always Proud 東京国際L&G映画祭特別編集版
Tōkyō kokusai L&G eigasai tokubetsu henshūban
2001 Japan Yoshihiko Takeo (武緒義彦)
G Project
documentary compilation from 2000–2001 Tokyo Lesbian and Gay Parades,
5th Rainbow March in Sapporo (2001), and Tokyo Rainbow Matsuri (2000, 2001)
Family Pack Que faisaient les femmes pendant que l'homme marchait sur la lune? 2000 France/Canada/Belgium/Switzerland Chris Vander Stappen
Fish and Elephant 今年夏天 2001 China Li Yu
Food of Love 2001 Spain/Germany Ventura Pons
Incidental Journey 海角天涯 Haijiao tianya 2001 Taiwan Jo-Fei Chen (陳若菲)
Julie Johnson 2000 USA Bob Gosse
Km. 0 Km. 0 (Kilómetro cero) 2000 Spain/Germany Yolanda García Serrano
Juan Luis Iborra
Lan Yu 蓝宇 2001 Hong Kong/China Stanley Kwan
Naughty Boys ノーティー・ボーイズ 2002 Japan Kōichi Imaizumi (今泉浩一)
Southern Comfort 2000 USA Kate Davis documentary
4 P.M. 2000 UK Samantha Bakhurst
Lea Morement
short film, 13 minutes
Atomic Saké 2000 Canada Louise Archambault short film, 33 minutes
Babyface 私顔 2000 Taiwan Cheng Yu-Chieh short film, 37 minutes
Bare 2001 Australia Deb Strutt
Liz Baulch
short film, 9 minutes
Embrace エンブレイス 2001 Japan Yasuyuki Kubota (久保田恭之) short film, 20 minutes
The Favor 2001 USA Ernesto M. Foronda short film, 5 minutes
G8 G8 2002 Japan Hiroyuki Ōki (大木裕之) documentary short, 40 minutes
Gifts Cadeaux 2000 France Jean-Pascal Hattu short film, 20 minutes
A Good Son 1998 USA Robert Little short film, 12 minutes
Late Summer 2000 USA David Ottenhouse short film, 25 minutes; see short film compilation Boys Life 5
Meeting Entrevue 1999 France Marie-Pierre Huster short film, 9 minutes
Petals 2001 India Suresh Natarajan short film, 16 minutes
Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World
  1. Guess Who's Coming for Quiche?
  2. Bush Baby
  3. Damn Straights
1999 USA Q. Allan Brocka stop motion animated shorts, episodes 1–3, 24 minutes (8 minutes each)
Seven Days 2000 Canada Tania Trepanier short film, 12 minutes
Vision for the Death of Buddy Matsumae 松前君の死のための映像 Matsumae-kun no shi no tame no eizō 2002 Japan Hiroyuki Ōki (大木裕之) documentary short, 30 minutes
War Story 2000 USA John Baumgartner short film, 30 minutes

12th Festival (2003)[edit]

Festival reference

English title Original title Year Country Director(s) Notes
9 Dead Gay Guys 2002 UK Lab Ky Mo
Britney Baby, One More Time 2002 USA/France/Netherlands Ludi Boeken
Documenting Us ジャックが教えてくれたこと Jakku ga oshiete kureta koto 2003 USA/Japan Ian Thomas Ash documentary
The Adventures of Felix Drôle de Félix 1999 France Olivier Ducastel
Jacques Martineau
Girl King 2002 Canada Ileana Pietrobruno
I Am Not What You Want 天使 2001 Hong Kong Kit Hung
I Love You Baby I Love You Baby 2002 Spain Alfonso Albacete
David Menkes
The Journey to the Kafiristan Die Reise nach Kafiristan 2001 Germany Donatello Dubini
Fosco Dubini
Mango Soufflé 2000 India Mahesh Dattani
Men in Love (2002 film) 恋する男たち Koisuru otokotachi 2002 Japan Yutaka Ikejima
My Mother Likes Women A mi madre le gustan las mujeres 2002 Spain Inés París
Daniela Fejerman
Out in the Cold (film) 2001 USA Martin Bedogne
Eric Criswell
Shake It All About En Kort en lang 2001 Denmark Hella Joof
All About Sisters オール・アバウト・シスターズ 2002 Japan Kana Sakai (酒井加奈) short film, 38 minutes
The Ambiguously Gay Duo
  1. The Ambiguously Gay Duo Fan Club
  2. AmbiguoBoys
  3. Trouble Coming Twice

USA J. J. Sedelmaier live-action/animated TV series, 13 minutes
Bitanic 2001 USA Corky Quakenbush short film, 5 minutes
Blue Haven 2000 USA Julian Cautherly short film, 17 minutes
Glaadiator 2001 USA Luka Pecel short film, 9 minutes
I Am in Love 好きな人ができました。 Sukina hito ga dekimashita. 2003 Japan Sayaka Nakashima (中島さや香) short film, 37 minutes
Lookin' Cute, Feelin' Cute 2003 USA Jonny McGovern music video, 4 minutes
Mad Blossom 狂華 Kyōka 2002 Japan Masami Shimizu (清水雅美) short film, 21 minutes
Nina 2002 Australia Rolmar Baldonado short film, 10 minutes
On the Outs 2002 USA Courtney Rowe short film, 24 minutes
Peeling 2002 USA Heidi Bollock short film, 13 minutes
Pimp & Ho Trilogy
  1. Pimp & Ho: Adventures in Queersploitation
  2. Pimp & Ho: Licence To Queer
  3. Pimp & Ho: Queer Fashion Crime Models

Canada Mark Kenneth Woods short films, 40 minutes total
  1. 9 minutes
  2. 18 minutes
  3. 13 minutes
Touch 2001 Canada Jeremy Podeswa short film, 29 minutes
Seventy 2003 USA Q. Allan Brocka short film, 8 minutes
Soccer Practice 2002 USA Peter Martinez short film, 4 minutes
Unhung Heroes 2002 USA Lazlo Ilya Pearlman short film, 15 minutes
Watching You להביט בך 2000 Israel Stephanie Abramovich (סטפני אברמוביץ') short film, 32 minutes
Yellow Peppers פלפלים צהובים 2000 Israel Tammar Barkai
Ronit Foux
short film, 30 minutes

