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Sarvdharma temple in Raipur
Statues exhibiting Chhattisgarhi 'Dangchagha' folk dance in Raipur Park
Raipur Airport
Top to Bottom:Shri Sarvdharm Hanuman temple in Raipur Railway Station, statues exhibiting Chhattisgarhi 'Dangchagha' folk dance in Purkhoti Muktangan Park, Raipur Airport
Raipur is located in Chhattisgarh
Raipur is located in India
Coordinates: 21°15′N 81°38′E / 21.25°N 81.63°E / 21.25; 81.63Coordinates: 21°15′N 81°38′E / 21.25°N 81.63°E / 21.25; 81.63
 • TypeMunicipal Corporation
 • BodyRaipur Municipal Corporation

Raipur Development Authority(RDA)

Naya Raipur Development Authority (NRDA)
 • MayorAijaz Dhebar (INC)
 • District CollectorDr. S. Bharathidasan (IAS)
 • Senior Superintendent of PoliceArif Shaikh (IPS)
 • Member of ParliamentSunil Kumar Soni (BJP)
 • Municipal CommissionerSaurabh Kumar (IAS)
 • Metropolis226 km2 (87 sq mi)
298.15 m (978.18 ft)
 • Metropolis1,010,087
 • RankIndia : 45th
Chhattisgarh : 1st
 • Density4,500/km2 (12,000/sq mi)
 • Metro1,122,555
Demonym(s)Raipurians / Raipurya
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
492001-22, 493111-211
Vehicle registrationCG-04

Raipur (/ˈrpʊr/ About this soundpronunciation ) is the capital city of the Indian state of Chhattisgarh. Raipur is also the administrative headquarters of Raipur district and Raipur division, and the largest city of the state. It was a part of Madhya Pradesh before the state of Chhattisgarh was formed on 1 November 2000.[4] It has exponential industrial growth, and has become a major business hub in central India. It is ranked 7th in Ease of Living Index 2019 by Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA).[5][6]


The earliest archaeological evidence from old sites and ruins of fort indicate the existence of Raipur since the 9th century. However, there are enough literary evidences which define the history of Raipur since the time of the Maurya Empire. Raipur district was once part of Southern Kosal and considered to be under the Maurya Empire. Raipur had later been the capital of the Haihaya Kings, controlling the traditional forts of Chhattisgarh for a long time. Satawahana Kings ruled this part till the 2nd-3rd century AD. Samudragupta had conquered this region in the fourth century, but the region came under the sway of Sarabhpuri Kings and then Nala Kings in 5th and 6th centuries. Later on Somavanshi kings had taken the control over this region and ruled with Sirpur as their capital city. The Kalchuri Kings of Tumman ruled this part for a long time making Ratanpur as capital. It is believed that the King Ramachandra of this dynasty established the city of Raipur and subsequently made it the capital of his kingdom.[7]

Another story about Raipur is that King Ramachandra's son Brahmdeo Rai had established Raipur. His capital was Khalwatika (now Khallari). The newly constructed city was named after Brahmdeo Rai as ‘Raipur’. It was during his time in 1402 A.D. that the temple of Hatkeshwar Mahadev was constructed on the banks of the river Kharun which still remains one of the oldest landmarks in Raipur. After the death of king Amarsingh Deo, this region had become the domain of Bhonsle Kings of Nagpur. With the death of Raghuji the III, the territory was assumed by the British government from Bhonsle's and Chhattisgarh was declared a separate Commission with its headquarters at Raipur in 1854. After independence, Raipur district was included in the Central Provinces and Berar. Raipur district became a part of Madhya Pradesh on 1 November 1956 and subsequently became a part of Chhattisgarh on 1 November 2000 with Raipur becoming the capital of the new state.[8]


As of the 2011 census, Raipur Municipal Corporation had a population of 1,010,087, of which 519,286 are males and 490,801 are females —a sex ratio of 945 females per 1000 males, higher than the national average of 940 per 1000.[9] 124,471 children are in the age group of 0–6 years, of which 64,522 are boys and 59,949 are girls —a ratio of 929 girls per 1000 boys. There are 769,593 literates (420,155 males, 349,438 females). The effective literacy was 86.90%; male literacy was 92.39% and female literacy was 81.10%, significantly higher than the national average of 73.00%.[2][10]

