Rainham Mark Grammar School

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Rainham Mark Grammar School
Rainham Mark Grammar School.JPG
Type Grammar school;
Headteacher Mr Simon Decker MSc, MSc(Ed)
Location Pump Lane
Rainham, Medway, Gillingham
Medway, Kent
United Kingdom
51°22′16″N 0°35′43″E / 51.3712°N 0.59526°E / 51.3712; 0.59526Coordinates: 51°22′16″N 0°35′43″E / 51.3712°N 0.59526°E / 51.3712; 0.59526
DfE URN 136864 Tables
Ofsted Reports
Students 1235
Gender Mixed
Ages 11–18
Houses Aylward, Brontë,
Faraday, Newton,
Rutherford, Scott and Pankhurst
Academy Trust RMET
Website Rainham Mark Grammar School

Rainham Mark Grammar School (previously known as Gillingham Grammar School) is the only co-educational selective grammar school in the Medway, Kent, UK area. The school also has academy status, with Twydall Primary School. The School is currently led by Mr Simon Decker. It delivers pupils a great opportunity of good grades by helping them achieve their maximum potential.

School Information[edit]

RMGS is a secondary school. It has over 850 students aged 11–16 and over 300 aged 16–18 taking AS and A2 levels. It aims to be a friendly, caring and stimulating community which motivates young people to enjoy learning, participate enthusiastically in wider activities and make the most of their abilities.


The school was formerly known as 'Gillingham Technical High School',[1] and was located in Green Street, Gillingham. It moved to its current site in Pump Lane in January 1967 when the Green Street site was deemed unfit for purpose. And the new school was completed.

Its longest-serving headteacher was Dr Robin Keen, who was employed from 1964 until 1997. The current head is Simon Decker. The school was originally a boys-only school until 1972 when the first co-educational year as introduced. The school was at that time already at its current Pump Lane location. 1975 saw the reorganisation of education in the authority and the school was renamed Rainham Mark Grammar School.

On 2 December 2009, A. C. Grayling visited the school, he gave a speech and was interviewed later by a Religious education teacher.[2]

In October 2011, a new £1.65 million sports hall was completed by the Gallagher Group.[3]


There are six forms in the school into which students in years 7-11 are sorted: Aylward, Brontë, Faraday, Newton, Rutherford and Scott. Brontë is the School's newest permanent form, with the first admission of students in 1991. Each house is given a different colour, worn as a flash above the pocket on their blazer. They are: Aylward: Dark Blue, Brontë: Purple, Faraday: Green, Newton: Red, Rutherford: Yellow, Scott: Light blue.

In 2001, a seventh form was temporarily introduced for that year of entry only, called Pankhurst (after 1900s suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst). This was due to massive oversubscription which led to increased admissions in that year. This also occurred in 2006, 2013 and 2014.

The sixth form is allocated into forms A-H, with an additional form 'P' for prefects.

The school was originally a boys only school until 1972 when the first co-educational year as introduced. The school was at this time already at its current Pump Lane location.

School fire (2012)[edit]

A fire broke out in the early hours of 24 February 2012, destroying one of the science labs and smoke damaging several other rooms. The fire was believed to be caused by faulty electrical wiring.[4]


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