13th Festival (2004)[edit]

Festival reference

English title Original title Year Country Director(s) Notes
All About My Father Alt om min far 2002 Norway Even Benestad
The Best of School Grande École 2004 France Robert Salis
Bulgarian Lovers Los Novios búlgaros 2002 Spain Eloy de la Iglesia Festival title: The Bulgarian Lovers
Die, Mommie, Die! 2003 USA Mark Rucker
Do I Love You? 2002 UK Lisa Gornick
The Event 2003 Canada Thom Fitzgerald
Goldfish Memory 2003 Ireland Elizabeth Gill
Lily Festival 百合祭 Yurisai 2001 Japan Sachi Hamano
Road Movie 로드무비 2002 South Korea Kim In-sik
When I Need You Most せつないかもしれない 2004 Japan Yumi Yoshiyuki Festival title: Just When I Need You Most;
screened with The Making of "Just When I Need You Most" (せつないかもしれないメイキング)
directed by Chigumi Ōbayashi (大林千茱萸)
Yossi & Jagger יוסי וג'אגר 2002 Israel Eytan Fox
Blue-Eyed Moon Луната със сините очи Lunata sas sinete ochi 2001 Bulgaria Pencho Kunchev (Пенчо Кунчев) silent animated short, 8 minutes
Bonten 梵天 Bonten 2004 Japan Keisaku Satō (佐藤圭作) short film, 24 minutes
donor 2002 USA Adele Wilson
Eve Whitaker
short film, 29 minutes
Ex 2003 Australia Andrew Soo short film, 8.5 minutes
Far West Far West 2003 France Pascal-Alex Vincent short film, 18 minutes
Fukai フカイ Fukai 2004 Japan Masazumi Uramoto (浦本正純) short film, 9 minutes
GRAIN. 2003 USA Daniel G. Sosa short film, 8 minutes
I'd Like to Know About Love Volevo sapere sull'amore 2003 Italy Max Croci short film, 11 minutes
In the Beginning Au commencement 2004 Belgium Laurent Leprince animated short, 3 minutes
Interviews with My Next Girlfriend 2001 Canada Cassandra Nicolaou short film, 13 minutes
Night Kiss Beso nocturno 2000 Canada/Mexico Boris Rodriguez short film, 14 minutes
Queer Boys and Girls on the Bullet Train
  1. Bye-Bye "Over the Rainbow"
  2. I Want You to Kiss Me
  3. I Hum, She's Dashing When She Walks
  4. wrap! rap! -10cs3-
  5. KEY
  6. Techniques for Deadly Blows in 199X
  7. One Brilliant Moment
  8. Parallel Contact
  9. The Untitled Slide Show
  10. machi27
Queer Boys and Girls on the SHINKANSEN
  1. バイバイ・オーバー・ザ・レインボウ
  2. キスしてほしい
  3. 鼻歌をうたう私と颯爽とあるく彼女
  4. wrap! rap! -10cs3-
  5. KEY
  6. 199X年の必殺技
  7. かがよひ
  8. パラレル・コンタクト
  9. The Untitled Slide Show
  10. 町27
2004 Japan
  1. Akira the Hustler (アキラ・ザ・ハスラー)
  2. Kōichi Imaizumi (今泉浩一)
  3. iri
  4. woolala satoko (うららさとこ)
  5. Yen-Nien Kang (康延年)
  6. Keiichi Takasaki (タカサキケイイチ)
  7. Hiroki Taguchi (田口弘樹)
  8. Kenjirō Hasegawa (長谷川健治朗)
  9. Tomoaki Hata (畑智章)
  10. Yūko Hirai (平井優子)
omnibus work of 10 short films, each a "five-minute film about lesbians or gay men",
planned and produced by Kōichi Imaizumi and Hiroki Iwasa's "habakari-cinema"
55 minutes
Queer Web 2002 USA J.T. O'Neal short film, 6 minutes
Reconciliation 仲直り Nakanaori 2004 Japan Manabu Oda (小田学) short film, 9 minutes
Savour Me Sabor a mí 1997 Canada Claudia Morgado Escanilla short film, 22 minutes
Shipping and Handling 2002 USA Richard Bever short film, 28 minutes
Straight in the Face 2002 Canada Peter Demas short film, 13 minutes
Take-Out 2000 Canada Jean-François Monette short film, 38 minutes
This Boy 2002 Canada Amy Burt short film, 21 minutes
You 2 2001 Netherlands Pascale Simmons short film, 25 minutes

14th Festival (2005)[edit]