The urban agglomeration had a population of 1,122,555, of which males constitute 578,339, females constitute 544,216 —a sex ratio of 941 females per 1000 males and 142,826 children are in the age group of 0–6 years. There are a total of 846,952 literates with an effective literacy rate of 86.45%.[3]

Geography and climate[edit]

Climate chart (explanation)
Average max. and min. temperatures in °C
Precipitation totals in mm
Source: IMD


Raipur is located near the centre of a large plain, sometimes referred as the "rice bowl of India", where hundreds of varieties of rice are grown.[11] The Mahanadi River flows to the east of the city of Raipur, and the southern side has dense forests. The Maikal Hills rise on the north-west of Raipur; on the north, the land rises and merges with the Chota Nagpur Plateau, which extends north-east across Jharkhand state. On the south of Raipur lies the Deccan Plateau.


Raipur has a tropical wet and dry climate, temperatures remain moderate throughout the year, except from March to June, which can be extremely hot. The temperature in April–May sometimes rises above 48 °C (118 °F). These summer months also have dry and hot winds. The city receives about 1,300 millimetres (51 in) of rain, mostly in the monsoon season from late June to early October. Winters last from November to January and are mild, although lows can fall to 5 °C (41 °F) making it reasonably cold.

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °C (°F) 36.5
Mean maximum °C (°F) 31.5
Average high °C (°F) 28.0
Average low °C (°F) 13.3
Mean minimum °C (°F) 8.6
Record low °C (°F) 5.0
Average rainfall mm (inches) 13.7
Average rainy days 1.0 1.0 1.2 1.0 2.4 8.8 14.3 14.1 9.3 2.5 0.7 0.4 56.8
Average relative humidity (%) (at 17:30 IST) 47 35 28 22 27 52 76 79 73 59 51 49 49
Source: India Meteorological Department[12][13]

Government and politics[edit]

Civic administration[edit]

Raipur city has a Municipal corporation. It was initially established by the British on 17th May, 1867, it was then named Raipur Municipal committee.[14] It was upgraded to Raipur Municipal Corporation in the year 1973.[15] The area of the municipal corporation is 226 sq km (87 sq mi).[1][16] RMC is governed under the guidelines mentioned in the Chhattisgarh Municipalities Act, 1961.[16] As per 2011 Census of India urban agglomeration population in Raipur, Durg-Bhilai was 3,186,632. The three urban cities of Raipur, Bhilai and Durg in West central of Chhattisgarh together creates Raipur-Bhilai-Durg Tri City Metro area.[17]

The functions under the municipal corporation are construction of health centers, educational institutes, schools and periodic maintenance of the houses.[18] In addition to taking the responsibility of constructing basic civic infrastructure, flyovers and roads, it is also developing recreational centers such as museums, community halls and parks. Along with basic civic infrastructure, flyovers, and roads.[18]

The executive committee consists of the Commissioner, Deputy commissioner, city health officers, executive engineers, zone commissioners and other staff.[19] The current mayor of Raipur is Shri. Saurabh Kumar (I.A.S).[20] The current mayor is Aijaz Dhebar from INC. The Mayor in council consist of the Mayor who is the ex officio chairperson of the MIC. Among elected councillors the mayor elects them to the council.[19] There are 70 wards and 8 zones within the Raipur Municipal Corporation.[18]The zonal ward committees are headed by chairpersons who are elected by ward councillors of the respective zone.[21]

The recent municipal elections was held on 21st December, 2019. The political parties in majority at the municipal level are BJP and INC. The estimated municipal budget 2017-2018 Budget is Rs. 26,126,67. Key revenue sources are tax income, Fees and charges, Sanitation charges, Grants and donations and Capital income.[22]

The city is a part of Raipur District with Dr. S. Bharathi Dasan, IAS/Collector & DM.[23] The collector heads the district administration department.[24]The upper collector, deputy collector and joint deputy assist the Collector. Other governing agencies that are active in the city of Raipur is the Urban Administration And Development, Chhattisgarh.[25]

