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Rain album rainism(1).JPG
Studio album by Rain
Released October 16, 2008 South Korea
December 29, 2008 Asia
January 7, 2009 Japan
March 3, 2009 South Korea (re-release)
Recorded 2008
Genre K-pop, R&B
Length 42:11 South Korea
57:27 Asia
Language Korean, Chinese, Japanese, English
Label J. Tune/Mnet (South Korea)
Warner (Asia)
Pony Canyon (Japan)[1]
Producer Rain (exec)
Rain chronology
Rain's World
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Singles from RAINISM
  1. "Love Story"
    Released: October 2008
  2. "RAINISM"
    Released: December 2008
  3. "9월 12일"
    Released: 9 March 2009

RAINISM is the sixth studio album from South Korean R&B and pop singer Rain, and the first album since his departure from JYP Entertainment. RAINISM was released on the 16th of October in South Korea. The first single taken from the album, Love Story, became another hit for the singer. RAINISM was eventually released in four formats throughout Asia.


On November 24, 2008, The Commission of Youth Protection judged Rain's album, RAINISM, inappropriate for people under 19 years old because of the song "RAINISM".[2] In "RAINISM", the lyrics (translated from Korean) "Trembling inside your shaking body is my magic stick/Feeling the impassable limit of the body shake" became a problem, as "magic stick" had connotations of a penis.[3] Rain re-released a "clean version" of "Rainism" shortly after,[4] but instead of changing the original album's contents, the original song was still included on the soundtrack, but marked as inappropriate for those under 19 years old.[citation needed]


RAINISM was released in various formats throughout Southeast Asia. The album was released with a new cover.[5] Each version was released with the original track list as well as international versions of his two singles, ″Love Story″ and "RAINISM", in English, Japanese and Chinese.

The album was later re-released in South Korea on the 3rd of March. The album was retitled, RAINISM Recollection and packaged as a limited edition album with new album art.[6] The album was packaged as a three disc album. The first disc containing original track listing (removing the original version of RAINISM and replacing it with the clean version), the second disc included all international versions of his two singles, "Love Story" and "RAINISM", in addition to several bonus acoustic tracks and a remix of the song Fresh Woman. Disc 3 was a DVD including the music video for the first single Love Story.


Rain released Love Story, as the first single from the album, shortly followed by the single, RAINISM. Both songs were re-recorded in four languages and served as that version for the appropriate country (an English version was issued to SE Asia radio). It was stated that Fresh Woman would be released as a single, but proof of this has not appeared. Rain did start to perform the track, Only You, in support of the re-release of RAINISM in South Korea. However, Only You, is not an official single.

Reception and sales[edit]

Rain finally came back with his fifth album after dedicating himself to a booming movie career. The album sold 300,000 in South Korea and 1.500.000 + All Asia

To promote the release, Rain went on a world tour. The tour started in Seoul and included stops in Japan, China, Singapore, Indonesia and more, for a total of 28 concerts in 9 countries.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "My Way (Intro)" Jung Ji Hoon Kim Tae Wan, Jung Ji Hoon 0:43
2. "RAINISM" Jung Ji Hoon Bae Jin Ryeol, Jung Ji Hoon 3:35
3. "Only You" Jo Hyeon Cheol Jo Hyeon Cheol 4:14
4. "Love Story (0912......그 이후)" (0912......Since Then) Jung Ji Hoon Kim Tae Seong, Hyeon Joon (V.O.S) 4:03
5. "사랑이라는 건" (Love Is) Jung Ji Hoon Kim Mi Seon 3:36
6. "내 여자" (My Girl) Jung Ji Hoon Kim Tae Wan, Jung Ji Hoon 3:22
7. "You" Jung Ji Hoon, Kim Tae Wan Kim Tae Wan, Ji Hoon, Jo Hyeon Cheol 2:37
8. "Fresh Woman" Kim Tae Wan Kim Tae Wan 3:15
9. "더 끌려 (feat. 태완 a.k.a. C-Luv)" (More Attraction) Kim Tae Wan, Jung Ji Hoon Kim Tae Wan 3:42
10. "고개 돌려" (Turn Your Head) Kim Tae Wan Kim Tae Wan, Choi Jeong Min 2:57
11. "9월 12일" (September 12th) Jung Ji Hoon Kim Tae Wan, Kwon Seong Min 3:33
12. "My Way" Jung Ji Hoon Kim Tae Wan, Jung Ji Hoon 2:59
13. "RAINISM (Remix)" Jung Ji Hoon Bae Jin Ryeol, Jung Ji Hoon 1:43
Total length: 42:11