Festival reference

English title Original title Year Country Director(s) Notes
Big Eden 2000 USA Thomas Bezucha
Bear Cub Cachorro 2004 Spain Miguel Albaladejo
Butterfly 蝴蝶 Húdié 2004 Hong Kong Yan Yan Mak
Cowboys & Angels 2003 Ireland/Germany/UK David Gleeson
The Gathering Arisan! 2003 Indonesia Nia Dinata
Sunflower 向日葵 Himawari 2004 Japan Masanobu Kawamura (河村昌伸)
Yūzō Teshigawara (勅使河原雄蔵)
The L Word 2003 USA Rose Troche
Making Grace 2004 USA Catherine Gund documentary
Mango Kiss 2004 USA Sascha Rice
Mysterious Skin 2005 USA/Netherlands Gregg Araki
Proteus 2003 Canada/South Africa John Greyson
Round Trip (film) 2003 Israel Shahar Rozen
Slutty Summer 2004 USA Casper Andreas
Straight Out Hrein og bein 2003 Iceland Hrafnhildur Gunnarsdóttir
Þorvaldur Kristinsson
Sugar 2004 Canada John Palmer
Touch of Pink 2004 Canada/UK Ian Iqbal Rashid
Tying the Knot 2004 USA Jim de Sève documentary
Whistling...1985 ヒュルル…1985 Hyururu...1985 1985 Japan Ryōsuke Hashiguchi
YA-O-I Girl's Ultimate Fantasy 青春801あり! Seishun yaoi ari! 2004 Japan Naomi Watanabe (渡辺直美)
Crush 2004 USA R.J. Spencer short film, 15 minutes
The D Word 2004 USA Dasha Snyder short film, 40 minutes
Dummy Ozmar 実験人形 ダミー・オズマー Jikken ningyō damī ozumā 2000 Japan Hirono Yamada (山田広野) short film, 7 minutes
Dummy Ozmar : The Lesbian Gigolo Cut 実験人形 ダミー・オズマー レズビアンジゴロ篇
Jikken ningyō damī ozumā rezubian jigoro hen
2005 Japan Hirono Yamada (山田広野) short film, 7 minutes
Fa ファ 1981 Japan Ryōsuke Hashiguchi short film, 4 minutes
F*Stop 2004 USA Roberta Degnore short film, 10 minutes
Getting to Know You 2004 USA Liz Lachman short film, 20 minutes
Give or Take an Inch 2003 USA Lee Friedlander short film, 14 minutes
Hummer 2003 USA Guinevere Turner short film, 10 minutes
Intent 2003 USA Mary Ann Marino short film, 14 minutes
Into the Night 2002 Australia Tony Krawitz short film, 15 minutes
Itsuiro 五色 Itsuiro 2004 Japan Aya Yamaoki short film, 19 minutes
JUON4 呪怨4 Juon yon 2005 Japan Hirono Yamada (山田広野) short film, 7 minutes
The Last Night L'ultima notte 2003 Canada Mathieu Guez short film, 20 minutes; in French
Lesbian City, Shinjuku レズビアンシティ新宿 Rezubian shiti Shinjuku 1998 Japan Hirono Yamada (山田広野) short film, 14 minutes
Mika & Seijun みかとせいじゅん Mika to Seijun 2004 Japan Daisuke Yamaoka (山岡大祐) short film, 13 minutes
My President ぼくの大統領 Boku no daitōryō 2003 Japan Hirono Yamada (山田広野) short film, 7 minutes
The Nearly Unadventurous Life of Zoe Cadwaulder 2004 USA Buboo Kakati short film, 12 minutes
Soiree's Heart ソワレの心臓 Soware no shinzō 2002 Japan Hirono Yamada (山田広野) short film, 7 minutes
"Stereotype Company" 「ヘテロ薬」 "Hetero-yaku" 2005 Japan Team "Stereotype Company" (ヘテロ薬制作委員会) short film, 43 minutes; Rainbow Reel Competition winner
Styx 2003 Germany Falk Ulbrich short film, 23 minutes
The Ten Rules 2002 USA Lee Friedlander short film, 28 minutes
What Ever Happened to Ms. Machiko? マチコのかたち Machiko no katachi 2005 Japan Kōji Shirakawa (白川幸司) short film, 30 minutes
Who's Scared of a Test? 検査なんて怖くない Kensa nante kowakunai 2004 Japan Junchan (じゅんちゃん) short film, 15 minutes; made in cooperation with the Tokyo Metropolitan Testing and
Counseling Office in Minami Shinjuku (東京都運営のHIV無料検査所「新宿南検査所」)
A Woman Reported 2004 USA Kelly Hankin short film, 5 minutes
A Wonderful Day 2003 Australia Robbie Baldwin short film, 13 minutes

15th Festival (2006)[edit]

Festival reference

English title Original title Year Country Director(s) Notes
20 Centimeters 20 centímetros 2005 Spain Ramón Salazar
El Favor El Favor 2004 Argentina Pablo Sofovich
Eternal Summer 盛夏光年 2006 Taiwan Leste Chen
eXposed: The Making of a Legend 2005 USA mr. Pam documentary
Floored by Love 2005 Canada Desiree Lim TV film
g8-2 (kari) g8-2 (カリ) 2006 Japan Hiroyuki Ōki (大木裕之)
Girl Play 2004 USA Lee Friedlander
The Journey സഞ്ചാരം 2004 India Ligy J. Pullappally
Latter Days 2003 USA C. Jay Cox
The Masseur Masahista 2005 Philippines Brillante Mendoza
Saving Face 2004 USA Alice Wu
Silk シルク 2006 Japan Isao Shimokura (下倉功)
S/N 2005 Japan Dumb Type (ダムタイプ) documentary
Summer Storm Sommersturm 2004 Germany Marco Kreuzpaintner
Yang ± Yin: Gender in Chinese Cinema 男生女相 1996 Hong Kong Stanley Kwan
You I Love Я люблю тебя 2004 Russia Olga Stolpovskaja
Dmitry Troitsky
Breaking Up Really Sucks 2001 USA Jennifer McGlone short film, 10 minutes
chew it up #0 Imagine. 2001 Japan izmoo & Mia documentary short, 7 minutes
Cosa Bella 2006 USA Fiona MacKenzie short film, 15 minutes
A Crimson Mark 순흔 (脣痕) 2004 South Korea Hyun-Jin Park (박현진) short film, 13 minutes
Dani & Alice 2003 Canada/USA Roberta Marie Munroe short film, 12 minutes
The Fiance La fidanzata 2004 Switzerland Petra Biondina Volpe short film, 11 minutes
LIVE LIVE 2005 Japan Rarara Matsumoto (松本ららら) short film, 2 minutes
Living Together Japan documentary short, 30 minutes; interviews concerning the HIV/AIDS situation in Japan with vocalist Jill of the band Personz
Lululu Lululu 2006 Japan Pakurane short film, 6 minutes
Memoirs of an Evil Stepmother 2004 USA Cherien Dabis short film, 18 minutes
Moustache 2004 Australia Vicki Sugars short film, 14 minutes
Plica-Chan プリカちゃん 2006 Japan Sae Amamiya (天宮沙江)
Yoshi Uchida (内田嘉)
animated short, 32 minutes
Rainbow Heart 虹の心 Niji no kokoro 2006 Japan Kazuya Andō (安藤佳寿哉) documentary short, 8 minutes
Scenery at Dawn はじまりの風景 Hajimari no fūkei 2005 Japan Noa Nagaoka (長岡野亜) documentary short, 30 minutes
Sissy Frenchfry 2005 USA J.C. Oliva short film, 28 minutes
Somewhere in Tokyo 東京のどこかで Tōkyō no dokoka de 2006 Japan Kenta Tatenai (タテナイケンタ) short film, 19 minutes; Rainbow Reel Competition winner
Starcrossed 2005 USA James Burkhammer short film, 15 minutes
Such Great Joy 2005 USA Michelle Kramer short film, 14 minutes
What Grown-Ups Know 2004 Australia Jonathan Wald short film, 30 minutes