Master plan[edit]

Raipur Master Plan 2021 recognizes the need for planned development to take the pressure off the downtown core and meet the need for green spaces and bodies of water in that area. The plan calls for dense housing in new subdivisions on the outskirts and well-planned high-rise commercial and industrial development along the NH-6 as well as on the north side of the city.[26]

Legislative assembly and state agencies[edit]

Raipur is a Lok Sabha/Parliamentary constituency in Central Chhattisgarh of Chhattisgarh and is located in Central India.[27] Raipur Lok Sabha seat is unreserved. Mr.Sunil Kumar Soni, BJP is Raipur City MP.[28] There are three MLA constituency in Raipur city and one constituency for Raipur Rural. The respective MLAs of the three constituency are Raipur City South MLA is Mr. Brijmohan Agrawal, BJP, for Raipur City North it is Mr. Kuldeep Juneja, INC and for Raipur City West it is Mr. Vikas Upadhyay, INC. [29]

Civic utilities[edit]

Transport services[edit]

The superintendent of Engineers Executive Engineers, the team of Engineers and staff responsible for the related activities of the road department head the Public works department.[14] The respective functions are Planning and designing of road storm water drain, maintenance of roads and streets, maintain gardens and parks as well as resurfacing the road and repairing pot hole and bad patches.[30]

In the bus transport system of Raipur City there is a total number of 157 Buses plying within the city.[31]

Fire service and electricity[edit]

The city electricity is supplied by Chhattisgarh State Power Distribution Company Limited. Fire and Emergency services were set up in the year 2016 to protect fire incidents in the state.[32] As per the directions of the government, the fire Station of the urban body are being taken under fire and emergency services.[33]

Water, drainage and sewerage[edit]

The existing source of raw water is from Kharun river and about 170 MLD water is treated on a daily basis is 275 mld which is the treatment capacity of the plant. The per capita water supply in the city of Raipur is 135 lpcd. There is a water supply connection to a total of 50000 households. Along with water from the Kharun River (27 MLD), another source of water is ground water and the capacity utilized is 22 MLD. There is a total of 1133 handpumps in the city.

There is a lack in the sewerage systems of Raipur City. The data for households with a Sewerage Network is unavailable.[34] But the number of households with Septic tanks are 1,44,882 and the households without any outlets for toilets is 5649.[34] The city has no separate drainage system nor any sewer lines. There is a separate storm water drainage system are laid as per requirement.[34]

Solid waste management[edit]

The waste management in the city is entrusted with the city health officer, the In charge health officer, zonal health officer and the team of sanitary supervisors and ward supervisors.[35] A total of 356490 households have been successful with source segregation and are covered by door to door collection.[36] Raipur's major waste disposal site is the Sarona site, which is 12km away from city center. [36]


Raipur Junction Railway Station Entrance
Swami Vivekananda Airport, Raipur


Raipur Junction railway station is the primary railway station of the city which is situated on the Howrah-Nagpur-Mumbai line of the Indian Railways (via Bhusawal, Nagpur, Gondia, Bilaspur, Rourkela, Kharagpur) and is connected with most major cities. It is categorised in A-1 category of railway stations by the Indian Railways. Some small railway stations are also present here for local trains like Sarona, Saraswati Nagar and WRS Colony railway stations.They also lie on same Howrah-Nagpur-Mumbai line.


Swami Vivekananda Airport or Mana Airport is primary airport serving the state of Chhattisgarh. The airport is located, 15 km (9.3 mi) south of Raipur near Naya Raipur.

