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One of Rainlendar's strengths is its wide variety of skins
One of Rainlendar's strengths is its wide variety of skins
Developer(s) Kimmo Pekkola aka "Rainy"
Stable release
2.12.2 / March 14, 2014; 3 years ago (2014-03-14)
Preview release
2.13 Beta 142 / January 31, 2015; 2 years ago (2015-01-31)
Operating system Mac OS X, Windows and Linux
Type Calendar software
License Shareware
Website rainlendar.net

Rainlendar is a calendar program for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Prior to version 2, it was licensed under the GNU GPL as free software.

Rainlendar is characterized by very small space and memory requirements, stability, and an easily customizable user-interface (using skins). The calendar can be transparently placed on the desktop and can be managed using the Windows notification area. It has common functions such as task list and a reminder alarm. Different event types can be represented with different symbols. Calendars can also be imported or synchronized using common file formats such as Outlook and iCal files (using a plugin).

In addition to the stand-alone calendar program, a Rainlendar-server is available for Windows and Linux, which can synchronize distributed Rainlendar applications. The program can also be used as a LiteStep plugin.

Rainlendar is available as of 2016 in about 60 languages (via language packs), and thousands of individual skin designs.

Alternatives to Rainlendar include Korganizer, the GNOME calendar (both for Linux) and Lightning.

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