16th Festival (2007)[edit]

Festival reference

English title Original title Year Country Director(s) Notes
3 Needles 2005 Canada Thom Fitzgerald
All Aboard! Rosie's Family Cruise 2006 USA Shari Cookson documentary
Another Gay Movie 2006 USA Todd Stephens
Boy Culture 2006 USA Q. Allan Brocka
The Bubble הבועה 2006 Israel Eytan Fox
Dangerous Living: Coming Out in the Developing World 2003 USA John Scagliotti documentary
Eternal Summer 盛夏光年 2006 Taiwan Leste Chen
A Four Letter Word 2007 USA Casper Andreas
Go! Go! G-Boys 當我們同在一起 2007 Taiwan Jong-Jong Yu
The Gymnast 2006 USA Ned Farr
Itty Bitty Titty Committee 2007 USA Jamie Babbit
Love My Life ラブ・マイ・ライフ 2006 Japan Kōji Kawano (川野浩司)
Loving Annabelle 2006 USA Katherine Brooks
Puccini for Beginners 2006 USA Maria Maggenti
Queer Duck: The Movie 2006 USA Xeth Feinberg
Spider Lilies 刺青 (Cì Qīng) 2007 Taiwan Zero Chou
Sukitomo スキトモ -スペシャル・エディション- 2006 Japan Mitsuhiro Mihara
To Be Myself 私が私であるために Watashi wa watashi de aru tame ni 2006 Japan Nobuhiro Kamikawa (上川伸廣) TV film
Until the Moon Waxes その月が満ちるまで Sono tsuki ga michiru made 2007 Japan iri (イリ)
Dichotomy Innocent 2005 Canada Evie Farmer short film, 12 minutes
Family Reunion Gódir gestir 2006 Iceland Isold Uggadottir short film, 21 minutes
Hold Up 2005 USA Madeleine Olnek short film, 7 minutes
Hung 2005 USA Guinevere Turner short film, 13 minutes
Lucky Blue 2007 Sweden Håkon Liu short film, 28 minutes
nakedyouth nakedyouth 2006 Japan Kōjirō Shishido (宍戸幸次郎) animated short, 10 minutes
Night Together 2006 Canada Cameron Groves short film, 8 minutes
No Border No Border ~世界のLGBTからのメッセージ~
Sekai no LGBT kara no messēji
2007 Japan Kanako Otsuji
documentary short, 38 minutes; a compilation of messages from around the world for LBGT in Japan
Parting Words Derniers mots 2006 Canada Joe Balass short film, 8 minutes
Scarred 2006 UK Damien Rea short film, 10 minutes
Someday, It Will Be Holland いつか、オランダのように Itsuka, oranda no yō ni 2006 Japan Shin Ichikawa (市川伸) short film, 44 minutes
Succubus 2006 Canada Alison Reid short film, 14 minutes
Talking about Amy Talking about Amy 2008 Japan/USA Yorico Murakami (村上依子) animated short, 8 minutes; documentary about manga artists Rica Takashima and Emi Iijima (飯島永美)
A Tulip of Violet A Tulip of Violet 2007 Japan Yūmi Andō (安藤優美) short film, 26 minutes; Rainbow Reel Competition winner
Where We Began 2006 USA Marc Saltarelli short film, 14 minutes

17th Festival (2008)[edit]

Festival reference

English title Original title Year Country Director(s) Notes
Bangkok Love Story เพื่อน...กูรักมึงว่ะ 2007 Thailand Poj Arnon
Boystown Chuecatown 2007 Spain Juan Flahn
Breakfast with Scot 2007 Canada Laurie Lynd
Drifting Flowers 漂浪青春 2008 Taiwan Zero Chou
Freeheld 2007 USA Cynthia Wade documentary
Here's Looking at You, Boy Schau mir in die Augen, Kleiner 2007 Germany/Netherlands/Finland/Australia André Schäfer documentary
A Jihad for Love 2007 USA Parvez Sharma documentary
Kiss the Bride 2007 USA C. Jay Cox
A Lez in Wonderland Broute-minou à Palm Springs 2006 France Anna Margarita Albelo documentary; TV film
Looking for Cheyenne Oublier Cheyenne 2005 France Valérie Minetto
Love Songs Les Chansons d'amour 2007 France Christophe Honoré
Moon Shadow 月のかげ Tsuki no kage 2007 Japan Ryūhei Yoshino (吉野竜平)
Nina's Heavenly Delights 2006 UK Pratibha Parmar
No Regret 후회하지 않아 2006 South Korea Leesong Hee-il
Out at the Wedding 2007 USA Lee Friedlander
Shelter 2007 USA Jonah Markowitz
Shelter Me Riparo – Anis tra di noi 2007 Italy/France Marco S. Puccioni
Strange Couples 特異なカップル Tokui na kappuru 2008 Japan Takuya Matsumoto (松本卓也)
Suddenly, Last Winter Improvvisamente l'inverno scorso 2008 Italy Gustav Hofer
Luca Ragazzi
Were the World Mine 2008 USA Tom Gustafson
blue seeds 青い種 Aoi tane 2007 Japan Hiroki Kawano (川野弘毅) short film, 25 minutes
Dirty Love 2006 USA Michael Tringe short film, 6 minutes
A Family Portrait Un Retrato de Familia 2004 Singapore Boo Junfeng short film, 9 minutes
Filled with Water 2006 Australia Elka Kerkhofs animated short, 5 minutes
Flatmates Kompisar 2007 Sweden/Norway Magnus Mork short film, 21 minutes
Fragile in Love: Poetry in Motion 沿海岸線徵友 2007 Taiwan Mickey Chen short film, 14 minutes
HiBi-Chan HiBi-Chan ひびちゃん 2008 Japan HiBi-PaPa (ヒビパパ) computer-animated short, 4 minutes
It Seems to Rain 少年不戴花 2007 Taiwan Allen Tsai short film, 7 minutes
Just 2007 USA David Maurice Gil short film, 12 minutes
Katong Fugue 加東賦格曲 2006 Singapore Boo Junfeng short film, 10 minutes
Love Is Love 2007 USA Anne Renton short film, 7 minutes
Lloyd Neck 2008 USA Benedict Campbell short film, 16 minutes
MR_RIGHT_22 2007 Germany Reza Rameri short film, 12 minutes
Othello オセロ Osero 2006 Japan Kiyoshi Tanada (棚田清) short film, 2 minutes
Private Life 2006 UK Abbe Robinson short film, 16 minutes
San-Kaku △サンカク Sankaku 2008 Japan Kazuki Watanabe (渡辺一樹) short film, 25 minutes; Rainbow Reel Competition winner
Serene Hunter 2006 France/USA Jason Bushman short film, 13 minutes
Sugar in the Blood Zucker im Blut 2005 Germany Reza Rameri short film, 13 minutes
Ten Years After 十年後 Jūnengo 2007 Japan Takayuki Igarashi (五十嵐貴行) short film, 9 minutes
When I Become Silent わたしが沈黙するとき Watashi ga chinmoku suru toki 2007 Japan Hyōe Yamamoto (山本兵衛) short film, 18 minutes; Special Jury Award winner
Who's the Top? 2005 USA Jennie Livingston short film, 23 minutes