List of mayors[edit]

Term of office Name Party Notes
07.01.2020 Till Date Aijaz Dhebar Indian National Congress
07.01.2015 07.01.2020 Pramod Dubey Indian National Congress
05.01.2010 07.01.2015 Kiranmayi Nayak Indian National Congress
05.01.2004 05.01.2010 Sunil Kumar Soni BJP
04.01.2000 25.12.2003 Tarun Prasad Chatterjee Indian National Congress
05.01.1995 04.01.2000 Balbeer Juneja Indian National Congress
27.02.1985 04.01.1995 Administrator
11.09.1984 26.02.1985 Santosh Agrawal Indian National Congress
27.02.1983 10.09.1984 Tarun Prasad chatterjee Indian National Congress
27.02.1982 26.02.1983 Swaroop Chand Jain Indian National Congress
27.02.1981 27.02.1982 S.R.Murthi Indian National Congress
27.02.1980 27.02.1981 Swaroop Chand Jain Indian National Congress


Raipur has become a big educational hub of Chhattisgarh due to the presence of many institutes of national importance in engineering, management, medical and law. It is the only city in India which is home to IIM, NIT, AIIMS, Hidayatullah National Law University (HNLU), and IIIT.[37]

Premier institutes[edit]

Government universities[edit]

Private universities and deemed universities[edit]

Commerce, engineering and management colleges[edit]

Primary and secondary education[edit]


News channels[edit]

Many local news channels are telecast from Raipur in Hindi:

News channels Language
CG 24 news channel CG Hindi
IBC 24 Hindi
Khabar Bharati Hindi
Grand News (Cable Network) Hindi
ETV MP Chhattisgarh Hindi
Sadhna News Hindi
Sahara Samaye Hindi
Zee MP CG Hindi
India News MP CG Hindi
Bansal News Hindi
Abhi Tak (Cable Network) Hindi
Inh News Hindi


Many national and local newspapers are published from Raipur both in Hindi and English:

Newspaper Language
Dainik Bhaskar Hindi
Dainik Vishwa Pariwar Hindi
Patrika Hindi
Nava Bharat Hindi
Deshbandhu Hindi
Nai Duniya Hindi
Haribhoomi Hindi
The Times of India English
The Central Chronicle English
Hindustan Times English
Hindustan Hindi
The Hitavada English
The Pioneer English
Business Standard English, Hindi
Business Bhaskar English, Hindi


Raipur city has five FM Radio Stations -

Frequency Modulation Channel Slogan
94.3 FM MY FM Jio Dil Se
95.0 FM FM Tadka Sound's Good
98.3 FM Radio Mirchi Mirchi Sunane Wale Always Khush
101.6 FM All India Radio Raipur & Vividh Bharti Desh Ki Surili Dhadkan
104.8 FM Radio Rangila Jamm ke suno

Notable people[edit]

  • Abdul Qadir Raipuri, a spiritual reformer and well known guide of Islam.
  • Anurag Basu, noted Bollywood movie director, was born in Raipur and later moved to the neighboring city of Bhilai.
  • Habib Tanvir, noted theater artist and playwright, was born in Raipur in 1923.
  • Harinath De, Indian historian, scholar and a polyglot, later became the first Indian librarian of the National Library of India (then Imperial Library) spent his childhood and did his initial schooling in Raipur.
  • Harshad Mehta, infamous stock broker, spent his childhood in Raipur after his parents moved here from Mumbai.
  • K. S. Sudarshan, former chief of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, was born in Raipur in 1931.
  • Lucky Ali, noted Bollywood singer/composer/actor did a part of his schooling from Rajkumar College, Raipur[38]
  • Mohammad Hidayatullah, former Chief Justice of India and former acting president of India, received his primary education at the Government High School of Raipur until 1922.
  • Ravishankar Shukla, the first Chief Minister of the state of Madhya Pradesh, spent his childhood and was educated in Raipur.
  • Shekhar Sen, world-famous musical monoact player, born and raised in Raipur.
  • Swami Vivekananda spent two years of his teenage in Raipur from 1877 till 1879 when his father was transferred here.[39]
    Swami Vivekananda spent 2 years of his teenage in this building at Raipur
  • Teejan Bai, famous traditional performing artist for Pandavani.
  • Vallabhacharya, a Hindu theologian and philosopher was born in the village of Champaran about 60 km (37 mi) away from Raipur in 1479
  • Veer Narayan Singh,[40][41] freedom fighter, he was jailed at Raipur by the British Army.
  • Vidya Charan Shukla, former Union Minister and a nine-term parliamentarian, was born in Raipur

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