Rainbow sherbet

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Rainbow sherbet
Rainbow sherbet ice cream (2753574904).jpg
Type Frozen dessert
Main ingredients Ice cream, milk, sugar
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Rainbow sherbet is a frozen dessert made with the foundations in ice cream, milk and sugar; however, sherbet also contains a frozen mixture of sweetened fruit juice, water, which may contain milk, egg whites and/or gelatin, orange, raspberry, lime, lemon, or pineapple flavors. Sherbet is traditionally eaten between courses of a meal, as it helps clean the palate.

Disputed history[edit]

It is said that sherbet, along with ice cream, was made from chilled wines and other juices in the era of Alexander the Great. It was not called ice cream centuries ago, but "water ices". Marco Polo brought flavors of water ices to Europe from the Far East. Catherine de Medici, crowned queen of France in 1533, brought with her recipes of Italian sherbet. A combination of ice and salt became the most popular use in making the dessert in the 17th century. Frozen desserts found their way to America by the 18th century.

Rainbow Sherbet was invented by Emanuel Goren while working at Sealtest Dairies, Philadelphia, Pa. during the early 1950s. He is credited by them in conceptualizing the three nozzle design to fill the containers simultaneously with 3 flavors, thus creating the "Rainbow" effect of the confection.

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