18th Festival (2009)[edit]

Festival reference

English title Original title Year Country Director(s) Notes
And Then Came Lola 2009 USA Ellen Seidler
Megan Siler
Baby Love Comme les autres 2008 France Vincent Garenq
Candy Rain 愛情糖果雨; 花吃了那女孩 2008 Taiwan Chen Hung-I
Chef's Special Fuera de carta 2008 Spain Nacho García Velilla
City of Borders 2009 USA Yun Suh documentary
Drool 2009 USA Nancy Kissam
End of Love 愛到盡 2009 Hong Kong/China Simon Chung
An Englishman in New York 2009 UK Richard Laxton
I Can't Think Straight 2007 UK/USA/India Shamim Sarif
The New World Le nouveau monde 2007 France Étienne Dhaene TV film
Outrage 2009 USA Kirby Dick documentary
Patrik, Age 1.5 Patrik 1,5 2008 Sweden Ella Lemhagen
Pheasant's Eyes 福寿草 Fukujusō 1935 Japan Jirō Kawate (川手二郎) silent film
A Place to Live: The Story of Triangle Square 2008 USA Carolyn Coal documentary; Outfest 2008 Audience Award winner
To Faro Mein Freund aus Faro 2008 Germany Nana Neul
Tru Loved 2008 USA Stewart Wade
With My Boyfriend Avec mon copain 2008 France Antonio de Oliveira
The Casuarina Cove 叢林灣 Tanjong rhu 2008 Singapore Boo Junfeng short film, 19 minutes
A Day at the Beach 2008 USA Veronique Courtois short animation, 3 minutes
Dolls 2008 USA Randy Caspersen short film, 10 minutes
Donkeygirl Donkeygirl 2006 Netherlands Ties Schenk short film, 13 minutes
Flowers at the Park Flores en el parque 2006 Spain Mariel Macia short film, 10 minutes
Getting to Know You 2005 USA Liz Lachman short film, 20 minutes
Homosexuality and Television 竜超の現代狂養講座 同性愛とテレビジョン
Ryū Susumu no gendai kyōyō kōza dōseiai to terebijon
2009 Japan akaboshi documentary short, 25 minutes
Kali Ma काली माँ 2007 USA/India Soman Chainani short film, 14 minutes
My First Time Driving 2007 USA Rebecca Feldman short film, 18 minutes
Operated by Invisible Hands 2007 USA Nicole Brending short film, 7 minutes
The Others 2008 Canada Aram Collier short film, 9 minutes; starring Lou Diamond Phillips
Sex Candy Sex Candy 2009 Japan Ayumi Susukida (薄田歩美) short animation, 1 minute
Sweet Sweet Virgin 童貞かわいや 2003 Japan Kōjirō Shishido (宍戸幸次郎) short film, 6 minutes
A Teenager in Love A teenager in love 2009 Japan Yūichi Suita (吹田祐一) short film, 16 minutes
Trophy 2008 USA Karla DiBenedetto short film, 10 minutes
Twoyoungmen, UT. 2008 USA Sam McConnell short film, 17 minutes

19th Festival (2010)[edit]

Festival reference

English title Original title Year Country Director(s) Notes
And Then Came Lola 2009 USA Ellen Seidler
Megan Siler
The Four-Faced Liar 2010 USA Jacob Chase
Hollywood, je t'aime 2009 USA Jason Bushman
Mariko Rose the Spook おばけのマリコローズ Obake no Mariko Rōzu 2009 Japan Debi Kobayashi
Miao Miao 渺渺 2008 Hong Kong/Taiwan Hsiao-tse Cheng
Oy Vey! My Son Is Gay!! 2009 USA Evgeny Afineevsky
Regretters Ångrarna 2010 Sweden Marcus Lindeen
Secret とある放課後に To aru hōkago ni 2009 Japan Takeshi Matsuura
A Single Man 2009 USA Tom Ford
Spring Fever 春风沉醉的晚上 2009 China/Hong Kong/France Lou Ye
The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls 2009 New Zealand Leanne Pooley documentary
Undertow Contracorriente 2009 Peru/Colombia/France/Germany Javier Fuentes-León
Birthday Födelsedag 2010 Sweden/Poland Jenifer Malmqvist short film, 18 minutes
Cloudy Than Fair Cloudy than fair 2010 Japan Marie Sakamoto (坂本まりえ) short film, 11 minutes
Diavolo Diavolo 2009 Japan Meiko Amano (天野芽衣子) short film, 8 minutes
Evelyn Everyone 2009 Australia Kylie Plunkett short film, 17 minutes
Friends 友達 Tomodachi 2010 Japan Manabu Oda (小田学) short film, 13 minutes
Girl Talk 2008 USA Jennifer Smith short film, 7 minutes
The Golden Pin 2009 Canada Cuong Ngo short film, 16 minutes
I'm Just Anneke 2010 USA/Canada Jonathan Skurnik short film, 11 minutes
Jellyfish Boy くらげくん Kurage-kun 2009 Japan Shō Kataoka (片岡翔) short film, 14 minutes; Rainbow Reel Competition winner
Just Friends? 친구사이? 2009 South Korea Kim Jho Kwang-soo short film, 29 minutes
Koiseyo Otome 恋せよ乙女 Koiseyo otome 2009 Japan Yoshitomi X Saii (吉富×saii) short film, 5 minutes
La forêt de Rachel D'Amour 2010 Japan Rachel D'Amour short film, 14 minutes
A Little Tiger En liten tiger 2006 Sweden Anna Carin Andersson short film, 29 minutes
No Bikini 2007 Canada Claudia Morgado Escanilla short film, 9 minutes
Peking Turkey 2006 Canada Michael Mew short film, 12.5 minutes
Revelations 2009 USA Tom Gustafson short film, 9 minutes
A Tea-grown Flower この花は紅茶で出来ている Kono hana wa kōcha de dekiteiru 2010 Japan Yōko Yūsa (遊佐蓉子) short film, 24 minutes
Teddy 2009 New Zealand Christopher Banks short film, 13 minutes

20th Festival (2011)[edit]

Festival reference

English title Original title Year Country Director(s) Notes
Bloomington 2010 USA Fernanda Cardoso
Coming Out Story カミング アウト ストーリー 2011 Japan Kei Umezawa
Eating Out 5: The Open Weekend 2011 USA Q. Allan Brocka
Going Down in LA-LA Land 2011 USA Casper Andreas
Kaboom 2010 USA/France Gregg Araki
Romeos Romeos ...anders als du denkst! 2011 Germany Sabine Bermardi
The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister 2010 UK James Kent
Tomboy 2011 France Céline Sciamma
We Were Here 2011 USA David Weissman documentary
Wish Me Away 2011 USA Bobbie Birleffi
Beverly Kopf

21st Festival (2012)[edit]

Festival reference

English title Original title Year Country Director(s) Notes
Cloudburst 2011 Canada Thom Fitzgerald
Gayby 2012 USA Jonathan Lisecki
Kiss Me Kyss mig 2011 Sweden Alexandra-Therese Keining also known as With Every Heartbeat
Margarita 2012 Canada Dominique Cardona, Laurie Colbert
Men to Kiss Männer zum knutschen 2012 Germany Robert Hasfogel
North Sea Texas Noordzee, Texas 2012 Belgium Bavo Defurne
Vito 2011 USA Jeffrey Schwarz documentary
Weekend 2011 UK Andrew Haigh
Encore 再演一齣戲 2011 Taiwan Anthony Lian (練健輝) short film, 32 minutes
Fly by Night 야간비행 Ya-gan-bi-hang 2011 South Korea Tae-Gyum Son (손태겸) short film, 21 minutes
From Here to There 赤鱲角到天水圍是我愛你最佳距離 2012 Hong Kong Norris Wong (黄綺琳) short film, 29 minutes
Heart Break Sprinter 失恋スプリンター Shitsukoi supurintā 2011 Japan Naoya Asanuma (浅沼直也) short film, 25 minutes
Quite Ordinary ごくごくふつーのっ!Goku-goku futsū no! 2011 Japan Studio LUNCHBOX short film, 16 minutes
Thus a Noise Speaks ノイズが言うには Noizu ga yuu ni wa 2010 Japan Kaori Oda (小田香) short film, 38 minutes
Tsuyako TSUYAKO 2011 Japan/USA Mitsuyo Miyazaki (宮崎光代) short film, 25 minutes; Rainbow Reel Competition winner
You Used to Smile That Way 그렇게 웃어주던 니가 2009 South Korea Park Sun (박 선) short film, 13 minutes

22nd Festival (2013)[edit]

Festival reference

English title Original title Year Country Director(s) Notes
Getting Go, the Go Doc Project 2013 USA Cory James Krueckeberg documentary
I Am Divine 2013 USA Jeffrey Schwarz documentary
I Do 2012 USA Glenn Gaylord
Intersexion 2012 New Zealand Grant Lahood documentary
Lengua Materna Lengua materna 2010 Argentina Liliana Paolinelli
Mosquita y Mari 2012 USA Aurora Guerrero
Mr. Angel 2013 USA Dan Hunt documentary feature about trans man Buck Angel
No Look Pass 2011 USA Melissa Johnson
Out in the Dark עלטה 2012 Israel Michael Mayer
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? 明天記得愛上我 Ming tian ji de ai shang wo 2013 Taiwan Arvin Chen
Yossi הסיפור של יוסי Ha-Sippur Shel Yossi 2012 Israel Eytan Fox
Coffee & Pie 2012 USA Douglas Horn short film, 15 minutes
Daniël Daniël 2012 Netherlands Vincent Fitz-Jim short film, 8 minutes
Deep Down Ballet Jetzt aber Ballett 2011 Germany Isabell Suba short film, 29 minutes
Do You, Andy... 你願意了嗎? 2012 Taiwan Arvin Chen short film, 6 minutes; for the Taiwan LGBT Pride 2012
Do You Have a Cat? 2011 USA Jason Sax short film, 11 minutes
Doctor Glamour 2012 USA Andrew Jones short film, 14 minutes
Dol 2011 USA Andrew Ahn short film, 11 minutes
FtM FtM 僕はまだ自分を呼ぶ言葉を知らない
FtM boku-wa mada jibun wo yobu kotoba wo shiranai
2011 Japan Hideki Katō (加藤秀樹) short film, 30 minutes
Goodbye Billy the Kid ビリーザキッドの最期の弾丸 Birīzakiddo no saigo no tama 2013 Japan Kazuki Watanabe short film, 28 minutes
Hatch 2012 Austria/USA Christoph Kuschnig short film, 17 minutes
ippai oppai きみのだっこ きみのおっぱい Kimi no dakko kimi no oppai 2012 Japan Kana Miyazaki (宮﨑加奈) short film, 17 minutes
The Lesson ザ・レッスン Za ressun 2011 Japan Paul Metz, David Chester short film, 15 minutes
A Night in the Woods 2012 USA Alexander L. Lee short film, 8 minutes
Polaroid Girl 2012 USA April Maxey short film, 17 minutes
Sabbatical 2012 USA Glenn Kiser short film, 12 minutes
Slow 2011 USA Darius Clark Monroe short film, 13 minutes
Turn On TURN ON 2013 Japan Minoru Nakano short film, 1 minute
Undress Me Ta av mig 2012 Sweden Victor Lindgren short film, 12 minutes; won 2013 Teddy Award for Best Short Film

23rd Festival (2014)[edit]

Festival reference

English title Original title Year Country Director(s) Notes
52 Tuesdays 2013 Australia Sophie Hyde
Anita's Last Cha-Cha Ang Huling Cha-Cha ni Anita 2013 Philippines Sigrid Andrea P. Bernardo
Broken Pieces こっぱみじん Koppamijin 2013 Japan Yūji Tajiri
The Case Against 8 2013 USA Ben Cotner, Ryan White documentary
Coming Out カミングアウト Kaminguauto 2014 Japan Kazutoshi Inudō (犬童一利)
Concussion 2013 USA Stacie Passon
Free Fall Freier Fall 2013 Germany Stephan Lacant
G.B.F. 2013 USA Darren Stein
Hawaii 2013 Argentina Marco Berger
Stranger by the Lake L'Inconnu du lac 2013 France Alain Guiraudie
Who's Afraid of Vagina Wolf? 2013 USA Anna Margarita Albelo
A Belgian Caper Histoire belge 2012 France Myriam Donasis short film, 25 minutes
esola エソラ Esora 2013 Japan Akiyoshi Tanaka (田中昭全) short film, 25 minutes
Keepsake Keepsake(青い鶴)Keepsake (Aoi tsuru) 2013 Japan David Chester short film, 15 minutes
Kiyumi's Poetry and Sayuru's Embroidery キユミの詩集 サユルの刺繍 Kiyumi no shishū Sayuru no shishū 2010 Japan Satoru Sugita (杉田愉) short film, 30 minutes
The Other Side of a Smiling Face 笑顔の向こう側 Egao no mukōgawa 2013 Japan Yoshiaki Sajima (佐島由昭) short film, 43 minutes; Rainbow Reel Competition winner
Performing Girl 2013 USA Crescent Diamond short film, 25 minutes
Ronny & I 2013 USA Guy Shalem short film, 21 minutes
Summer Vacation חופש גדול 2012 Israel Tal Granit, Sharon Maymon short film, 22 minutes

24th Festival (2015)[edit]

Festival reference

English title Original title Year Country Director(s) Notes
Appropriate Behavior Appropriate Behaviour 2014 UK (USA) Desiree Akhavan
Boy Meets Girl 2014 USA Eric Schaeffer
Candy Boys お江戸のキャンディー O Edo no kyandī 2014 Japan Leona Hirota (広田レオナ)
The Circle Der Kreis 2014 Switzerland Stefan Haupt
Eat with Me 2014 USA David Au
In the Absence of the Sun Selamat Pagi, Malam 2014 Indonesia Lucky Kuswandi
Night Flight 야간비행 Yaganbihaeng 2014 Korea Leesong Hee-il
Starting Over Starting Over 2014 Japan Takashi Nishihara (西原孝至)
We Came to Sweat: The Legend of Starlite 2014 USA Kate Kunath, Sasha Wortzel documentary
Xenia Ξενία 2014 Greece, France, Belgium Panos H. Koutras
The Year We Thought About Love 2014 USA Ellen Brodsky documentary
100 Apples 蘋果男孩 2014 Taiwan Chia-Yao Wang (王嘉耀) short film, 28 minutes
Alone With People 2014 USA Drew Van Steenbergen short film, 30 minutes
Brace 2013 UK Sophy Holland, Alicia Eyo short film, 30 minutes
Crack あかぎれ Akagire 2014 Japan Kazutoshi Inudo (犬童一利) short film, 19 minutes
From the Bottom of the Vortex 私は渦の底から Watashi wa uzumaki no soko kara 2015 Japan Kozue Nomoto (野本梢) short film, 27 minutes; Rainbow Reel Competition winner
Leave Us Alone leave us alone 2015 Japan Ai Hamasaki (濱崎藍) short film, 34 minutes
Life of Silence 犧牲之旅 2014 Taiwan Cheng-Ru Yin (應政儒) short film, 27 minutes
My Own Void My own void 2014 Japan Takashi Matsuyama (松山昂史) short film, 7 minutes
Penguins at North Pole 海倫她媽 2013 Taiwan Kassey C.M. Huang (黄靖閔) short film, 30 minutes
Phantom Jenny ファントム・ジェニー Fantomu Jenī 2015 Japan Kazuomi Makita (マキタカズオミ) short film, 29 minutes
Please Let Me Marry Your Daughter 娘さんを僕にください Musume-san wo ore ni kudasai 2015 Japan Hiroki Fujimoto (藤本裕貴) short film, 15 minutes
The Return Le Retour 2013 France Yohann Kouam short film, 22 minutes
San Cristóbal 2015 Chile Omar Zúñiga Hidalgo short film, 29 minutes

25th Festival (2016)[edit]

Festival reference

English title Original title Year Country Director(s) Notes
The Duke of Burgundy 2014 UK/Hungary Peter Strickland
First Girl I Loved 2015 USA Kerem Sanga
From Afar Desde allá 2015 Venezuela/Mexico Lorenzo Vigas
The High Heel Revolution! (High Heels Revolution!) ハイヒール革命! Haihīru kakumei! 2015 Japan Yō Kohatsu (古波津陽) documentary
How to Win at Checkers (Every Time) พี่ชาย My Hero 2015 Thailand/USA/Indonesia Josh Kim
Gayby Baby 2015 Australia Maya Newell documentary
Girls Lost Pojkarna 2015 Sweden Alexandra-Therese Keining
The Living End 2008 USA Gregg Araki
Mysterious Skin 2004 USA Gregg Araki
Paris 05:59: Théo & Hugo Théo et Hugo dans le même bateau 2016 France Olivier Ducastel, Jacques Martineau
Summertime La Belle Saison 2015 France/Belgium Catherine Corsini
West North West 西北西 Sei hoku sei 2015 Japan Takuro Nakamura (中村拓朗)
The Fox Exploits the Tiger's Might 狐假虎威 2015 Indonesia Lucky Kuswandi short film, 24 minutes
I Go To School Not By Bus 放肆 2015 Hong Kong Morris Ng (吳燧靈) short film, 35 minutes
Sowol Road 소월길 2014 Korea Shin Jong-hun (신종훈) short film, 25 minutes
When Mom Visits 2015 Taiwan/USA Chiung-wen Chang (張瓊文) short film, 19 minutes

26th Festival (2017)[edit]

Festival reference

English title Original title Year Country Director(s) Notes
Being 17 Quand on a 17 ans 2016 France André Téchiné
Below Her Mouth 2016 Canada April Mullen
Center of My World Die Mitte der Welt 2016 Germany/Austria Jakob M. Erwa
A Date for Mad Mary 2016 Ireland Darren Thornton
Fathers FATHERS (ฟาเธอร์ส) 2016 Thailand Palatpol Mingpornpichit (พลัฏฐ์พล มิ่งพรพิชิต)
I Am What I Am. – Over the Rainbow – 私はワタシ〜over the rainbow〜 Watashi-wa watashi 2017 Japan Genki Masuda (増田玄樹) documentary
Kiki 2016 Sweden/USA Sara Jordenö documentary
Maybe Tomorrow Baka Bukas 2016 Philippines Samantha Lee
Signature Move 2017 USA Jennifer Reeder
Tale of the Lost Boys 2017 Taiwan/Philippines Joselito Altarejos
You Are the Sea きみは海 Kimi-wa umi 2016 Japan Tomoko Takahashi (高橋知子)
Any Other Day 2016 India Srikant Ananthkrishnan, Vikrant Dhote short film, 12 minutes
Are You Really Umekichi? お前、本当に梅吉か? O-mae, hontō-ni Umekichi ka? 2014 Japan Naomi Takayama (高山直美) short film, 23 minutes
The Baby Lu'au 2016 USA Jana Park Moore short film, 16 minutes
Chromosome Sweetheart 染色体の恋人 Senshokutai no koibito 2017 Japan Honami Yano (矢野ほなみ) short film, 5 minutes
The Dam 2016 Australia Brendon McDonall short film, 16 minutes
Dearest いとしいひと Itoshii hito 2016 Japan Kana Maruyama (丸山夏奈) short film, 19 minutes
Eternal Sky 君と違う空は見たくない Kimi to chigau sora wa mitakunai 2016 Japan Yūta Nagahama (長濱勇太) short film, 20 minutes
Heart Station 2016 USA/China Tao Jia short film, 17 minutes
Kalanchoe カランコエの花 Karankoe no hana 2017 Japan Shun Nakagawa (中川駿) short film, 39 minutes
Katchi کچی 2016 Pakistan Amina Malik short film, 14 minutes
Momo 두유 테이크 디스 캣? 2016 Korea Jang Yoon-Ju (장윤주) short film, 15 minutes
Spring Like Lovers 春みたいだ Haru mitai da 2017 Japan Daisuke Shigaya (シガヤダイスケ) short film, 31 minutes

27th Festival (2018)[edit]

Festival reference

English title Original title Year Country Director(s) Notes
After Louie 2017 USA Vincent Gagliostro
Alifu, the Prince/ss 阿莉芙 2017 Taiwan Yu-Lin Wang (王育麟)
Freelancers Anonymous 2017 USA Sonia Sebastián
God's Own Country 2017 UK Francis Lee
In Between بَر بَحَر‎ (Bar Bahar); לא פה, לא שם 2016 Israel/France Maysaloun Hamoud
In Between Seasons 환절기 2016 South Korea Lee Dong-eun (이동은)
LiFeTiMe イッショウガイ Isshōgai 2017 Japan Aoto Tani (谷碧仁)
Princess Cyd 2017 USA Stephen Cone
The Wound Inxeba 2017 South Africa/France/Germany John Trengove
Until Rainbow Dawn 虹色の朝が来るまで Nijiiro-no asa-ga kuru made 2018 Japan Mika Imai (今井ミカ)
Venus 2017 Canada Eisha Marjara
Cocoon 2017 China LiYing Mei (梅俪潆) short film, 26 minutes
First Day 2018 Australia Julie Kalceff short film, 18 minutes
Freedom フリーダム Furīdamu 2018 Japan Ayaka Furukawa (古川彩圭) short film, 3 minutes
Garconne – The Woman Having Both Sexes ギャルソンヌ −2つの性をもつ女−
Gyarusonnu –Futatsu-no sei-wo motsu onna–
2017 Japan Mayu Akiyama (穐山茉由) short film, 31 minutes
HIV x LOVE ? HIV x LOVE ? 2017 Japan Katsuhide Yamago (山後勝英) short film, 10 minutes
Kiss KISS 2018 Japan Ryō Ōmura (大村諒) short film, 8 minutes
Looking For? 你找什麼? 2017 Taiwan Tung-yen Chou (周東彥)
Miyako Miyako 2017 Japan Yua Nakada (中田侑杏) short film, 16 minutes
Old Narcissus 老ナルキソス Rō Narukisosu 2017 Japan Tsuyoshi Shōji (東海林毅) short film, 21 minutes; Rainbow Reel Competition winner
Sisak 2017 India Faraz Arif Ansari short film, 15 minutes

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